Vegan & Gluten-Free Vanilla Blueberry Buckwheat Pancakes



It’s a dreary, rainy Thursday morning, so I can safely assume that you’re probably thinking about the weekend, including the food you want to make.

Am I right or am I right?

Enter pancakes.

Pancakes are quite possibly one of the easiest things to prepare on a weekend. Any food that can be prepared successfully while half asleep is a winner in my books. I made these a couple weekends ago when I was feeling bored of my usual pancakes and I’ve since made 4 batches. They are not only gluten-free and vegan, but they hold together perfectly and taste incredible, even plain.

I recommend making a double batch and wrapping up the leftovers for snacks. Have you ever had a pancake burrito? Just spread a bit of jam and nut butter onto the pancake and roll it up. Instant pancake burrito on the go! Or you can sandwich two together and make a pancake sandwich.


Pancakes are much easier than spilling a bag of espresso beans while making Homemade Bailey’s. The worst part of it was I hadn’t even opened the Jameson yet, so I have no excuse.


Thankfully, Sketchie managed to knock about 476 beans under the fridge, saving me a lot of clean up time.


He’s great like that.


Vegan and Gluten-Free Vanilla Blueberry Buckwheat Pancakes

Vegan, gluten-free, nut-free, oil-free, soy-free


4.7 from 3 reviews

Light, fluffy, with chunks of banana and juicy blueberries, these pancakes taste so good they can be enjoyed plain. Be sure to use raw buckwheat groats (and not toasted buckwheat/Kasha) as the raw buckwheat has a much more mild and pleasant flavour. I buy my buckwheat groats from Upaya Naturals. I tried subbing the rice flour for oat flour and the pancakes completely stuck to the pan, so I would advise against that substitution. As always, if you’d like the pancakes strictly gluten-free, be sure to check all labels before using.

Six 4 inch pancakes
Prep Time
Cook time
Total Time


  • 1/2 cup raw buckwheat groats (not kasha), ground into a flour
  • 1/4 cup brown rice flour
  • 1 tbsp cornstarch
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • 3/4 cup + 2 tbsp almond milk
  • 2 tbsp pure maple syrup (or other liquid sweetener)
  • 1 tsp pure vanilla extract
  • 1 medium ripe banana, diced
  • 1 vanilla bean, scraped (optional)
  • 1/2 cup blueberries (optional)


  1. Preheat a large non-stick skillet over medium heat.
  2. In a blender, blend the buckwheat groats on high speed until a fine flour forms. Place into a large bowl. Now whisk in the rest of the dry ingredients (rice flour, cornstarch, baking powder).
  3. Pour in the almond milk, maple syrup, and vanilla extract. Whisk the batter until no clumps remain.
  4. Fold in the diced banana and scraped vanilla bean. If using fresh blueberries, mix them in now.
  5. Lightly grease skillet. Scoop 1/4 cup of batter onto the preheated skillet. If using frozen blueberries, sprinkle on a heaping tablespoon of blueberries. Cook until many bubbles appear and then flip and cook for another couple minutes. Repeat for the other pancakes.


Note: If using frozen blueberries, pour batter onto skillet first and then top with blueberries to prevent bleeding. I also tried subbing the rice flour for oat flour and the pancakes completely stuck to the pan, so I would advise against that substitution.


As I mentioned these hold together very well, especially considering they are vegan and gluten-free. You know they are ready to flip, when a lot of bubbles start appearing.

A couple pancake tricks:

1)  If you are using frozen blueberries like I was, sprinkle the blueberries directly onto the pancakes (like above) rather than mixing into the batter. This will prevent bleeding.

2) The best pancake tip I ever learned is to preheat the skillet completely before adding on the pancake batter. You know how people say the first pancake never turns out? Well, this is usually because it’s not preheated enough. The first thing I do is turn on the burner to medium heat and preheat my skillet, before I even start prepping the ingredients. Not sure it’s ready? Drop a tiny bit of water on it. When it sizzles, it’s ready.


Before you know it, you’ll have incredibly wholesome pancakes you can feel good about eating. Just be sure to make leftovers so you can whip up those pancake burritos for a yummy snack.


Set your clock forward on Saturday night.

Sleep late.

Make these pancakes.


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1 Hailey March 8, 2012

Angela, these look absolutely amazing!! I had bought some buckwheat groats from Whole Foods that I haven’t touched because I was scared of them and didn’t know what to do with them. Thanks again for another. wonderful recipe!

And please tell Sketchie that I think he has beautiful eyes! :-)


2 Hailey March 8, 2012

I have a 16 miler coming up Saturday, and I can’t WAIT to make these afterwards!


3 Angela March 8, 2012

Will do :)

Goodluck with your run!


4 mrs.ristow July 24, 2012

It’s my husband’s birthday tomorrow and we are on a cleanse right now. He really wanted pancakes and I am so glad I found your recipe! Thank you for sharing!


5 faith @ For the Health of It March 8, 2012

What a wonderful housekeeper Sketchie is! Sounds like we subscribe to the same cleaning theories ;)


6 Angela March 8, 2012

lol…I know right?


7 Kathryn March 8, 2012

Oh man, he probably saw those beans fall and though it was his birthday and christmas all at once!


8 Rhona March 8, 2012

Yum, those look so comforting and delicious. I can imagine eating those on a lazy Saturday morning followed by reading and turning over in bed for a few more hrs of sweet shut eye.


9 Gina @ Running to the Kitchen March 8, 2012

The preheating thing is key! I did that this morning before making pancakes, had let it preheat for at least 5 minutes and then I pour the batter on and I’m kind wondering why it doesn’t really seem hot? nothing is sizzling, the pancakes are taking forever to bubble up….and then I realized I flipped the switch to the small burner option (it’s the one with the small ring inside of the big ring on my flat top stove) yesterday and never switched it back. Duh.


