By The Time I Get To Phoenix, You’ll Be Rising



Toto, we’re not in Ontario anymore.

We’re visiting the Phoenix area with my mom and John this week. It’s our first time in Arizona and we’re pumped to be here!

and a bit scared…

 IMG_1526 IMG_1528

We booked an evening flight, since it was our only option. It’s really strange waiting until almost 5pm to leave the house on the day of a flight! I actually started to go stir crazy waiting to leave.


The flight was only 4.5 hours, but felt incredibly long due to some nasty turbulence. The plane kept dropping and dipping like crazy and I actually started to feel nauseous which never happens to me. At one point, I just closed my eyes, gripped Eric’s arm, and prayed I didn’t lose my dinner. The last 30 minutes ticked by in slow motion.

We arrived around 12:30am…sleepy, dazed, and hungry! Mom brought us some homemade vegan blueberry muffins and walnuts to save the day. I got my appetite back, miraculously.


When we finally got to bed around 2:30am Toronto time I was so tired I couldn’t sleep for the life of me! Does that ever happen to you? If I get too tired, it’s actually harder for me to sleep. I passed the point of no return, so my body did the logical thing and stared at the ceiling for most of the night. Awesome.

A sunny, green breakfast helped with the 4 hour power nap.


I opened the fridge, saw some gorgeous raspberries and dark chocolate almond butter, and knew I had to make a chocolate raspberry Green Monster to save the day.

With fresh raspberries, banana, dark chocolate almond butter, almond milk, ice, and wait for it….Dinosaur kale! Yes, come to me my little kale.


Note: I just found out this dark chocolate almond butter is NOT vegan. I blame the sleep deprivation for that error! For a vegan version, try my homemade Dark Chocolate Almond Butter recipe!

Cover your ears, my mom said, this thing is small but loud!

IMG_1476 IMG_1478IMG_1473 IMG_1481

As I sipped my Green Monster, I could feel my tired, lifeless body revive itself almost instantly as kale pumped through my veins. I swear a GM is worth at least an extra hour of sleep!

IMG_1468 IMG_1469

I also had a whole wheat blueberry muffin with Earth Balance.


and a herbal tea…because breakfast wouldn’t be the same without a hot drink.


Ok, make that two!


My mom and I had a lovely chat over tea while the boys waited for the rental car.

Later on in the day, Eric and I stopped into Whole Foods to pick up some groceries. I picked up some brussels sprouts, red pepper, spaghetti, kale, blueberries, corn chips, salsa, asparagus, and some nori sheets, kombu and kelp granules that I’ve been looking for forever!


and a fun salad!


Layered up for lunch.

IMG_1498 IMG_1499


This will be the first thing I make when I’m on Canadian soil, mark my words.

Poured into a bowl.


and topped with orange ginger dressing and hummus. Blew. my. taste. buds. off.


I said I wouldn’t be able to eat the entire thing, but I was wrong.

Plump blueberries for dessert in this fun strainer/bowl duo.


For dinner, we all pitched in and whipped up a yummy spread.

…featuring 15 Minute Creamy Avocado Pasta!


and a tomato-basil salad, sautéed asparagus, and roasted fingerling potatoes.


Oh, it was lovely.


I had seconds of pasta and potatoes! My body just yearns for carbs when I’m tired.


Now we’re watching American Idol, eating chocolate, and I’m trying to stay awake while typing this. I hope I’ve kept you up!

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1 Beth January 23, 2012

I want every. single. food. morsel. posted!


2 Sana January 23, 2012

I love AZ, because of the grand canyon, will you be visiting??


3 angela January 23, 2012

We’re not sure yet, but hopefully we can make it there!


4 Anna January 23, 2012

I hope you enjoy Arizona! It is a totally different land and culture and there’s lots and lots of cacti and dirt! :)


5 Steph January 23, 2012

My friend thought she saw you in Whole Foods and she text me right away! I told her to go take a picture with you but we didnt think there’d be a reason you would be in AZ! We were wrong! We make lots of your recipes on Monday nights! Are you in town through the week? Come over and cook with us! :). -Steph


6 Angela (Oh She Glows) January 23, 2012

LOL omg that is hilarious!!! I wish she came up to me! I’ll shoot you an email. :)


7 Layne @ Sparkles and Sweat January 23, 2012

Maybe I am showing my lack of traveling here, but I cannot believe the size of that cactus!


