Black Bean and Butternut Squash Burritos



Isn’t it cruel that I’m dangling these burrito pictures in front of you several hours before lunch on a Monday morning? If I was a better planner, I would have posted this recipe yesterday. Then you could have made these for dinner and had leftovers for lunch today. Oops?

The truth is, I was just too busy stuffing my face with burritos yesterday!

Burritos are delicious, versatile, portable, filling, and a great source of vegan protein. What’s not to love? Plus, what other food are you challenged to stuff a thin, tiny wrap with as much filling as possible while avoiding explosion? The challenge is thrilling.

Why in the world have I not made vegan burritos before?


Luckily, you guys keep me in line! A vegan recipe blog without a burrito recipe has not been unnoticed by many of you. I’ve had several requests for a black bean burrito recipe and I finally got my butt in gear. I just had to wait until inspiration struck.

Inspiration turned out to be a huge craving and a butternut squash that wasn’t getting any younger.

Burritos it is.



This recipe takes a bit of time due to roasting the squash and cooking the rice. My suggestion is to cook the squash and rice the day before. Then all you have to do is throw some things in a skillet and it will come together in 20-30 mins.

Sautee chopped onion, garlic, and red pepper in a skillet.


Add your salt, seasonings, cooked beans and cooked rice:


Now stir in 1.5 cups of cooked butternut squash. I mashed mine up a bit with a fork, but left some larger pieces too.


Stir in 3/4 cup Daiya cheese (or your preferred cheese) and heat until melted. I can’t even begin to describe how amazing the cheese made this mixture. It went from good to mind blowing! I don’t suggest skipping the cheese.


Now wrap it up and add your desired toppings. If you use about 3/4 cup of filling per burrito it should serve 4 comfortably.

IMG_3625 IMG_3626

I added spinach, avocado, and salsa in addition to the bean/cheese filling. You could also add vegan sour cream, lettuce, tomatoes, chopped Cilantro, sunflower seeds, hot sauce, etc.

IMG_3628 IMG_3629

Fold in the sides:


Take the end closest to you and wrap it over and tuck underneath the filling.

IMG_3649 IMG_3653

Monster hands, optional!

Now finish rolling the wrap until the lose end is on the bottom.

With a knife, slice through the centre.


Somehow I managed to avoid explosion!


We both agreed that these are the best vegan burritos we’ve tasted and we’ve tried a lot. I’ll be making these again and again!  The black and orange is also pretty festive for Halloween, don’t you think?


It also makes a great salad topper too.


…and a great post-workout feast which is how we enjoyed the burritos yesterday. The only thing missing was a cold beer!

As for the leftover roasted squash? You can use it to make Butternut Squash Mac ‘n Cheeze or maybe Butternut Squash and Black Bean Chili.


Have a great Monday!

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jeanne December 11, 2012

Very, very good. Served in baked tortilla bowl with shredded lettuce, chopped tomatoes, shredded carrots. Had sour cream and Mexican shredded cheese for those who wanted. Omitted Daiya because it wasn’t on the ingredient list (I missed it when copying) and didn’t notice it until I was at the end of the directions. Besides, wouldn’t have known where to find it!


Laura December 30, 2012

I made these for dinner tonight, Yum! They are so very very good! I was done before I realized I forgot to add avacado, but I’ll be having leftovers for lunch tomorrow. I reduced the amount of cumin because I’m not a big fan of the flavor. I bet these would be good with enchilada sauce too. Love your blog, so many good looking recipes here!


Leigh January 2, 2013

I just mad these for lunch and my husband said “this is a hit!”


Leigh January 2, 2013

*made* not mad…



maria January 4, 2013

what a great recipe!! i will make this tomorrow for lunch. I am a new vegan and i am enjoying all these wonderful recipes!