10 Siri @ The Herbivoress March 8, 2012

These are beautiful — bananas and blueberries are my favorite pancake additions. Can’t wait to make these!


11 Molly March 8, 2012

these look so good!


12 Julia March 8, 2012

Haha, I ALWAYS make extra batches of pancakes so I can eat ’em throughout the day. They are so convenient as a snack.

Do you think I can sub the brown rice flour for oat flour?


13 Angela March 8, 2012

I tried a version with oat flour subbing for the rice flour and they completely stuck to the pan! :( Not sure why. I will add that into the recipe, but thanks for reminding me.


14 Julia March 8, 2012

That really is strange because I’ve already had great success using oat flour in pancakes….


15 Angela March 8, 2012

I’ll have to try it again sometime, who knows maybe it was a fluke!


16 Amanda March 8, 2012

My stomach is growling just reading this post. I’ve been craving blueberries recently and can’t wait to give your recipe a try this weekend!


17 Stephanie @ Legally Blinde March 8, 2012

Great pictures! I love the slice out of the perfectly stacked pancakes – that takes talent; there’s no way I would be able to get such a clean, even cut. A pancake burrito sounds so fun!


18 The Mrs @ Success Along the Weigh March 8, 2012

These babies will be on my plates come the weekend…after I send the Mr to the grocery store tonight to get blueberries! :-)


19 Clair March 8, 2012

These look delicious! I’m so excited for berry season.

Do you feed Sketchie a vegan diet? I’ve read different things on the internet…some vegans do it…others say it’s really not good for the cat. Your experience?


20 Angela March 8, 2012

Nope, we don’t feed Sketchie a vegan diet.


21 Heather (Heather's Dish) March 8, 2012

blueberry pancakes are by far the best kind in the world!


22 Britt March 8, 2012

Yum–these look delicious! Love that they’re GF too!


23 Angela @ Eat Spin Run Repeat March 8, 2012

Oh my goodness. I’m very much having a ‘spill the espresso beans all over the floor” (in a metaphorical sense) kind of day and these would be ideal right now!


24 Lauren @ What Lauren Likes March 8, 2012

these look fantastic! :)


25 Amelia March 8, 2012

How about lunch? I think I am going to enjoy these today and add some toasted pecan maple syrup to the top! I was looking for inspiration in my google reader this morning for breakfast, but nothing was posted yet. :/ Instead I had a green monster. Delicious anyway!

I love you keeping it real with the espresso beans and all!


26 Laura @ Sprint 2 the Table March 8, 2012

You assume I’d have leftover for a snack. That’s funny. ;)

Can’t wait to have these Sunday morning! Great tip about heating the pan first – I learned that lesson the hard way after ruining batch after batch (impatience is NOT a virtue).


27 Angela March 8, 2012

I know I used to do that allll the time :)


28 amanda March 8, 2012

Those look fantastic! And you’re lucky Sketchie is such a good helper. What would you do without him?


29 Leah @ Chocolate and Wild Air March 8, 2012

Yum, a pancake burrito?? Two of my fave things. Can’t wait to try that!


30 Christina March 8, 2012

Banana Pancakes by Jack Johnson plays in my head when I read this post. :) Yummy!


31 Angela (Oh She Glows) March 8, 2012

love that song :)


32 Christine Gillis March 8, 2012

I’ve been waiting for this recipe, these look so yummy. Can I find brown rice flour and raw buckwheat groats at the Bulk Barn?


33 Angela March 8, 2012

Good question! I don’t think BB carries raw buckwheat groats …at least I haven’t seen them before, but maybe they do. I think Whole Foods carries them and some natural food stores. They are a bit hard to find which is why I just buy a big bag online.


34 katie@ KatieDid March 8, 2012

Nice looking pancakes but I may be more excited for this homemade bailey’s…. whattt?!


35 Vicki March 8, 2012

Hahahaha I love the Sketchie part!!!!!


36 Alex @ Raw Recovery March 8, 2012

Thank you, THANK YOU for this recipe. I’m on spring break away from home right now but when I get back I’m doing a trial period of going gluten free to see if that helps my tummy issues. I’m already vegan so this recipe will be a delight! By the way I plan on gifting your cookbook when it comes out to hopefully get my friends and family to enjoy more vegan foods! I think you have done a great job of showing people that vegan doesn’t mean disgusting :)


37 Angela March 8, 2012

Aw, thank you Alex, you just made my day! I hope you enjoy the pancakes.


38 Kate March 13, 2012


Make sure that the vanilla extract you use is gluten-free. Since it contains alcohol, vanilla (and other flavored) extracts may contain small amount of gluten depending on what type of alcohol was used.

Depending on how sensitive you may or may not be to gluten, minute amounts–like that found in flavored extracts–may not be a problem for you. But if you are going strictly gluten-free, it’s something to watch out for. I’d suggest ‘reading around the subject’ to get a good handle on the unexpected places you might encounter gluten (even the glue on licking envelopes is wheat-based!).

I’ve recently gone (pretty strictly) gluten-free for tummy issues myself, and have never felt better. I hope you discover the same! :)


39 Jocelyn March 8, 2012

Yum! These look fantastic!
I’m many do you eat :P Or should I say..can you eat…
a challenge? lol


40 Angela March 8, 2012

easily the entire batch, if not more. :) I’m ruthless when it comes to pancakes.


41 Beth March 8, 2012

Those look amazing! I’ve been whipping up plain pancake batter on Friday nights and putting it in the fridge so it’s ready after my run on Saturday mornings. All I have to do is chop up or add the fruit and I’m good to go! I will try these this weekend if I can find buckwheat groats. :)
P.S. I <3 Sketchie.


42 Angela March 8, 2012

that’s a great idea…I hadn’t thought of prepping it the night before.