8 Angela (Oh She Glows) January 23, 2012

We couldn’t either :)


9 Pepper Dubois January 23, 2012

Hope u love your time here as much I love your posts.!! Must.Start.Green.Juices

(in glendale az)


10 Hillary [Nutrition Nut on the Run] January 23, 2012

What are you up to in AZ? Do you have relatives there? Enjoy! & I definitely recommend trying to make it to the Grand Canyon :)


11 Averie @ Love Veggies and Yoga January 23, 2012

You two are just jet-setting all over the place the last few months and that’s awesome. ENJOY it, enjoy your trip, and if you get sick of the desert, come back to San Diego and the beach :)


12 Erin January 23, 2012

I get too tired to sleep, too. It is the worst feeling! Glad the GM helped you feel better. PS: I made your butternut squash mac ‘n cheese yesterday for the first time and both my bf and I thought it was *amazing*. And, he loves actual cheese. Thank you!!!


13 angela January 23, 2012

I’m happy you both enjoyed it Erin!


14 Delia January 23, 2012

I can’t believe you are in AZ! I live in the Chandler area. I love your blog so much! I am slowly transitioning to a vegan lifestyle and you inspire me so much!


15 Angela (Oh She Glows) January 23, 2012

Hey Delia, So awesome you live here…nice to meet you! Thanks for your kind words :)


16 Mandiee January 23, 2012

Your raspberry dark chocolate GM looks amazing! Do you remember approximately what you used? I just got some fresh raspberries at the store and would love to try it. Healthy food really does wonders to soothe an upset stomach and tired body. I hope you enjoy the rest of your visit! (&I look forward to you recreating that WF salad :D)


17 angela January 23, 2012

Hey Mandiee, I didn’t measure anything but probably used 1/2 cup raspberries, 1 spoonful almond butter, 1 large banana, 3 leaves kale, 1 cup or so almond milk, and ice. just a guess!


18 Tasha - The Clean Eating Mama January 23, 2012

WOW – All of your food today looked amazing! And I am in love with your white coat – so sharp and elegant looking! I always stick to black coats but white looks stunning!
Enjoy AZ!


19 angela January 23, 2012

Thank you Tasha! The only prob has been keeping it looking white. ;)


20 Alyssa January 23, 2012

I’ve been a loyal daily reader for probably over a year now and LOVE YOUR BLOG, I just haven’t commented. Way to stay healthy while you travel! That’s my biggest struggle… especially when there’s no health food stores nearby, or the people you are visiting eat the complete opposite foods and you can’t just whip something up in their kitchen! You should definitely try recreating that salad… I will be the first one to try it out! I always am looking for new salad recipes.

Speaking of new salads… I found a golden recipe you might like to try out: yumm bowls (served at Cafe Yumm! which is a chain in Northern Oregon). Here’s the link: Vegan and meat lovers alike will scarf an entire bowl down AND want seconds. The kicker is in the sauce (almonds, chickpeas, garlic, lemon, curry, oil, and nutritional yeast)… it’s super easy, I think you would like it. If you look at my site, don’t let the pictures fool you, I am just not blessed with food photography skills haha.

Enjoy your trip!


21 Angela (Oh She Glows) January 23, 2012

Thank you Alyssa! I will certainly check that out :) Thanks for your support with my blog too!


22 Sherala January 23, 2012

Welcome to Arizona! it’s been a little warmer than usual lately, but that is probably a welcome change for you. Hopefully, this hazy cloud cover will clear off tomorrow and you can enjoy some of our famous sunshine!


23 angela January 23, 2012

I see the sun out this morning, hopefully it stays :)


24 Lexi @ Cura Personalis Foodie January 23, 2012

If you have time, I’d highly recommend the Camelback hike! :)


25 angela January 23, 2012

Thanks, I will look that up…we def. want to go hiking.


26 Jody January 23, 2012

right after your hike at Camelback, go to Tru Foods at the Biltmore. Amazing food and organic wines (you are on vacation, right?)


27 Angela (Oh She Glows) January 23, 2012

mm thanks!


28 Sarah @ The Healthy Diva January 23, 2012

Looks like you are having a great time so far! All your food looks super yummy. I can’t get enough fresh berries at the moment. They are the best when the just pop in your mouth right?!?!? I miss whole foods so much…wish we got it here in sydney! Hope you sleep better tonight! xox


29 Emily (Edible Psychology) January 23, 2012

That salad sounds incredible! I can’t wait to hear your recipe for it.

Hope you have a wonderful trip and get some sleep soon!



