New York: Part 1


If you guessed we’re in the Big Apple, you’d be right!


We lucked out with the weather this weekend; it’s been warm and sunny with highs reaching 15-17C!! Who knew? Today is supposed to reach 20C! Peeling off layers is always a nice surprise.



We’ve been getting quite the workout too. No need for the hotel exercise room while staying in NYC. Walking and the subway have been our sources of transportation with the occasional cab when it’s midnight and our legs feel like bricks. I absolutely love to walk, so it’s been a nice break from regular workouts.


When we arrived on Saturday morning, we had a bit of a rocky start to our trip. We flew in on a prop plane on Continental Airlines and when we were boarding the plane they made everyone check “carry-on” suitcases under the plane. We weren’t thinking about our valuables in the carry-on because it caught us off guard, but once on the plane we immediately had a bad feeling about it. When we got to the hotel we discovered that our laptop (which was in Eric’s carry-on) was damaged badly. So now, I’m blogging on half a screen and the rest of the screen is super fuzzy. Doh! Hopefully we can get some sort of compensation from the airline, but I doubt it. So if you see a bunch of weird characters or typos, don’t blame me. ;)

Anyways, we’re staying at The Warwick Hotel. It’s an older hotel, but we got a great deal on it through Hotwire and saved a lot of money.

IMG_0026 IMG_0024 IMG_0025

Then we were off on foot to explore! Eric’s work droid has come in very handy for Google Maps. ;)

IMG_0009 IMG_0006

Isn’t technology great? He was able to plan all our destinations on a map.

…such as Central Park:


We’ve been enjoying the photography on this trip as usual. :)

By the way, someone asked me where my boots are from. I recently picked them up at PAYLESS SHOES….I don’t usually have good finds there, but this season I did. The boots are made for walking….literally!  My brown jacket is from Le Chateau. Both HQ pleather. ;)




Then we explored




Much more happened on Saturday, so a Part II will be coming up.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have vegan doughnuts to eat!


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Gina @ Running to the Kitchen November 28, 2011

Love your boots & jacket :) I never have luck at Payless but so many people find awesome steals there…totally jealous!
You should at least try to see what the airline says about the damage, that really stinks. :(


Angela (Oh She Glows) November 28, 2011

I usually don’t have luck there either, but once and a while I find something in my size! We’re filing a damage report with the airline so here’s hoping…


Sana November 28, 2011

:) I love NY so much! Enjoy the rest of your trip!


kaity November 28, 2011

you had a perfect time for nyc its never this nice here this time of year i lovee it! and i no all the vegan dessert places make up for all the walking i always say:-) esp if your gointa babycakes and its sucha tripp!


sarah November 28, 2011

You must stop in at Soft Serve Fruit–soooo good! The Perfect Slice in the village is also my fave.

Have fun!


Carolyn @ November 28, 2011

As a wide-footed gal, I never have luck finding cute shoes at Payless. I LURVE those boots! :)

This weekend’s weather was glorious…glad you were able to get out and enjoy NYC!


Faith @ For the Health of It November 28, 2011

I’m going in January and I’m psyched – especially for running Central Park! Keep the trip reviews coming, I can’t wait to hear more about the best things to go see!


Katelyn @ Chef Katelyn November 28, 2011

OMG girl….I would dieee to have been in the city this past week/end! It was beautiful in Jersey, and as I can see, equally gorgeous weather in new york. Ugh. Love the city.


Sabrina November 28, 2011

Amazing! I am super jealous, I really really love NYC! I have to go to stupid LA this year and thus cannot make it out to NYC. Its just got a great vibe. I hope you and Eric are loving it! and Im sorry about your laptop, stupid airline. just to let you know i was able to get compensation from an airline from a similar thing just stick to your guns and dont take no for an answer :D


MAURA November 28, 2011

Honestly…just once…can you have Eric take a really bad photo of you when you just get out of bed….or something? You look gorgeous in every photo and it’s not fair! ha ha ha ha!


Jessica @ Dairy Free Betty November 28, 2011

That’s so funny, I was looking at those boots online last night, LOVE them!!

Do you guys have the urban spoon app downloaded on your phone? Best app for travelling, as it helps find awesome restaurants that you wouldn’t normally find!

Enjoy the rest of your trip!!


Lauren @ What Lauren Likes November 28, 2011

Great pics! I love your jacket :)


Ally November 28, 2011

LOVE your NYC outfit! You fit right in with the stylish NY residents :) I hope your share where you got those vegan doughnuts in Part II of your NYC posts. My husband and I are heading there in a couple of months and I would love to try a vegan doughnut!


Samantha @ Ferraro Kitchen November 28, 2011

I love NY so much…there is nothing like the feel of that City!


Shannon November 28, 2011

New York has so many places to eat! Soy and Sake has great sushi, and Lula’s Apothecary is the BEST option for vegan ice cream.


Nettie Moore November 28, 2011

You are so lucky that you had nice weather! I met Rege many years ago when I worked in BH! Love him! and Kelly is the best!