43 Liz @ Tip Top Shape March 8, 2012

That cat picture is adorable! And these look delicious!! Pancakes are something that I rarely make. I think that needs to change :D


44 Jacqueline@digintobooks March 8, 2012

I LOVE the pancake burrito idea! Too bad there will probably be no leftovers of this recipe…


45 Jamie March 8, 2012

Hi Angel! You say to get 1/2 cup of buckwheat groats to ground up…If I already have buckwheat flour, how much should I use? Just a little confused!


46 Jamie March 8, 2012

Hi Angela! Recipe looks amazing!!! You say to get 1/2 cup of buckwheat groats to ground up…If I already have buckwheat flour, how much should I use? Just a little confused!


47 Angela (Oh She Glows) March 8, 2012

I didn’t measure after grinding, but I would guess it would be a heaping 1/2 cup of flour.


48 JP July 22, 2012

I was wondering the same. In my experience, you can get as high as 50% increase in the amount of flour you get from the same whole grain. I’m going to try it with 3/4 C Buckwheat Flour to start.


49 Yellow Haired Girl March 8, 2012

These look wonderful! And you’re SO right – the first thing I thought about this morning was how close Saturday is (thank goodness!) … and what kind of breakfast I will make once I complete my leisurely sleep in :)


50 Anju March 8, 2012

These look great! I think I want to add a little orange zest in the batter though… 2 of my favorite flavors in one pancake!


51 Anne March 8, 2012

I make whole batches of pancakes and freeze them! Then all I have to do in the morning is microwave them. Blackberries and raspberries are great to add, as are chia seeds! I can’t wait to try your recipe!

More importantly, homemade Bailey’s??? Recipe for that, please!


52 Angela (Oh She Glows) March 8, 2012

freezing pancakes is genius!!!! Ive heard of this but never tried it…will do this asap! Thanks for the great idea.


53 Andrea March 9, 2012

I always freeze my leftover pancakes (and waffles)! And then put them in the toaster in the mornings! Toasted pancakes really are good :)


54 Sabrina @ Radioactive Runner March 8, 2012

Oh mannnn these pancakes look AMAZING! I don’t think I’ll be able to stop thinking about them until I make them.


55 Averie @ Love Veggies and Yoga March 8, 2012

Angela these are incredible looking! Pancakes can be an art on their own; to get that perfect pancake down pat isn’t always easy…and to do it both vegan AND gf…well, you succeeded in making me want to make pancakes like right NOW! :)


56 Jocelyn March 8, 2012

Always looking for a good GF pancake! I don’t have a grinding blade for my Vitamix… do you think it will it work with the regular blade? Or could I just use 1/2 cup buckwheat flour? Thanks… love your blog!


57 Angela (Oh She Glows) March 8, 2012

I just use my regular blade for everything…. :)


58 Moni'sMeals March 8, 2012

these look so fluffy and light, just the way I make mine. I love pancakes and have a ton of recipes I use and go back and forth from. I hope to try these too.

sketchie….soooo cute! ;)


59 Andrea March 8, 2012

Ahahahahahahahahaha Angela I LOVE your sketchie pics! Esp with the thought bubbles, they are hilarious! Sketchie is so beautiful!


60 Shelley @ MileHighHealthy March 8, 2012

It’s a sign! I was planning on pancakes this weekend and I already have every single ingredient. Now I can’t wait for Saturday…warm and fluffy pancakes are my favorite post long run breakfast.


61 Kaila @ healthyhelper March 8, 2012

These looks amazing! Buckwheat it one of my favorite flours! It has such a distinct flavor and it adds alot of depth to recipes!! ANd you can’t go wrong with blueberries in pancakes!!


62 Lauren @ Oatmeal after Spinning March 8, 2012

You are right- pancakes are definitely good for a dreary morning (or any morning, really). I make them just about every Saturday and rotate through different flours. Right now I’m on a cornmeal/coconut flour combination kick- but I do LOVE buckwheat flour. My grandmother always make buckwheat cakes for Christmas when I was growing up, so they always bring back fond memories. :)
When I spill things on the floor in the kitchen, I have 2 huge vacuum cleaners (in the form of Golden Retrievers) that are happy to clean up. :)


63 Deirdre @ Ladies Holiday March 8, 2012

Those flapjacks look delicious! And thank you for the frozen berry tip- that’s new to me!


64 Kris | March 8, 2012

ANGE!!!! These pancakes could be the most incredible things I’ve seen in a long time!!! OMG, I want to sink my teeth into them now…..jeeze, your posts lately are causing me to want to stray from my diet and hop onto a mount of flapjacks with a fork, ah hell, I’d just use my hand!



65 michelle March 8, 2012

if i had a dollar for every time i say “i love oh she glows!” and “pin” one of your recipes…i’d be loaded! i absolutely love your page! thank you so much for all the wonderful healthy and delicious recipes!!


66 Angela (Oh She Glows) March 8, 2012

LOL! You are too funny. Thanks for the smile!


67 Jasper @ crunchylittlebites March 8, 2012

LOve your pot holder shot…I thought you gave that away in a giveaway with the apron, though!


68 Sarah L. March 8, 2012

Sketchie, will you marry me?


69 Angela (Oh She Glows) March 8, 2012

:) he wants to know how many treats you can give him


70 Cheryl March 8, 2012

She does it again…and thanks for the reminder to set my clock ahead. FYI made your citrus salad with avocado lime dressing from a few days ago…..HOME RUN! Thanks for inspiring us to take care of our bodies, enjoy life and good food.


71 Char @ March 8, 2012

ooohhh I wish I’d seen these before I’d made breakfast! They look delicious! (Of course, there’s always lunchtime…hehe.)


72 Anna @ The Guiltless Life March 8, 2012

Good tip about the blueberry bleeding! I have definitely found the preheating the griddle thing to be so true. It doesn’t work unless it’s steaming!

I can’t wait to try these I have never tried buckwheat flour, though I’ve done about every other g-f one!