30 Hannah (Balancing on Two Feet) January 23, 2012

I laughed out loud at this title when thought you were going to a yoga training a la Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy!


31 chelsey @ clean eating chelsey January 23, 2012

How fun! Do you have family there or are you renting some sort of condo? Either way, I love having a full kitchen when I go on vacation!


32 angela January 23, 2012

yup, we’re staying with my mom and John…cheap trip! heh


33 Katrina (gluten free gidget) January 23, 2012

Im going to Phoenix for work tomorrow, and have never been either! Cheers to new adventures!


34 hannah alehandra January 23, 2012

So jealous, looks like lots of fun! The potatoes in particular look delicious. I would have had seconds, too!


35 Lauren January 23, 2012

the whole foods salad looks so good! and so easy to make on your own, i’m sure yours will turn out even better! :)
Enjoy your time in Phoenix!! Sounds like it’s been quite relaxing and fun already!


36 Greta @ Staying Lost January 23, 2012

Your food looks delicious! I will definitely look for your salad recipe. I hope you enjoy your trip!


37 Rasha January 23, 2012

Hope you have a great time!

Small question though: I wasn’t aware that the dark chocolate almond was vegan :/ Did they change the ingredients?! I’d love to try it!!


38 angela January 23, 2012

Crap, I just checked and it’s not :( I thought it was!


39 Rasha January 23, 2012

Don’t worry, I was tricked by it too once!!!
I thought they had changed the ingredients.. Which they should!! :)


40 The Mrs @ Success Along the Weigh January 23, 2012

Enjoy your trip! I can’t wait to read about your adventures! Sneak in a nap when you can. ;)


41 Angela @ Eat Spin Run Repeat January 23, 2012

Agh I can’t stand turbulence either! Over the Christmas holidays our flight from London to Milan was really turbulent and I felt so so sick. On the bright side though, it looks like you’ve got tons of ridiculously tasty food now! Let me know when you run out of kelp granules – I can get you plenty from the health food store by my house! :)


42 LizAshlee January 23, 2012

What a trek…and a lovely time to be with your family!


43 Jennifer January 23, 2012

I laughed at the brussel sprouts! I can hear Dad already with that one. Have fun.


44 angela January 23, 2012

heh I bought them just for him!


45 Stacey January 23, 2012

Welcome to Arizona. It’s supposed to be a lovely except maybe tomorrow. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it though coming from the cold. Definitely hike Cameback if you get the chance. Obviously the grand canyon if you have the time to go all the way up there, if not maybe just take in a shorter drive to Sedona. Beautiful. Enjoy our city!


46 Lauren @ What Lauren Likes January 23, 2012

how cool! Hmm that GM sounds great :)


47 [email protected] KatieDid January 23, 2012

Well you must be enjoying that warm weather compared to home! Glad you’re having a fun time with family, enjoy your stay!


48 Clair January 23, 2012

I totally hear you on waiting for a flight. I get the same way!

All the food looks amazing…and how sweet of your mom to greet you with healthy food. Doesn’t that make a trip so much better?


49 Terry January 23, 2012

Great post! I have been making the green monster smoothie for 2 months now every morning since I came across your blog. We have a condo in Puerto Vallarta and were there over Christmas. I promptly picked up all ingredients at a local market and made green smoothies for my partner, our friend and myself every morning. It’s nice to see others keep their routine going strong too, even when traveling. Thanks for the great recipes and posts!


50 Angela (Oh She Glows) January 23, 2012

Nice work! :) I love having access to a kitchen while traveling…makes things so much easier.


51 Jessica @ Chockohlawtay January 23, 2012

Oooo! Visit me, visit me! I’m in AZ too :)
If you go to the grand canyon I can’t wait for the post about it. Although I live in AZ I have never gone :(

Hope you have a great time and hopefully your flight is better on the way home

PS: if you go to the Scottsdale mall, lululemon is there! ;)


52 Stacey O January 23, 2012

Enjoy Arizona! I’ve never been there. All that food looked delicious!!! Yum!


53 Cheyenne January 23, 2012

Welcome to a little place we call home, good old Phoenix :) Hope you have a fantastic stay!


54 Conley January 23, 2012

If youre near Tempe/Scottsdale or Phoenix, I HIGHLY suggest checking out “Green” and “Nami” – 100% vegan comfort food, and Nami is their bakery which offers things like chocolate cake, cookies, brownies, and even doughnuts! At the very least, try a “tSoynami” – a vegan version of a DQ Blizzard (soft serve with various mix-ins). Offered at both of their locations and they are absolutely to die for!


