Kitchen: Before and Afters



This weekend, we had just one goal:

Set up the new place. 

…with the aid of a couple beverages. =)


First up, in today’s post: the kitchen pictures. If you recall, it looked like this last week:


Saturday morning, I got my organization on after a trip to Solutions – a huge home organization store similar to The Container Store in the US.


Eric took one look at my loot and laughed.

“Since when did you turn into an organizer?”

I tried to tell him with a straight face that I’ve always been organized, but I just couldn’t.

People can change!

I also couldn’t bring myself to take our old, gross plastic cutlery tray with us, so I took this opportunity to start fresh with a bamboo cutlery tray.


So easy…so rewarding…



Ugly, bagged spices now hide on the side of the fridge to free up a drawer:

IMG_8336 IMG_8360IMG_8458

What do we have here? St Patrick’s Day stickers, Valentine’s Day cupcake liners, candy molds, and onion goggles.


Sounds about right.



Ok, I could probably do better than that…but I won’t.

Spice cabinet before:


and After…with mini turn tables for easier locating spices:


Thanks for the ideas on the turntables, by the way. Love them!

I put a shelf extender in the dish cabinet to fit an extra row of dishes. Now there is just enough space.


I also picked up this container to store my measuring cups and small kitchen things.


Yes, that’s a lot of measuring cups! You’d be surprised though…some days I easily dirty all of them.

Eric also had this great idea to store my “rarely used” dishes on top of the cabinets, saving me a ton of cabinet space. In addition to my casserole dishes, I put a wok, huge salad bowl, and empty mason jars on top.


You can see the storage in this photo below:


We also set up Grundtal Ikea shelves for my mason jar storage, so they didn’t have to be crammed in the cupboard anymore (thanks to Emily for the idea!!).


They come in 120 cm and 80 cm lengths and we opted for the 80cm. I grabbed matching hooks for the bottom so I could hang my apron and other things. Apparently, Eric is using it for his sunglasses and keys too….you’re on my turf, Liddon. ;)


I was so nervous that the shelves were going to break, but they are very sturdy. I just hope Sketchie doesn’t try to jump up…

Top shelf (left to right): Rolled oats, millet, walnuts, pecans, raw buckwheat groats, speltberries

Bottom shelf: Pearled barley, dried chickpeas, raw almonds, short grain brown rice, red lentils, raw cashews, and hemp seed.


I have a few more jars stored in the cupboard, but it has opened up a lot of cupboard space. Two thumbs up!

You know, initially I was worried about transitioning into a smaller kitchen (I was spoiled with the size and storage space in our old house), but with a few adjustments I’ve cozied right into this space and love it more each day.

I ended Day #1 with Sketchie cuddles on his favourite “blankie” (Eric’s sweater), and he was a happy cat once again.


Coming up: Living/dining area, laundry, and hallways.

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Carrie March 26, 2012

Wow, great storage ideas! It looks so neat and organized!


Sabrina @ Radioactive Runner March 26, 2012

your new place looks so nice!! I love all of the storage/space saver ideas!


Hailey March 26, 2012

I love, love, love the idea of the mason jars on display with all of your grains/rice/dried beans/etc. Great idea!! Nice work! I also like the idea of the shelf divider, totally gives you double the space!

Also, why do I not have onion goggles? I usually just have tears streaming down my face and I eventually have to stop once I can no longer see haha.


Grace @ Healthy Dreaming March 26, 2012

I love what you did with your kitchen. The shelving unit for your jars is so pretty! I really need to get something like that for all my dried foods!


Lauren March 26, 2012

You look absolutely beautiful in that last pic with Sketchie :) And your kitchen- WOW! Stunning!