73 Hilliary @Happily Ever Healthy March 8, 2012

These look delicious! I am def. sleeping in saturday morning and enjoying a lazy morning with pancakes! My workout can wait till the afternoon! Thanks for sharing!


74 Angela @ Happy Fit Mama March 8, 2012

Blueberry pancakes are a Sunday morning tradition in our house! I’ve got a race on Sunday morning so we’ll have to make this on Saturday instead. Looks delicious!


75 Brenna March 8, 2012

Bahaha, I can hear Sketchie saying that in a deep, soothing, hypnotic voice while he turns on those lamps he has for eyes. I can imagine those eyes allow him to get away with a lot more than he should! The pancakes look amazing!


76 Suzanne March 8, 2012

These look yummy! Have you ever been to Foodstuffs in Georgetown? I think you would love it based on the products you buy and use in all your wonderful recipes.


77 Angela (Oh She Glows) March 8, 2012

Hi Suzanne, No I haven’t but I just checked it out and it looks awesome! I will have to make a trip there sometime. Do you know if they have raw buckwheat groats?


78 Willow March 8, 2012

Haha – I have cats of my own, and can totally relate to the coffee bean incident!
Those pancakes sound so good right now. My dad always makes buckwheat pancakes and I just LOVE that heartier flavor. I’ll definitely have to give these a try sometime. :D


79 Kimmy March 8, 2012

OMG I love how you posted exactly one week after I decided to go completely gluten free (very strictly as opposed to half-a*$ed like before) and was then told I have an intolerance.
You’re psychic and I’m super excited to make these!!!


80 Angela (Oh She Glows) March 8, 2012

Im glad I could help :)


81 Christine (The Brighter Side of Life) March 8, 2012

Wow, these sound amazing! I have buckwheat groats that I once bought for a recipe that I’ve since lost, so this will be a perfect use for them. And great tip on fully preheating the surface before throwing the batter on it – I’ve always been subject to the first-pancake-is-a-complete-disaster situation. Now we’ll have one more pancake to eat. (not that I didn’t secretly eat the first one by hand anyway, once it cooled) ;)


82 Joann@womaninreallife March 8, 2012

You are correct! I am thinking food for the weekend already. These pancakes look great. I usually do make extra pancakes and put them in the fridge, but my daughter keeps sneaking them throughout the day until they are gone!


83 Kate March 8, 2012

Is there a recipe for the Homemade Bailey’s?


84 Angela (Oh She Glows) March 8, 2012

Im working on it :) Hopefully soon!


85 Fanta March 8, 2012

My stomach growled at me when I saw these photos… I think it’s angry that I haven’t made anything that looks as amazing as your pancakes for breakfast! he he


86 Raquel @ Ovenmitts Vegan Blog March 8, 2012

I promised my boyfriend a new pancake recipe over spring break, and these will fit the bill perfectly!


87 PoochesForPeace (Anna H) March 8, 2012

I have been thinking of the weekend since Tuesday! … Actually since Sunday night lol


88 Lexi @ Cura Personalis Foodie March 8, 2012

Today’s both National Women’s Day and National Breakfast Day. I obviously celebrated dually with pancakes. Clearly celebrating both feminism and the breakfast specimen of our dreams :)


89 Megan @ Megan's Munchies March 8, 2012

mmmmmmm! This pancakes look incredible!


90 Elisa March 8, 2012

How about the homemade baileys recipe?! :)


91 Katie March 8, 2012

My boyfriend, who eats five or six foods (no, but seriously), went through a MAJOR pancake phase a few years ago where they were breakfast as well as lunch or dinner almost every single day. And somehow, even after a year of continuous pancake making practice, I still cannot make a proper pancake but now I wonder if it was because the pan was never hot enough. I’m going to have to test this tip out this weekend. And if I’m luckily, I’ll be able to trick my pancake-loving boyfriend into eating something that’s not made with bleached white flour ;-)


92 Sylvs March 9, 2012

I was just wondering can I make the rice flour in the vitamix by grinding brown rice and can I leave the corn starch and maple syrup out of the recipe?


93 Angela (Oh She Glows) March 9, 2012

Im not sure about brown rice. Anyone know?

The cornstarch and maple syrup are necessary ingredients.


94 March 9, 2012

Ohh these look good!!


95 Rachel March 9, 2012

Definitely a nice weekend treat! Can’t wait to try these!


96 Rebekah Acason March 9, 2012

These sound great, I’ll be making them in the morning. Don’t have any blueberries on hand but I do have some Mulberrys (from my enormous tree) in the freezer so will give it a go with them. Thanks I am loving your recipes


97 Jennifer @ Peanut Butter and Peppers March 9, 2012

Yum Angela! I love pancakes and yours look wonderful!!! This would you be wonderful fro breakfast this morning. Can you make me some? :) Have a great weekend!!


98 Angelique March 9, 2012

Thank you so much for adding the “print recipe” option and making the recipe so that it prints nicely onto only 1 pg, including your hints too. Your thoughtfulness and attention to detail is appreciated!


99 Tessa@The Domestic Diva March 9, 2012

I adore using the raw groats…although I am not a huge fan of the toasted buckwheat flour most people use. even my kiddos enjoy it, it’s very mellow. I had to laugh at you beans all over the place….of course that had never happened to me! Thanks for sharing, I am one of your newest subscribers!


100 Andrea March 9, 2012

These pancakes look awesome! Can’t wait to try them out :)


101 Kathleen @ KatsHealthCorner March 9, 2012

I’ve never tried BUCKWHEAT pancakes!! I will have to try your tip on preheating completely before preparing. I find they always turn out better on some occasions instead of others — it must be when I preheat the skillet first! :)


102 Monika March 9, 2012

Today I made these pancakes and it was a complete disaster :( Everything stuck on the pan so bad that it was just a big mess. The only subs I made – tapioca instead of cornstarch and I added a little bit of arrowroot. But this is how I always make pancakes. Nonetheless, they were delicious and I would like to make them again but I don’t know why it stuck so much :/


103 Angela (Oh She Glows) March 9, 2012

Hey Monika, I’m sorry to hear that! My guess is that it was the subs you made as I didn’t have that problem.
What type of pan did you use and did you lightly grease it?