55 Angela (Oh She Glows) January 23, 2012

Thanks I will look it up!


56 Elle January 23, 2012

Green is awesome, and so is Nourish in Scottsdale. And if you happen to go to Biltmore Fashion Park, definitely stop at True Foods Kitchen! Enjoy your visit to AZ :)


57 Kristin January 28, 2012

I completely second this, best stuff known to man. My favorite is the PB and Chocolate tsoynami, oh my I might be drooling right now.


58 Laura @ Sprint 2 the Table January 23, 2012

Whole Foods must be all over Pinterest – those salads in a jar are everywhere!


59 angela January 23, 2012

I know..they are always on the trends heh


60 Erin January 23, 2012

Do you know what model that blender is? I’ve been looking for a reasonably-priced blender that is capable of making green smoothies without leaving little kale or spinach shreds, haha.


61 Angela (Oh She Glows) January 23, 2012

hehe it’s a Black & Decker I think…I wouldn’t say that it pulverized the kale completely though. I’ve heard Oster brand for $40 is rated really well so you might want to check that out!


62 Mara January 23, 2012

Crazy! I’ll be there next month joining my husband after he wraps up with a work meeting. Looking forward to any recommendations there. Shaker salads from WF rock! Try the one with quinoa (tomato salsa dressing). They are so good I made my own last night. Must try the one you had. Seen it but haven’t tried yet:-)
Enjoy Arizona!


63 Heather January 24, 2012

Try Dr Weil’s True Food restaurant. Organic, local, anti inflammatory and yummy. It is in Scotsdale.


64 Rebecca @ Naturally Healthy and Gorgeous January 23, 2012

That salad looks great, can’t wait to see your take on it!


65 Beks January 23, 2012

I was going to make a GM this morning, but I woke up too late. I’d love to have the energy rush from kale that you got from it right now! Enjoy your vacation!


66 scissors and spice January 23, 2012

What beautiful eats!

…and I so hate when that happens on a plane. It’s so unnerving!


67 Cait's Plate January 23, 2012

You might have already answered this but I LOVE your jacket!! Where is it from (if you don’t mind me asking)?


68 angela January 23, 2012

Thanks Cait! It’s from Mango (purchased in 2010)


69 Jesse January 23, 2012

OOH! If you’re anywhere near Sedona, AZ you should totally go- it’s beautiful! Enjoy your trip


70 Angela (Oh She Glows) January 23, 2012

Thats def. on the list! :)


71 lyndsay January 23, 2012

i live in phoenix — there is so much to do here. are you participating in the color run on saturday?

enjoy your stay!!!


72 Mandy Jo January 23, 2012

Please enjoy the warm weather (for me too!!! Currently snowing here in Idaho!)
I do hope you will be sharing these delicious recipes when you return to Canada, eh? :) (sorry couldn’t resist)


73 Carly January 23, 2012

Have so much fun! I transplanted to Phoenix 10 months ago and haven’t looked back. Try to hike Camelback Mountain, its tough! Our “cold” days lately have been highs in the 60s!


74 Jennifer @ Peanut Butter and Peppers January 23, 2012

Sounds liek a fun trip so far! I just love visiting different areas and checking out the grocery stores to see what they have, that we don’t. I’ve only been to the Phoenix Airport, but would love to visit one day! Have a fun trip!!


75 Jody January 23, 2012

While you are in Arizona, you should try to hit Tru Foods. One of my favorite restaurants before I moved a couple months ago. There is one on the Biltmore and one in Scottsdale Quarter. The kale salad is YUMMY!!! Enjoy.


76 Audrey January 23, 2012

That Whole Foods salad looks SO good and I love that the dressing is oil-free. Please post the recipe if you figure it out. I would love to try it. Looks so handy, too, the way it was packaged. :) I hope you are having a fun trip!


77 Gina @ Running to the Kitchen January 23, 2012

Have fun! I love the Phoenix area. If it only had a nearby ocean it would be my top choice of places to live!


78 Amber @ Busy, Bold, Blessed January 23, 2012

I hate turbulence! Flying used to be so exciting, and now I’m just like let’s get this over with! I’ve never been to AZ but I need to see the Grand Canyon!!!! We might do a Vegas, Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam combo trip!

That meal looks yummy, I still need to make your avocado pasta!