Rachel March 26, 2012

I purchased the same shelves this past summer and had the same concerns about their stability – until we had an earthquake on the east coast one week later! I figure that since they withstood an earthquake, they’re up for good :)


Lorinda @ Everyday Endeavours March 26, 2012

great job on downsizing. with a kitchen that always hurts but it keeps us honest about what we really use. :-) I can’t wait to see what magic you work here xx


Amber K March 26, 2012

I love organization, but I am horrible about actually implementing it. I love seeing before/after photos though. They are an inspiration to get my things in order!


Suzanne March 26, 2012

Love Solutions (I bet you were at the Burloak one which is across from my office!). And Kitchen Stuff Plus. That is your kind of store! You found great ways to free up space in your kitchen and the mason jars make a cool decorating technique!


Life's a Bowl March 26, 2012

Wow, hello beautiful kitchen! I am a little OCD organized and love your ideas :)

P.S. I used to work at The Container Store and would make lists in my mind of what I would buy if I had an unlimited budget and the space :P


Kalee March 26, 2012

It looks great! I love the ball jar idea!! So cute and easy to use the goodies inside! :)


Steph. March 26, 2012

I have never, ever heard of onion goggles!!!! Where can I get some? I am pathetic chopping onions-I mean, it is really bad!


Angela (Oh She Glows) March 26, 2012

haha Im not sure where my mom got them, but I think it was a kitchen store :)


jane March 26, 2012

My friend Brit Tomren loves your sight and I can see why. I put my big serving dishes and platters on top of my kitchen cabinets also, but because they get covered in dust and I hate washing them I cover them with saran wrap. When I’m cooking those big family dinners like thanksgiving and Easter it’s one less job to do, I just bring them down and remove the plastic; ta da they are clean and ready to use. Brittany is alway trying your recipes and getting me to try them,3 years ago it was very hit and miss but now she is a great baker so I know I can learn from your sight.


Angela (Oh She Glows) March 26, 2012

Thank you Jane, enjoy the recipes!


ASK March 26, 2012

Beautiful kitchen and organized, too! I love what you’ve done with the spices; I assume that you’re so familiar with the spices that you can probably identify them by sight rather than relying on the labels (which look like they’re hidden unless you pull out the spice).

My only real concern is the mason jar shelf because there’s no basket to prevent something from tipping them over onto the ground. Though the shelf is sturdy, you must keep in mind that those jars are glass which may turn out to be quite dangerous at that height.

On a side note, where do you buy all those mason jars? I’ve been wanting some for storage and homemade fermented foods…

Best of luck on the rest of the move!


ASK March 26, 2012

Nevermind about not seeing the labels! I just noticed that those spices are magnetically sticking on your fridge rather than placed into round slots in a cabinet as I had originally assumed.


erica March 26, 2012

loving this new series of posts! i love seeing more about your life :)
great job with the kitchen!!!


Catherine March 26, 2012

You kitchen looks fabulous! So much space, can’t wait for you to photograph some yummy new recipes in your new kitchen:)


Maria March 26, 2012

Oh wow! I can’t even begin to tell you how inspirational this post has been for me! I booked the day off tomorrow to do the same! :) Perfect timing!


Amanda @ AmandaRunsNY March 26, 2012

I love these ideas for the spices and mason jars. It gives me some good ideas on how I can free up space in my itsy-bitsy New York City kitchen. I’m buying magnet spice containers today.


Laura Nugent March 26, 2012

I love to see how other people organize their spaces. You’ve got great ideas! Just a quick aside, the hemp seeds I have say they want to be kept in the fridge.


Angela (Oh She Glows) March 26, 2012

Aw yes you are right about keeping the hemp seeds chilled! Whoops :)


Yellow Haired Girl March 26, 2012

I like it! And I really like the mason jars on the wall – I buy so much stuff in bulk, it would be so great not to have my kitchen cupboard overflowing with the goods like it already is :) can’t wait to see more of the house!


StoriesAndSweetPotatoes March 26, 2012

It’s looking great! Love those mason jars on the wall. When I have a kitchen with wall space I’m putting all my spices up like that.