104 Angela (Oh She Glows) March 9, 2012

Ok, I went back into the kitchen and tested out a couple different pans becuase I had a feeling that might be part of the issue. Basically when I didn’t use a non-stick pan AND grease it beforehand, the pancakes stuck (and they completely stuck when using an older skillet). Ive updated this in today post! :)


105 Chelsea @ Naturally Sweet Recipes March 9, 2012

Aw, this looks amazing!! I love the combinations. They looks so light, but yet moist and filling. Delicious!!


106 Lisa March 9, 2012

Great recipe! May I sub for the buckweat groats/rice flour a whole wheat flour? I would love to try but do not possess the GF ingredients as I am not in need of those…Thanks for such wonderful recipes!!! :)


107 Laurel March 9, 2012

Girrrrrl these look so good. I want a pancake burrito! :)


108 Emily March 9, 2012

ThaNks or posting this recipe! I really don’t like bananas – can I just omit them or should I substitute something for them?


109 Angela (Oh She Glows) March 9, 2012

I made a trial omitting the bananas and they turned out, however they tasted quite plain.


110 jb March 9, 2012

This is what I’m making for the family this weekend!


111 Sarah @ The Healthy Diva March 9, 2012

I think you must have been reading my mind…i was dreaming about buckwheat pancakes the other day and needed a good gf recipes. Saved to make on the weekend for my dad’s birthday :)


112 Ann March 9, 2012

Love pancakes and LOVE blueberries with them. You’re right – there is nothing easier or more satisfying on the weekends! Sorry about the coffee beans!


113 Nadine March 9, 2012

Made these for dinners tonight and they were so delicious – best gluten free vegan pancake I’ve ever had! Thanks for the amazing recipes! This gluten free vegan and her vegan husband really appreciate it :)


114 Ashley March 10, 2012

I made these for my post workout breakfast and they were great! My boyfriend (who cooks mostly from your website) loved the,m he said they reminded him of banana bread which is one of his favorites. Great recipe!


115 Christine Gillis March 10, 2012

I made these this morning and they were delish! I made a few with vegan choclate chips sprinkled in “for the kids” and they loved them! You’ve forever changed Pancake Tuesday in this house!


116 Leslie Paquette March 10, 2012

Hi Angela, I just made these with a few subs with what I had on hand. I used all oat flour instead of buckwheat flour, arrowroot for the cornstarch and sweet rice flour and had no problem with anything sticking. I used a non stick pan w/ about a tsp of coconut oil per batch. I thought they tasted great and although they had a unique texture, they were very addicting. I’ll definitely be making these again.


117 Maeve March 10, 2012

Ohh my gosh! Just made these and they were absolutely delicious! <3 Thank you so much for the amazing recipe! Everyone needs to go make these now!!! It will change your life:)


118 Angela (Oh She Glows) March 10, 2012

Glad you enjoyed them!


119 Meredith March 10, 2012

made these this morning, yum!


120 Robyn March 10, 2012

Just finished these delishes babies!! Topped mine with warm almond butter/dark chocolate peanut butter/coconut spread and drizzled a little maple syrup(overkill??) I don’t think so <3


121 Holly March 11, 2012

I made these this morning, perfect Sunday morning breakfast! I subbed in a little over 1/4c. of canned pumpkin for the banana (didn’t have any on hand), and I also subbed in 2TB sugar for the maple syrup. These turned out great! Next time, I will add some cinnamon, ginger and cloves to make a pumpkin spice pancake!


122 Tina March 11, 2012

can you pretty please add some recipes for kasha? they only sell the toasted buckwheat groats where i live…


123 Katy D March 11, 2012

Just made these this morning and they were fantastic!! Thank you Angela! I used a heaping cup of buckwheat flour as you suggested and it worked perfectly. I mixed some peanut butter with some maple syrup and used that as my topping. SO Delicious.

Only question, is there supposed to be salt in the recipe? I added a couple pinches anyway. I think they still needed a little more so we topped them with a pinch and it took them over the top. SO GOOD!!


124 Angela (Oh She Glows) March 12, 2012

Hey Katy, So glad you enjoyed them! Yes I did use a tiny bit of salt…I’ll make sure to add that in if I forgot.


125 Stacy @ Say It With Sprinkles March 11, 2012

I love that these pancakes are both vegan AND gluten free! So many times recipes are either one or the other, not usually both (I’m guilty of this as well, but moving towards many more vegan and gluten free recipes as I figure out the techniques) so this post makes me smile! =)


126 Jonathan March 12, 2012

Wow, these sound awesome, Angela! And I can make them while half-asleep? Score.


127 Kat March 12, 2012

Can you make brown rice flour by grinding regular brown rice or is it different? I have the reg. but not the flour and this sounds really good. Love your site!


128 Angela (Oh She Glows) March 12, 2012

I’m not sure Kat…anyone else know?


129 Katy March 13, 2012

I’ve done that, Kat. I was making a GF flour mix and about 1/4 was brown rice I had ground in my coffee grinder. I used it for several things already and it worked fine!


130 Malia March 12, 2012

THANK YOU Angela for this recipe – I made these for my hubbie over the weekend and we both thought they were one of the best we’d ever had!


131 Angela (Oh She Glows) March 12, 2012

So glad to hear that Malia!


132 Katie March 13, 2012

Yum! Just enjoyed these for breakfast; I put a thin layer of almond butter on each and drizzled a bit of maple syrup on… so tasty!
I didn’t have buckwheat groats so I used 1/2c buckwheat flour instead. They weren’t quite as fluffy as yours, but I suspect that was because of my substitution! I will have to go out and get some groats and try it another time.
Thanks for another great recipe!