Have a great trip :D


79 Lauren @ Oatmeal after Spinning January 23, 2012

I always like flying out in the evening because you have time to get everything ready. It’s such a rush to leave in the morning and have to pack up all of your toiletries and stuff!
The Whole Foods salad looks SO awesome! Mama Pea posted some salads in a jar that looked similar and I love the idea- just haven’t actually packed one for lunch yet! (I don’t know what I’m waiting for!)


80 Lisa January 23, 2012

Welcome to my neck of the woods! Of course woudn’t a figure that we’re having a “cold” spell right now. ;0 Enjoy your stay!


81 Nicole @ giraffelegs January 23, 2012

I’m intrigued by the dark chocolate almond butter. Is it good!?


82 angela January 23, 2012

It’s pretty good…however I just found out it’s not vegan (due to milk powder)…not sure if that is a problem for you or not. I do have a homemade almond butter recipe on my blog too: so you could try that out too.


83 Maura January 23, 2012



84 ash @ January 23, 2012

love your recipes and oh how I miss whole foods!


85 Tracy January 23, 2012

Have an amazing trip!


86 [email protected] January 23, 2012

All of the food looks amazing. I’m doing a little cleanse and many of your selections will fit in nicely. Have a great time!


87 Hilliary @Happily Ever Healthy January 23, 2012

Enjoy Arizona! Glad you made it safely! I love the white coat you wore!


88 Jenny January 23, 2012

Yum!!! I want to try that pasta! By the way u have good taste in wine…one of my faves !!;-)


89 Bree January 23, 2012

Ugh – I leave AZ and then you come visit!! No fair.

Make sure to try this place!!! –>


90 Carolyn @ January 23, 2012

I want that WF salad in my belleh! Reading the ingredients list, there’s no ginger listed in the dressing ingredients. Otherwise, it looks pretty straightforward for a dressing. Can’t wait to see your spin on it!

Have fun in the warm(er) weather!!


91 AG (Our Lighter Footsteps) January 23, 2012

What do you do with the kelp granules? I always wonder what other people do with them! I use them for the Iodine and stick them in where I can. I can even say that I made your avocado pasta and used them in there ;) Enjoy AZ!


92 angela January 23, 2012

I hear they are great in salads, such as the chickpea salad I just made as it gives a bit of a sea or fish-like taste. I cant wait to try it!


93 Mae January 23, 2012

I’m curious about the kelp granules because I saw a smoothie recipe in a magazine that contained blue-green algae flakes, and I’ve been wanting to try it. Maybe these are similar? How do you use the kelp granules, and what are the health benefits? Do you recommend them? Thanks so much, and I hope you have an awesome time in AZ!


94 angela January 23, 2012

Hi Mae, it’s my first time buying them and I’m excited to try them in some salad recipes. I hear they are good for giving things a sea/fish-like taste, such as in the mock tuna or chicken salads (Im going to try it in my chickpea salad recipe from last week, for example) It’s also called for in the detox salad.


95 Maria @ Sinfully Nutritious January 23, 2012

Loving the Whole Foods Salad. I always think I won’t be able to finish my full box at the WF bar, but, I believe, I have yet to prove myself right. Every bite, gone!

I am looking forward to hearing about your trip. I have always dreamed of visiting AZ. What is the weather like?


96 angela January 23, 2012

The weather is quite mild and pleasant! around 18–20C for the high. It’s been cloudy, which is apparently very rare, but I hear that it will be back to sunshine tomorrow.


97 kaila @ healthyhelper January 23, 2012

I am totally stealing that salad from whole foods too! It sounds delicious! I love fruity salad dressings like that…they add so much healthy flavor!


98 Kirsty January 23, 2012

Have a great time xx


99 Anna @ The Guiltless Life January 23, 2012

I’ve seen those salads in Whole Foods and wanted to try them so I’m glad they got rave reviews! What a late flight, I know what you mean about it feeling odd to wait until evening to fly – that’s what it’s always like when I go to Europe because it’s an overnight flight. Have a great time in AZ!


100 Elizabeth January 23, 2012

Oh my goodness! You’re in Phoenix? I live here. If you have time I’d love to give you a good heads up on all the wonderful vegan yum yums here.


101 Angela (Oh She Glows) January 23, 2012

Hi Elizabeth, Thank you…are there a couple vegan restaurants you highly recommend? I’d love to check out a couple.


102 Aubrey January 23, 2012

Welcome to AZ :) I live in Tempe and definately recommed GREEN in Scottsdale!! Awesome all vegan restaurant and definately try Bombay Spice Grill & Wine in Phoenix (they have a great vegan menu). Hope you have fun in our desert lol


103 Moni'sMeals January 23, 2012

you go Ang! Way to stay on track and you are such an inspiration. Traveling is hard to eat right but if you have priorities… than you have priorities, right! Meals look amazing as usual. :)


104 Stephanie January 23, 2012

HA! So it’s not “all in my head” when I instantly feel better with a GM!