Andrea March 26, 2012

Looks great. I get a kick out of organizing rooms, not that anyone would know it by looking at my place. New spaces are great for that. Clean slate. Fresh space to make how you want. Eventually chaos resumes. It’s easier to subsequently move when you’re renting your living space. :)


Ruth March 26, 2012

There must be something going around – I also organized my kitchen cupboard this weekend on a random urge. I jarred up a bunch of random bags of dried goods like rice & beans. So much nicer in the jars!!

It’s looking good. I really like all of the great storage solutions you’ve come up with.


Alison (Fueling for Fitness) March 26, 2012

Looks great! I love *looking* at pictures of organization…. but I can never bring myself to apply things I see to myself. :P I don’t have a real excuse other than the fact that I know I won’t be living in my apartment forever (says the girl who’s almost been here three years). Oh well, for now I’ll just have to live vicariously through neat and tidy bloggers. :)


Karen March 26, 2012

Lookin’ great, Ange! (I’m still coveting those onion goggles!) :)


Shannon March 26, 2012

Great idea with the shelves and spice jars on the fridge! I can’t wait to try this in my tiny kitchen! Love the Yellow Tail too, it’s my fav ;)


Susie My SoCal Life March 26, 2012

I’m with Cathy above, we have the exact same ktichen too..just moved into our house 6 mos ago and it’s a much smaller kitchen. I am so getting the mini spice turntables for our cubbards!


Kathryn March 26, 2012

I’m jelouse! I keep wanting to get the new place ALL done, but something always comes up!


Chelsea @ One Healthy Munchkin March 26, 2012

I love all these organization ideas! I could seriously use them because my apartment kitchen is TINY. Not to mention I have to share it with a roommate, which makes it even harder. Our cupboard space wasn’t enough, so I had to buy an entire shelving unit to put against one wall in order to accommodate all of our stuff! :P


Emily March 26, 2012

Very nice! I love the way the mason jars look on the shelves!
FYI though, hemp seeds should be kept refrigerated! :)


Emily Malone March 26, 2012

Love the shelves!! Hope the move is going well!


Quisha March 26, 2012

I’ve been reading your blog for years but noticed that you were featured on Healthy Bitch Daily… your gluten-free brownie recipe :) You’re all over the place!!!

Check it out here-


Jessica March 26, 2012

Your skin is incredibly gorgeous! Are the Green Monsters your only secret or do you have amazing skincare products as well? Please do share! :)


Angela (Oh She Glows) March 27, 2012

Thank you Jessica. to be honest, I don’t do much to my skin…the thing I do regularly though is exfoliate 3-4 times per week.


Deirdre March 26, 2012

Looks great- have a friend who is tossed about her spice cabinet chaos…will pass on to her for some ideas.


Anna March 26, 2012

Organization is absolutely the best!! I love using Mason jars to organize things, especially grains and beans.
I think your tidy, adorable kitchen has inspired me to pull things together this weekend. After I moved, for whatever reason, things just never got put into proper places and I think it’s time to change that!


Kari @ bite-sized thoughts March 26, 2012

I have those Ikea Grundtal shelves and absolutely love them :) I’ve got one row like yours with nuts and dried fruit in big jars, and the hanging rail underneath, and another set of smaller shelves with spice jars that I have filled with chia seeds and carob powder and various other non-spice things. I used to worry about the big ones falling but they seem pretty sturdy!

I also love shelf extenders, except I use them in the pantry for stacking tins up to extreme levels :)

Your new kitchen looks wonderful, you’ve done a really great job!


Kate March 26, 2012

Love what you’ve done! Especially like the spice container magnets and the shelves for dry goods!


Shira March 26, 2012

Nice work! So much fun to set up a new kitchen work space! Enjoy!


Kait March 26, 2012

Love the magnetic spice things…I NEED those! And the turntable things…

I’m also in the process of moving to a smaller place so these posts are super useful! And just really fun to read. :)


Amanda March 26, 2012

Wow! Great progress! I’m enjoying seeing the new place come together :)


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