133 Gayatri March 13, 2012

Loved the recipe. Thanks a lot. It was perfect.I am going to make a mix of the powder and use it when needed. Would love more GFCF recipes Thanks


134 Steph March 15, 2012

I made these today, with a substitution, and had middling success; I’m here to tell you that you cannot swap out the buckwheat groat flour for 1/2 c of chickpea flour! The batter was so thin I had to add a full 1 c of quick oats to thicken it up. That worked great, though, and the pancakes were delish. Just a word to the wise. :)


135 Gwen March 15, 2012

So these will not work with ground kasha? I have a whole bag waiting to be used :(


136 Angela (Oh She Glows) March 15, 2012

well they could work, but I find the kasha to have a very off-putting strong flavour. If you like it though, give it a shot! :)


137 Stella March 15, 2012

Can I add cononut flour instead of brown rice flour?


138 Angela (Oh She Glows) March 16, 2012

I havent had good results when using coconut flour, so Im not sure. I think the BRF does a great job at binding everything.


139 Stella March 18, 2012

Thank you for your answer! I know that coconut flour is definitely tricky, maybe I’ll experiment a little :)


140 Stella March 23, 2012

Hey, I just wanted to post an update – I used coconut instead of brown rice flour and apple sauce instead of banana. No problems! Oh and I added a few tsp. of coconut flakes. When I tasted the batter I was a bit disappointed because in general I LOVE the cookie/pancake batter even more than the actual baked result, but the buckwheat flour was kinda overpowering for me. HOWEVER, when I added the blueberries it was all forgotten and the pancakes were absolutely delicious!


141 lou March 15, 2012

ooo, how i love cooking with buckwheat flour. gf and delicious. i can’t wait to make these…is it saturday morning yet?


142 brittany March 27, 2012

these pancakes look SOOO DELICIOUS!!! :D


143 Jackie March 28, 2012

I made these this morning using GF buckwheat flour only. I can’t tolerate rice flour. I also added a touch of Xantham gum. I used agave syrup for the sweetener. My 22mos son scarfed a whole pancake to himself! I had a bite and was pleasantly surprised at how good they were. I am definitely bookmarking this for future use. Very yummy recipe and quick to put together unlike a lot of GF recipes!


144 Angela (Oh She Glows) March 28, 2012

Glad to hear that Jackie!


145 Rebecca April 1, 2012

I just made this recipe and I love it! Buckwheat definitely has a different flavor, but I love how the bananas, vanilla, and blueberries complement it. I’m eating about 95% vegetarian and I’m 100% gluten and dairy free. I couldn’t have done it without your recipes (thanks for still posting GF!). I’ve tried other sites, but they don’t compare to Oh She Glows. I know your recipes will always taste fantastic. Thank you for changing my life (and for helping me lose 15 pounds!).


146 EMC April 5, 2012

I don’t usually comment on posts, but I had to for this one.

I have been struggling to find a fantastic vegan (not even gluten-free, just *vegan*) pancake recipe for ages. All the ones I’ve tried seem to end up mushy or gummy inside – yuck! This is the first egg-free pancake recipe that I’ve truly loved. And I mean LOVED. :-) Even my teenage kid likes ’em! I’ve passed it along to some gluten-free and dairy-free colleagues as well as my brother-in-law, who went vegan to fight a cancer diagnosis.

So thank you, thank you, thank you! I adore this recipe and just had to express a bit of appreciation. :-)


147 Dana July 7, 2012

I made these pancakes this morning and WOW were they quick, easy and delicious!! So glad I doubled the recipe so we’ll have a few leftovers to snack on. Ground the buckwheat groats and brown rice in my Vitamix- and the flour came out silky smooth. We used rasberries instead of blueberries and I subbed out 1/2 the cornstarch for chia seeds and then added raw walnuts to the batter to up the omega count- yummmmmmm. Thanks for sharing this recipe, Angela!! Love your site!!!


148 hong mei August 10, 2012

Made these tis morning for our sat morning pancake breakfast and everyone loved them including the kids. I used gooseberries I had in the fridge that needed to be eaten instead of the blueberries and it came out really good.

I am on a roll with your recipes, this week I have made VOO for breakfast everyday (except today), pumpkin pie with the gluten free crust, your almond thumbprint cookies, and raw taco salad. All delicious.

you are an amazing cook!


149 Sara August 19, 2012

I used honey instead of maple syrup and they were not as flippable,kinda messy. So next time I will do it with the maple syrup:) They were very flavorful though!


150 Angela August 28, 2012

These look super yummy…but do u think it will work if I sub the brown rice flour with almond flour?


151 charity September 17, 2012

I made this yesterday. I did not follow directions fully… I used buckwheat flour (already ground – not groats), whole wheat flour (instead of brown rice flour), and vanilla soy milk (instead of almond milk). I added the blueberries and left out the scraped vanilla bean.

I used olive oil to coat the pan and scooped a tablespoon full of batter on the skillet. That first batch totally stuck to the pan (I think you mentioned this as a side effect to not following your directions…) My second batch I switched to vegan butter and made my pancakes about 1/4 of a cup in size – this time I had no issues.

The pancakes were very yummy however they were very heavy (probably because of my flour choice) and I feel they needed a bit more sweetness. I plan to make these again using the flour as you called for to see the difference. I also think I will add bit of brown sugar to the mixture as well.

I will probably try these as banana chocolate chip pancakes soon. That sounds very yumy.

Thanks for the recipe. I am very much enjoying your site.



152 Sarah November 12, 2012

Where do you buy vanilla beans???