105 Jennifer January 23, 2012

oh my gosh – first of all your dinner pics made me hungry!! Also, I LOVE your coat – where did you find that? It’s very sophisticated!


106 Angela (Oh She Glows) January 23, 2012

Thank you Jennifer, it’s from Mango (purchased in 2010)


107 Persephonie January 23, 2012

So exciting! Come on up to Utah and visit, eh? By the way, every time I see your sunglasses I just want them, where did you get them? Have fun and safe traveling!


108 angela January 23, 2012

heh that would be fun! The glasses are from Guess :)


109 eileen January 23, 2012

Love the food… and the wine peeking through the back!!! :) I’m guessing that didn’t go into your green monster!

simply devine. all of it.


110 TeenyLittleSuperChef January 23, 2012

How fun! Have a great time in Phoenix. I’m sure it’s nice to get away from the cold and snow of Canada. Wish I could get away from this horrible nasty rain we’ve been getting here in Oregon. Got any room at your house for me? I can’t wait to see your re-creation of that salad from Whole Foods. It looks absolutely delicious.


111 Amber K January 23, 2012

Wow all of that food looks amazing! What a great dinner. Hope you have a great time in Arizona.


112 Wendy Irene January 23, 2012

My in-laws live in Tucson! I hope it is nice and warm for you on your visit. Enjoy your time in AZ. Eat some great Mexican food while you are so close to the border! :)


113 Hollyrock January 23, 2012

Welcome to Arizona! If you are going back to Whole Foods don’t forget to ask for a sample of their Tufu Curry Chik’n in the deli case. Holy Canoli it’s great. Also, if your in Scottsdale you may want to check out Dr Andrew Weils vegan/vegetarian restaurant True Food. I hear its good and they have vegan ice cream. Have fun on your trip.


114 Daisey January 23, 2012

I so want to try the Kale smoothie. It looks amazing!


115 lisa January 23, 2012

You should visit us in Tucson! Lots of outdoor activities and beautiful mountains. Also, did you know that each arm on the saguaro cactus represents about 100 years? That cactus is over 1,000 years old.


116 Jessica January 23, 2012

Angela – You have to visit Chakra4 before you leave our lovely town. It is an amazing food and herb shop. The food is made with lots of love!!! A fave place of mine. :)


117 angela January 23, 2012

Hey Jessica, Is it like a natural food store? Sounds interesting!


118 Jessica January 23, 2012

It’s a food (100% organic and vegetarian – though everything is vegan optional!) and a little herb shop. The walls are lined with all kinds of goodies. They have herbalists on the premises to help answer questions.


119 Angela (Oh She Glows) January 24, 2012



120 Jessica January 23, 2012

The restaurant portion was a little hard to navigate so here is the link to the menu.


121 laura January 23, 2012

Gotta love WF! those shaker salad go cups are perfect, they have quite the variety too.
Have a blast in Arizona :)


122 Tracy January 23, 2012

That salad looks delicious! I wrote down the ingredients and might try to make it myself. Although trying to figure out what makes that dressing “ginger” when I dont see any ginger listed. ??


123 angela January 23, 2012

Sorry that was my sleep deprived brain typing :)


124 Tracy January 24, 2012

Actually, no it says on the ingredients that it’s Orange Ginger dressing but they didn’t put ginger in the ingredients. I’m going to assume it was a Whole Foods typo and there is probably some minced ginger in there. :) Can’t wait to see your take on the recipe!


125 Jen January 23, 2012

Ooh that Green Monster looks wonderful and you’re so right, they compensate beautifully for lack of sleep. They always kick me into gear when I take them in to work for my breakfast, though I often can’t convince my colleagues of how delicious they are, they can’t get passed the colour, their loss I think :-D.


126 Lisa (bakebikeblog) January 23, 2012

so much deliciousness already!


127 Sabrina @ Radioactive Runner January 23, 2012

Ahh, I feel your pain. I’m the same way, if I surpass my tiredness it’s game over and it’s much more difficult to fall asleep.

Have fun and enjoy the sunshine eh!


128 Dani January 23, 2012

Welcome to Arizona! I have to also recommend that you visit Green. It’s absolutely delicious vegan comfort food, and their tsoynamis are amazing as well. Hope you have a good time here, too bad it’s so cloudy today!