Angela @ Eat Spin Run Repeat November 28, 2011

Oooh looks like fun Ange! And by the way, I love your haircut!! Sorry to hear about the laptop being damaged. Hopefully you can get some sort of compensation for it, especially since you didn’t know ahead of time that you’d have to check your carry-ons. I hope there’s a vegan donut re-creation coming up on your blog soon! :)


jenna November 28, 2011

ohhhhhhh how much fun!! i was just telling my family how much fun it would to be in nyc for Thanksgiving! your outfit is adorable and i can’t wait to hear about your eats!!!


Rachel November 28, 2011

Welcome to my home!! You definitely lucked out with the weather; it’s been GORGEOUS. Enjoy! Do. Not. Miss. Candle 79.


Luv What You Do November 28, 2011

Just got back from NYC myself. The weather was amazing and I am getting ready to post my pictures today. We got to do some exciting things (High Line Tour) but I didn’t make it to BabyCakes : (


Lesley November 28, 2011

Angela, if you get a chance you should try the restaurant Candle 79! I just read through their cookbook and it looks amazing!! Haha, I see someone else already suggested it, whoops!


Janine @ThePurpleGiraffe November 28, 2011

Your boots and jacket are adorable! I need to get a cute (p)leather jacket for the fall weather. Glad the weather has held up for you, I can’t believe that it’s the end of November!


Jolene ( November 28, 2011

Great boots!!!

I am obsessed with NY :-) So happy you were there … makes me giddy just thinking about that place!!


Hannah November 28, 2011

Were you there during our Thanksgiving? It must have been insane in NYC especially with Black Friday!


Angela (Oh She Glows) November 28, 2011

nope we arrived on Sat :)


Addy November 28, 2011

I’m definitely checking out Payless…your trip looks amazing! I’ve always wanted to go to NYC in the fall. How long are you there for? Have a great time!


Tasha November 28, 2011

love the boots! resisting cyber monday shopping is over in 5,4,3,2,1 …


Mahesha November 28, 2011

NYC public transportation is great! (except the pee smell and the big rats and the dirt on the subway) :) I used to walk everywhere! Never went to a gym cos it was good enough of a workout. I miss NYC so much ever since I moved back to Sri Lanka in January. Your pictures give me happy chills lol :)


kathleen @ the daily crumb November 28, 2011

have so much fun!!! i absolutely love new york city. i always say i could never live there (too crowded, crazy + busy), but exploring for a weekend? there’s nothing better.


Lindsay November 28, 2011

Loved your boots so much I had to order myself a pair – now lets hope they come before my excursion to NYC next week!


Jessica @ Chockohlawtay November 28, 2011

I miss NYC so much! And you’re in luck, as there are plenty of vegan restaurants (and bakeries ;) ) there. I wish I was you right now!


Laura @ Sprint 2 the Table November 28, 2011

Lucky!!! I can’t believe I still have yet to go. I do have a list of restaurants I want to try there though! :)

Have fun!


Jessica November 28, 2011

Ooooh, NYC! We’re planning a NY trip for next year and I never thought to use Hotwire. We’ve always used Expedia, so it’ll be nice to have something to compare it to. I’m totally looking forward to eating some authentic NYC pizza/bagels, so you’ll have to let us know if you find a hot vegan/vegetarian place for both!

Too bad about Eric’s laptop. Hopefully something good will come out of filing a complaint. If their customer service is worth anything, they would want to keep their fliers happy.


Cait's Plate November 28, 2011

You’re here at the PERFECT time! The weather couldn’t be better!


Cat @Breakfast to Bed November 28, 2011

seconded. It’s so unseasonably gorgeous outside!


Cristina November 28, 2011

NYC is awesome! Did a similar trip last January. I ate at a ton of delicious Vegan restaurants. Can’t wait to read your food adventures!! :) have the best time!


Claire @ Live and Love to Eat November 28, 2011

You got so lucky with the beautiful weather! Enjoy!


Lauren @ Oatmeal after Spinning November 28, 2011

Love your photos!! I’m going to NYC the weekend after next and can only HOPE for the same weather!!
Thanks so much for posting that you got those boots at Payless- I am in great need of boots that look just like that, and wouldn’t have even thought to check out Payless! I’m on it!


Shanna, like Banana November 28, 2011

Your haircut looks amazing! Suits you so well. And those are some damn cute boots. Way to go Payless!

Have fun in NYC :)


Christine @ The Brighter Side of Life November 28, 2011

The pics look incredible! I’ve yet to visit the Big Apple, but it’s on my must-do list! Hope that regardless of the rocky start, the trip was fantastic!


Vanessa November 28, 2011

Oh my gosh….I am so jealous that you got to see the Regis plaque! I want to go to Live with Kelly sooo bad!

I hope you have an awesome time…NYC is second-to-none. Cute outfit btw!


bitt of raw November 28, 2011

NYC is always so fun. Good to know that you are wearing pleather. I wasn’t sure if your veganism extended to clothing or not.

Did you like the Babycakes donut? I recently had one and it wasn’t that great. I was so disappointed. The cupcakes are also only good if you have them on the first day. But I want to get their cookbook so I can make my own.


Angela (Oh She Glows) November 29, 2011

Yea, I loved their chocolate crunch doughnut! Very cake like but good.


Rebecca @ Naturally Healthy and Gorgeous November 28, 2011

I love those boots! I can’t believe they are from payless!


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