153 Angela (Oh She Glows) November 13, 2012

Hi Sarah, you can find them in some grocery stores, Costco, or baking stores. Of course you can always leave them out of a recipe too and just use a bit of vanilla extract. enjoy


154 Sarah Campbell November 15, 2012

I just made these…and they are AMAZING. One fateful
Mistake, only made a single batch. However I did make cacao, coconut oil chocolate sauce to go ontop. Making again for sunday breakfast. Thank you for your fail proof delicious recipes as always.


155 Kelly January 12, 2013

Hi! I just tried to make these (my second attempt at vgf pancakes in 2 weeks) and failed miserably! It takes some time to have the outsides cook which I was expecting. However, the real bummer is the weird, gummy/gushy middle. This was the same experience I had the last time I tried a vgf pancake recipe. Have you ever encountered this? Any thoughts? Help! Thank you so much!


156 Angela (Oh She Glows) January 13, 2013

He Kelly, Im sorry to hear that! I had a problem with it sticking to the pan when using an old pan but I don’t think I had problems in the middle with it being gum-y. I’m not sure why that happened to you. Did you make any changes to the recipe at all?


157 Kelly January 13, 2013

I so appreciate your comment back to me! I used a cast iron frying pan, which has been wonderful with pancakes in the past. Regarding the recipe, I subbed out applesauce for the bananas since I’m really not a banana person. I figured it would be a little more moist so I only used two tablespoons. We thought perhaps that was the culprit? The last batch I tried (not your recipe!) also had applesauce but was much worse. After working with yours, we made the batter a lot thicker and they cooked a bit better but not quite cooked properly in the center.


158 Sarah February 22, 2013

I don’t know if you’ll catch this comment, Kelly, but I made these pancakes last weekend. The day before I tried another pancake recipe and it turned out just as you described, it wasn’t cooking properly at all. When I made these pancakes I upped the heat and they turned out perfectly. I followed the recipe in regards to the banana, so I’m not sure how much of a difference that made, but I had my burner on 5-6/8 and used a ceramic pan without any oil on it. It sounds like you have much more pancake experience than I do, so I’m not sure if you would’ve had the heat too low, but it worked out for me.


159 lizard February 3, 2013

Thanks so much for this recipe! it was exactly what i was looking for. I will add this though – i’m not much of a salt person, and i found that these were much better with a touch of sea salt. Also, the last ones tasted much better than the first ones – not only because i added salt, but i think the buckwheat needs a bit more time to absorb the almond milk. Next time, i’ll give it some rest time before cooking.


160 Angela (Oh She Glows) February 3, 2013

Thanks for your tips! Ive tried a batch with a bit of salt and I agree it was better. I should add that in. Also thanks for the tip about letting the batter sit, I will have to try that next time!


161 Arwen February 12, 2013

Just made these for Shrove Tuesday breakfast, and they were perfect!! I didn’t have buckwheat groats but did have buckwheat flour, so I just substituted 1:1 and they turned out beautifully.


162 Elle February 18, 2013

These were perfect! They are the first pancakes that worked, since going vegan. Today is my personal pancake day :)


163 Anne Montemayor February 26, 2013

If I don’t have the buckwheat groats can I still make these?



164 Celeste March 3, 2013

This looks so great! But I don’t have buckwheat flour and have no idea where to find it! Is it possible to make without the buckwheat?


165 Angela (Oh She Glows) March 3, 2013

You could certainly try subbing it with another flour. Goodluck & let me know how it goes :)


166 Kim March 14, 2013

Can you make these into waffles?


167 Angela (Oh She Glows) March 15, 2013

Im not sure Kim, I haven’t tried it. My feeling is that they could stick, but it would depend on the waffle maker. Let me know if you try it out!


168 jules March 16, 2013

I know I am a year late, but I made these this morning and they are the best pancakes I have ever eaten! The texture is so perfect and soft – they are just beautiful. The blueberries and bananas make them burst with sweet deliciousness. I had made almond milk already this morning and this was a lovely use for some of it. These will become a regular. Buckwheat is so nutrient rich – it makes me feel less guilty eating these (and feeding them to my 9 month old). Thank you so much Angela – I love every recipe of yours I have tried – I have been making and eating something from your page almost every day for the past couple of weeks since discovering your wonderful site! It is difficult to find healthy vegan meals which use unprocessed/wholefoods, are low in gluten and sugar and don’t use too many crazy and expensive ingredients. You tick all those boxes, so I am in such appreciation of your amazing creations. Thanks!


169 Angela (Oh She Glows) March 17, 2013

Hi Jules, So happy you enjoyed them! Thanks for letting me know :)


170 Nancy April 9, 2013

Angela, could you help me out here? I need to have these pancakes and tried to make them twice. They are thick and dense. I followed the directions exactly – raw buckwheat groats from WF, Arrowhead brown rice flour….. Any ideas?? Thanks, Nancy


171 Angela (Oh She Glows) April 9, 2013

Hey Nancy, Hmm I’m not sure…did you make any changes at all? Even leaving out the maple syrup and banana could change the outcome (or using too much banana?). I’m wondering if your buckwheat flour is getting blended super fine? if it’s chunky at all it will probably be dense. Other than that, I’m really not sure! By dense do you mean they aren’t cooked well enough in the middle?


172 Nancy April 11, 2013

Thank you! Thank you! That’s the problem exactly. I’m new to all this fresh cooking and didn’t realize it. I ground them better today and they were 50% improved. Next I’ll try my new Nutri Bullet and see if that does better.


173 Tina May 22, 2013

Hi Angela!

I love your photography of these pancakes. I work at The Physicians Committee for Responsible medicine and we are featuring a Blueberry Buckwheat Pancake recipe for our weekly Recipe of the Week next week. Unfortunately, we do not have any good pictures of blueberry buckwheat pancakes, would we be able to use yours?
Let me know, thank you!