129 Ariel January 23, 2012

Phoenix probably is a nice weather change for you! It doesn’t get too cold here. ;)


130 Allie Finch January 23, 2012

Enjoy Arizona. :) We moved to Flagstaff a year ago & love it. Hopefully you make it to Sedona; it’s one of my favorite places. I’m not sure how long you are here, but shoot me an email if you want to hike in Sedona this weekend or something. Jerome is also adorable & so neat — Google for images — it’s pretty artsy & built into the side of a hill!


131 Vicki January 23, 2012

You picked a great time to visit our state (I’m south of you in Tucson). Sunny year round… but hey, where’d those clouds come from? Lots to see and do in Phoenix and I hope you get a taste of the cultural offerings. The Heard Museum is amazing. I’m a huge fan of your blog, but I haven’t ever posted. But, just want you to know that I made your basic oatmeal squares on Sunday (yum), and we had your Over the Rainbow Cabbage Salad as a side for lunch today. You’re so right…The tahini lemon dressing is finger licking good. I always know if you say something is scumptious, then I will love it too. Thanks for sharing your amazing talents with us via your blog. I hope you enjoy your Arizona adventure and your family. Bienvenidos!


132 Angela (Oh She Glows) January 23, 2012

Hi Vicki, Thanks for your comment…it’s nice to meet you! No worry about the clouds…we’re used to it! I’m sure that glorious sun will be shining soon. :)
I’m happy you enjoyed the squares and salad too! Enjoy the rest.


133 Chelsea @ One Healthy Munchkin January 23, 2012

Just as you leave Ontario, it starts to warm up! It was 8 degrees here today hehe! ;) I’m sure it must be even nicer in Phoenix though. Enjoy your trip!


134 angela January 23, 2012

hah I heard that! Strange winter we are having eh?


135 Tracy @ Tracy's Treats January 23, 2012

Have a wonderful time in Phoenix! You should soak up the warmer weather before heading back to Canada! :-)


136 Angela @ Happy Fit Mama January 23, 2012

I’ll be waiting for the recipe for the salad. Looks delicious! Enjoy your time in AZ!


137 Ann January 23, 2012

I hope you enjoy Arizona! I have to admire you for choosing such healthy options while you travel. It is one of the things I truly struggle with – going into “vacation eating” mode. BRAVO!


138 [email protected] for the Soul January 23, 2012

Ohhh how cool you’re in AZ! :D My future in-laws have a house there and I visited a few times. Being with my loved ones is fun! But being in AZ’s summer dry heat is no bueno! haha, I bet it’s nice right now though. :) Have fun and stay safe Angela~


139 Alex @ Raw Recovery January 23, 2012

You look so gorgeous in your “ready to travel” picture. White looks really nice on you! On a separate note, I’ve been enjoying lots of fresh blueberries the last few weeks. Whole foods is just amazing. Have fun in Phoenix!


140 angela January 23, 2012

Thank you Alex, you are too kind!


141 Tammy January 23, 2012

I am a Canadian who grew up in Phoenix and highly recommend Pita Jungle to eat at. Not 100% vegan but offers amazing vegan options and yummy yummy yummy hummus. Have fun!!


142 Angela (Oh She Glows) January 24, 2012

Thanks, I will check it out!


143 PoochesForPeace (Anna H) January 23, 2012

I am craving that yummy dinner u made! Looks soooo good!


144 Tiffany January 23, 2012

I never realized so many readers live in or around Phoenix! I live in Scottsdale and yes, like others have said, you should definitely try True Food Kitchen. D’lish is also great, although more for vegetarian options, although you could always ask for no cheese. I haven’t been to Green but I’ve heard it’s good, just lots of fake meat products. Have a great time here and I hope it warms up some more for you…looks like it should by tomorrow or Wednesday. :)


145 Carla January 24, 2012

Angela welcome to AZ and i bet your enjoying our amazing weather!!!! im in Gilbert :) I also reccomend Green and true foods. AHHHMAZING places to eat! Love your blog and my kids LOVEEEEEEEEE you recipes!!! especially the baked good ;) thanks again!!!


146 Angela (Oh She Glows) January 24, 2012

Thanks Carla, I hope we get there this week! Sounds like a great place.


147 Amy @ contented corner January 24, 2012

I always love the food that you photograph & eat, I’m actually sat at my computer drooling! I love asparagus! Yum!


