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by Angela (Oh She Glows) on November 24, 2008

Hey guys! :D

Did everyone have a good Monday today? Mine is a blur!!

Sorry for the late/lack of interesting posts today! Work was absolutely crazy today and filled with meetings, I even had meetings over lunch so I couldn’t do a post. The nerve! haha

Eric and I just received all of our wedding photos from our photographer, so we have been going through the pictures all night to select the images for the photo albums that we are making our family for Christmas gifts :) I must say it is so fun to go through these photos! All of the emotions are coming back from the day.

Here are some of our favorite wedding pictures from our amazing photographers Dave Biesse and Charlotte Leonard.


080831_01511  080831_01671 080831_02071 080831_02101 080831_02841 080831_0380 080831_04801 080831_05491 080831_05501 080831_0678 080831_07471 080831_10891 080831_11181 080831_11161 080831_12641 080831_13031 080831_13101 080831_15141 080831_15961 080831_16141 080831_16961 080831_17161 080831_17231 080831_19421 080831_20541 080831_1562 080831_0647 080831_0615 080831_0462



My appointment with the podiatrist went well this morning. I got fitted for orthotic insoles! yay! Finally, after years I get the support I need. Well, in 3 weeks that is :D He said that I have a high arch, and when I run the arch flattens out and rubs against the inner corner of the shoe = BLISTERS! He says the orthotics will help me run more efficiently which is always a good thing. I pick them up December 15th!

Get this- they cost a whopping $560!!!! Thank God my insurance covers $500 of it or there’s no way I would ever shell out the moula for them.

It was a pretty neat experience though- they take a mold of the feet (icky plaster wrapped around the feet!) and then they scan the feet digitally. I got to see my scanned feet on the screen so that was pretty cool.


Yesterday, Eric and I went to check out the gym that I was thinking of signing up at. It is sweeeet, brand spanking new. The change rooms are huge and have tons of room to get ready in- lots of privacy too since I can be a bit claustrophobic around people when I’m getting ready…lol. I am strange like that!

There are hundreds of cardio machines each fitted with a personal TV! Pretty awesome stuff. It has a lap pool, a boxing room, circuit room, and aerobics room.

The only downside is that they don’t offer many classes during the time that I would be at the gym each day (8:00am)…the classes are either at 6am or at 10am, which is common for most gyms I looked at. I would have the option of doing classes on weekends or doing a class once per weeknight after work. I guess I will have to figure it out. They also don’t have spinning classes yet but she said they are getting spinning bikes in the new year, so that was encouraging. :) I looove me a good spin class!


Ok, I have to get back to picking out wedding pictures for the albums (oh yea and packing– we are moving SATURDAY!!! ahhhhh so much to do!) This is hard work- there are thousands of pictures from the day!

PS- Thanks for everyone’s tips on the push-up video. I realized as soon as I watched the video that my form was off. That is the great thing about being able to see yourself (either in a mirror, picture, or in video) when working out. It is a great way to check for form. :) I hope to improve that, along with the amount of push-ups I can do, over the next several weeks to come!

Any chance I can do 20 by year’s end?

Do you currently have any short term fitness goals?


I feel that the most important step in any major accomplishment is setting a specific goal. This enables you to keep your mind focused on your goal and off the many obstacles that will arise when you’re striving to do your best.
~ Kurt Thomas

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Foodie (Fab and Delicious Food) November 24, 2008 at 10:53 pm

Gorgeous wedding photos!


Leah November 25, 2008 at 2:03 am

Oooh, my photo made the blog! :)
Beautiful pictures.


Andrea November 25, 2008 at 6:28 am

beauuuuuuutiful pics!


VeggieGirl November 25, 2008 at 7:56 am

AMAZING PHOTOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


girlrunningaround November 25, 2008 at 8:16 am

You photos are BEAUTIFUL! Thanks so much for sharing. I’m having some drama with my wedding photographers right now (they are refusing to give us our pictures). I’m glad you didn’t have the same trouble, it really is heartbreaking to think I may not have photos from the happiest day of my life.


Meghann November 25, 2008 at 9:51 am

You wedding pictures are GORGEOUS! Thanks for sharing :)


AGS November 25, 2008 at 9:58 am

Your photos are lovely. One of the best things about wedding photos is that you can look at them years later, and still relive memories and emotions from that day. I look through mine every now and then, and it is always a huge pick-me-up. Enjoy them!


Halie November 25, 2008 at 11:42 am

Beautiful photos!

The new gym sounds amazing!

My goal right now that I am working at is to become a stronger, faster runner. I’ve been working pretty hard!


Mariposa November 25, 2008 at 12:52 pm

i love the pictures! you look beautiful.. and i love the bridesmaids dresses.. stunning!


Meghan November 25, 2008 at 5:43 pm

Your photos are amazing!! However, all of a sudden I can’t see all of your posts on my google only shows the first three or four lines :(


Avangardphoto April 19, 2016 at 12:00 pm

Cool photos.


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