174 Juliana August 31, 2013

Fabulous! So happy to find these since I gave up wheat. I added a tsp of cider vinegar as I always do to recipes with baking powder. It replaces the lactic acid in milk in vegan recipes.
Thanks! Not the first recipe I’ve used successfully from your site.


175 Camille September 29, 2013

Recipe looks amazing. How long do you think the batter will keep in the fridge? Have 3 kids and would love to wake up and make them these pancakes before school. It would make it so easy if I can have the batter already to go in the am. Btw thanks for a wonderful website


176 Angela (Oh She Glows) September 30, 2013

Hi Camille, I haven’t tested leaving the batter in the fridge for any period of time. If I did try it, I would probably wait to stir in the baking powder just before use.


177 Jaleela September 30, 2013


I have all the ingredients to make these pancakes except the cornstarch. Is there any substitute for the cornstarch or will it be a huge deal if I leave the cornstarch out? (Having one of those lazy Sunday mornings where I don’t want to go to the store)



178 Angela (Oh She Glows) September 30, 2013

You can use arrowroot powder as a sub or probably even potato starch. The starches help hold it together.


179 Jillian November 26, 2013

Is there something I can use instead of the buckwheat? I’m just having a little bit of a difficult time finding it.


180 Aneleise December 31, 2013

WOW, these are seriously good! Thank you so much for the recipe. I will definitely be making these again. Thanks again! Aneleise x


181 Sandy January 12, 2014

Hi! Wondering if the corn starch is absolutely necessary in this recipe, or any subs? Can’t wait to try these. They look amaaazzzinggg!


182 Anna Cordova February 16, 2014

Hi Angela–

Just thought you should know these have become the “staple” pancake recipe in our house. I ran out of maple syrup and vanilla extract, and we were snowed in. I added molasses and almond extract instead, then added a little shredded coconut (just because I had it!) and they turned our great. I might make them again today!!


183 Shari @ Simply Shari's Gluten Free March 12, 2014

Buckwheat makes awesome pancakes!


184 Stephanie June 15, 2014

WHOO we’ve been looking for pancakes with a good consistency for FOREVER and love these!! Thank you Angela!!


185 Sophie Huber July 7, 2014

thank you, they were just absolutely amazing. i loved the taste of the banana and they were so easy to make. just added a new meal in my faves list :)


186 Allison July 12, 2014

I have raw buckwheat flour that I purchased- could I use that (and just skip the whole grinding step from the groats)? If so, how much flour do you think I should use- how much flour does a 1/2 cup yield?


187 Angela (Oh She Glows) July 13, 2014

Yes you can use pre-ground raw buckwheat flour ( just make sure it`s not toasted kasha flour) – I would try half a cup plus 1 tablespoon or so of flour. hope this helps!


188 Allison July 13, 2014

Thanks so much Angela! I’m making these for my birthday on Tuesday :) I’ll let you know how they turn out!


189 Kim @ LettuceBeHealthy August 2, 2014

Hi Angela!
I also have buckwheat flour so I’m excited to try this recipe! I just recently started cooking with buckwheat flour and it’s an amazing gluten-free ingredient. This recipe will be perfect for my allergy-free clients so I’ll definitely be sharing it with them. Thank you soooo much! Kim


190 Susan Hollaway August 12, 2014

Amazing. I have been getting sick when eggs are an ingredient so I tried these and they are the best pancakes I have ever eaten period.


191 Sarah Burns October 18, 2014

I just made these for dinner and they were awesome! I love the texture and the fresh chunks of banana. I made them for dinner tonight and they were perfect because they aren’t sweet, I’m not real keen on sweet foods. Fruits are my sweets ;). I’ll make these agian for sure, thank you!


192 Lina December 13, 2014

Just made these with apples instead of blueberries and all buckwheat flour instead of the rice flour. They turned out very delicious! The first time I´ve made these, it was for a friend who has trouble with going gluten-free. She didn´t think she could eat pancakes anymore and was delighted!! Back then we topped them with melted dark chocolate … amazing! (But only make as much as you want to eat because will eat them all)


193 Gigi January 13, 2015

Oh My Gosh! Your sketchie looks exactly like my Bengal Kobe. I thought that was a picture of my Kobe. I’ll have to find a pic and post it…weird!


194 Grace February 2, 2015

i used wholemeal buckwheat flour from dove’s farm and fresh blueberries- due to their size lending a bumpy shape but these were so so awesome! any more buckwheat-brown rice flour mixes for recipes will be very appreciated!!


195 mia d February 25, 2015

Hi Angela! I was looking at a recipe that calls for Millet for a breakfast you think I can use Buckwheat Groats instead? Are they similar? Can’t wait to try these pancakes!!!


196 Kathleen April 9, 2015

Hi Angela,
Can I use all buckwheat flour for these pancakes, instead of using the rice flour?

I love your beautiful cat and your blog. BIG THANK YOU for all you do to help animals and health!


197 Kelsey May 15, 2015
Recipe Rating:

Delicious! Very moist and a great omnivore persuasion food, let alone gluten free ;) I used regular organic buckwheat and it turned out great, reminiscent of an light whole wheat pancake. Thanks for the awesome recipe once again!


198 Tempest June 29, 2015

Is there anything I can use to replace the banana in this recipe? I’m allergic :/


199 Rae July 11, 2015
Recipe Rating:

These are delicious! Yum! Thanks


200 Gina July 24, 2015

Do you have the recipe for homemade Baileys? I love Baileys but feel guilty because of the GMOs in it


201 Viola November 16, 2015

What could I use instead of brown rice flour?? Thanks!


202 Vegan.Veronica December 13, 2015
Recipe Rating:

Oh my god I just woke up in the middle of the night (in Germany), desperately craving exactly THESE pancakes, being pregnant in week 9 I almost couldn`t eat anything the last 2 months due to nausea but I just ate them all at once, on my own :D They were exactly what I needed and it feels so good to be able to eat and enjoy food! :)


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