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by Angela (Oh She Glows) on November 27, 2008

Good evening & Happy Thanksgiving! :D

I bet you are all eating the most delicious meals right now in the US…ohh…I am so jealous!

Just another day here in Canada….lol. Working as usual. Luckily tomorrow is Friday! Whohoo.

Tonight, we are moving another carload to the new house tonight.

We are also going to finalize a special wedding gift we are working on for our family! Should be another busy and late night!

I was just dying to get this book: YOU: Being Beautiful:


I will likely check out this book at the book store and scan through it to see if I like it!

Do you check out reviews of things before you buy them? How much do they sway your opinion of buying the item?

For me, I always, always check out reviews on things before I buy them. It can save buying a terrible product! For beauty products, I check out and for books and other gadgets I go to If they are rated under 4 stars I just won’t buy it!


Now, something I rate very positively (and agree with!) is Dr. Oz’s FOOD HALL OF SHAME:

1. Sugar

When you eat or drink sugar, Dr. Oz says the sudden energy surge your body experiences is followed by an insulin surge that rapidly drops the blood sugar level—so two hours later, you feel famished and tired. To keep an even keel, Dr. Oz says to replace simple carbohydrates with complex ones so the absorption is more controlled and you experience long-term satiety. “Sugar is supposed to be eaten, of course,” says Dr. Oz, “but it should come together with fat or some element like fiber—as you would find in fruit—so you can absorb it a bit more slowly.”

2. High Fructose Corn Syrup

Although they taste sweet, Dr. Oz says food products that contain high fructose corn syrup should be avoided. Dr. Oz says the body processes the sugar in high-fructose corn syrup differently than it does old-fashioned cane or beet sugar, which in turn alters your body’s natural ability to regulate appetite. “It blocks the ability of a chemical called leptin, which is the way your fat tells your brain it’s there,” says Dr. Oz. “It’s not so much the 150 calories in the soda pop—it’s the fact at that same meal you will normally consume an extra hundred calories of food than you would have.”

3. White Flour

Contrary to what its name suggests, Dr. Oz says enriched flour is actually poor in nutrition because most of the grain’s nutrients are destroyed in the refining process. “The reason they enrich it is because they already stripped out anything that was worth a darn in it, and they add a little bit back so it doesn’t look so bad,” says Dr. Oz. Instead, he says to look for whole grains and whole grain flours. “It has its kernels, it has its B vitamins—all the things you want to be in there,” says Dr. Oz.

4. Saturated Fat

Found mainly in animal products, Dr. Oz says to avoid saturated fats that are solid at room temperature, like lard. “You can actually use this kind of material for furniture polish (!!!!)—lots of fun things—but don’t put it in you,” he says.

5. Hydrogenated Oil

To increase their shelf life, Dr. Oz says certain oils are hydrogenated. This process turns the oil into a solid at room temperature, but it also makes the oil unhealthy. “This stuff is great because it doesn’t go bad, but it’s very bad for you,” says Dr. Oz. Avoid food products that contain hydrogenated oil, often labeled as “trans fats.”

Moral to the story? Check your labels.

Of course, keep in mind that all foods can be eaten in moderation!


Stay tuned for Dr. Oz’s HEALTHIEST food recommendations!

Ok, I’m off to pack! :(

If I’d known I was going to live so long, I’d have taken better care of myself.  ~Leon Eldred

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caitlin November 27, 2008 at 7:45 pm

hey girl! happy thanksgiving to my canadian friends :)

i’ve got to disagree with you that “all foods can be eaten in moderation.” i am kind of freakish about trans fat. i had pie today that i knew had trans fat in it and i think that’s the first time in a year i’ve had trans fat knowingly. its basically eating poision! so bad for your fertility and what not. that’s the one thing i’m anal about :) LOL

GOOD LUCK on the move!


VeggieGirl November 27, 2008 at 10:15 pm

Whoooooa, harsh review, indeed!! I too check out the reviews before making a purchase, but I also try not to let them COMPLETELY sway my views on it.

Looove Dr. Oz’s philosophies.

Good luck moving!!


bobbi November 27, 2008 at 11:32 pm

wow girl lots of great info here! Hubby and I have a debate going on about High Fuctose CS, and now I have more facts, thanks! Also I am not a big reviewer I just asks friends and such, but when it comes to movies I review like crazy!!!


Lara November 28, 2008 at 2:07 am

I love Dr Oz! I haven’t read the beauty book yet, I’ll probably scan through before buying it like you will!


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