148 Diana January 24, 2012

My husband and I lived in Phoenix for seven years before moving to Florida (huge change, by the way) and if you can make it to Sedona, you should try to drive through Jerome before Sedona or after. It’s a really old mining town with some really cool art shops, plus the drive to get there is amazing and and terrifying, and by that I mean no guardrails on the road and an insane drop down. So worth it, though! Thanks for sharing your beautiful blog with the world.


149 Janice January 24, 2012

I’m going to be in Phoenix in October for a conference, so I’m enjoying everyone’s recommendations! Will spend a couple of days in Sedona!

Wow — do you know how to eat well when you are on vacation!!


150 Shannon January 24, 2012

You have to try Nourish Restaurant in Scottsdale. It’s got tons of Vegan, Gluten Free food and the owner actually has a gluten allergy and its seriously amazing. I go there once a week it’s soooo good!


151 Doreen G. January 24, 2012

Welcome to AZ! Wish you were doing some sort of seminar or something ;) That’s just me being selfish, sorry! Enjoy your stay and your family time…I’m sure it will be wonderful!


152 Doreen G. January 24, 2012

ps. I’m in Chandler. All your Arizona folks should shout out where they are…I’ll bet you’ll be amazed at your reach here…all the way from Canada!


153 Shannon January 24, 2012

In North Scottsdale, AZ here!


154 Alexandra January 24, 2012

Welcome to AZ! Every Saturday morning starting at 8 am until about 1 pm there is a lovely Farmers Market in Old Town Scottsdale! I would definitely recommend checking it out while you are here


155 Brigid January 24, 2012

What’s the blender you’re using there and how did you like it’s performance? I’m in the market for a heavy duty one but can’t bring myself to shell out the money for the coveted Vitamix. Would love your blender recommendations for making Green Monsters!


156 Victoria January 24, 2012

Hey Angela, I live in Sedona, one of the most beautiful places in the world. Let me know if you are passing through. I would to tell you about our amazing city.


157 Ally @ A Girl in her Kitchen January 24, 2012

My hubby and I went to Phoenix last winter and did a lot of hiking. I recognize some of the trails you guys are on! So neat! We stayed at the Sheraton Wild Horse Pass resort. We loved our time in Arizona! Have a good time and enjoy the sun!


158 Kait January 24, 2012

Are you staying in a time share or something or did you pack the blender?!


159 ashley rebekah January 25, 2012

everything you eat is just beautiful.

enjoy arizona!


160 Katie January 25, 2012

Hope your trip to Arizona is going well! :) My family went to Sedona a couple Christmas’s ago and did so much hiking! Your pics actually look exactly like ours (as I’m sure everywhere in Arizona looks similar). :)


161 Pat January 26, 2012

Enjoy arizona. I’m from here and its a great place. Ive been up camelback, but from the gentle side. You should try the wind cave trail in mesa its great. Or sabino canyon in tucson, my favorite place.


162 Megan Wall January 26, 2012

Hey that’s awesome you’re in Phoenix! We Canadians are staging an invasion down there I think… I’m from Saskatchewan and my family has a hideway down there :)
we love it! Going for February break after midterms and I can’t wait! ~Enjoy~


163 Katie January 26, 2012

Hi Angela! I’ve read your blog forever but I don’t think I’ve commented enough on how wonderful your recipes are! The 15 Minute Avocado Pasta is my favorite! I hope you enjoy your stay in AZ, I live in Tucson, not too far away, there is lots of great hiking all over this state!


164 Angela (Oh She Glows) January 26, 2012

Thanks for your comment Katie!


165 lainie January 26, 2012

you MUST MUST MUST go to True Food Kitchen either at the Biltmore on 24th St and Camelback or the one at Scottsdale Quarter (Scottsdale and Greenway). I worked there for 3 years and my boyfriend manages at the Biltmore one. they have the most amazing food!!! Absolutely must get the Kale Salad with something ontop…Quinoa, Tempeh, Tofu all good choices!


166 Angela (Oh She Glows) January 26, 2012

we loved it!!


167 keren January 29, 2012

If you’re still in AZ you’ve just got to head up to Cave Creek, just north of Scottsdale, to Chef Sara’s Raw Vegan Cafe and Academy. BEST raw food you’ll ever have!! Truly a hidden gem!


168 Roxanne Bunting March 16, 2015

bardzo zaskakujące miejsce, napewno chętnie odwiedze Cię tutaj nie raz, bardzo ciekawie piszesz twojego bloga – jest tak dużo oryginalni


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