Tamar Knochel January 9, 2013

You are hilarious! :D Placing a grin on my face isn’t always the easiest thing to do but today you have done it with your burrito! Plus it looks so yummy!!! :) Thank you for the smile today, you brightened my day!


ginny January 15, 2013

Just made a version of this subbing quinoa for the rice & added a dollop of hummus. Ate it as a rice bowl instead of a burrito. OMG! Holy yumm!!! Thanks Angela :)


Jenc January 18, 2013

I made this the other night and it is insanely amazing!! Even my non-vegan husband went back for seconds! I am a new vegan and your website is SO incredibly helpful with recipes and suggestions. It has made the switch so much easier for me! Thank you!


Marissa January 22, 2013

Just made these for the first time – yum! My husband and I were amazed at the flavor and awesome texture. Our son was almost game. :) Thanks, Angela!


Carly February 2, 2013

I made these tonight and they were absolutely delicious!! Topped them off with some guacamole and salsa. HIGHLY recommended recipe :) Thanks!


Ann February 7, 2013

We had these again last night, but since we had no cooked or peeled squash on hand, my husband made them with sweet potato – just as good. And there are always leftovers!


Lyns February 9, 2013

Made these tonight! Wow!! Adding butternut squash to a Spanish style meal
adds so much flavor & dynamic! Love these!!!


Jenna Wheeler February 22, 2013

I LOVE LOVE LOVE these!! I made them last night for dinner and they turned out amazing. I used coconut oil instead of EVOO and also omitted the “cheese” and used it as an optional side instead, but the burritos were a HUGE hit and definitely a new favorite of mine. Thank you for sharing!!!


Karen February 24, 2013

These look so good!! I am wondering if the mixture could be frozen? I am a college student cooking for myself and cannot eat that much of course. But I would love to make these! Thanks


Angela (Oh She Glows) February 25, 2013

I haven’t tried it but I cant see why not!


Gina February 26, 2013

I made this last night and it was absolutely fantastic!! I used frozen squash and it tasted perfect. I also mixed a little greek yogurt with pureed chipotle in abobo sauce as I like the pairing of squash with chipotle. Though we’re not vegetarians this will become a staple! Thank you for the recipe.


Chelsea March 1, 2013

Oh wow so delish. I made this after making the mac and cheese with butternut squash recipe and and I love this one just as much! I’m glad butternut squashes are huge because I loooove that sweet taste.

For this dish, I added kale to mix and topped with avocado, cherry tomatoes and salsa. Mmmm


Kathy March 5, 2013

yum yum yum yum yum
These are soooo good!


Dina March 22, 2013

stumbled across your recipe on pinterest… these burritos were fantastic!! thanks!!


Tricia Jetton March 28, 2013

Made this tonight and it was so wonderful (my husband even raved!!)! I found a flax tortilla recipe online and made those to accompany it (just flax meal, water & coconut flour). Can’t wait to eat the left-overs!!


Tricia Jetton March 28, 2013

By the way, the Dayia “cheese” (I used the pepper jack flavored) was amazing. Thanks for the tip!!!


Olivia May 12, 2013

What are your favourite brands of tortillas? I’ve tried the Food For Life corn tortillas and I can’t seem to make them edible :( I prefer flour tortillas but can’t seem to find any without things like cargeenan and worst of all L-Cysteine. I really miss wraps/burritos/fajitas, so any suggestions would be great. Or a blog post on making your own would also be a real treat. :)


Lisa May 22, 2013

Made this last night.. I wanted to THANK YOU for sharing! Your website is amazing!


Jennifer June 1, 2013

Just made these and they are absolutely AMAZING!!!! My husband & I just loved them. So tasty, filling and healthy.


Kaitlin June 15, 2013

These are amazing. I’ve made them several times. Even my meat and potatoes, hold-the-veggies husband ate them. Hallelujah!


Carla June 18, 2013

This turned out amazing! I also added some finely cut up tofu to it, that I had and didn’t want to waist! So GOOOODD! Everyone in my family enjoyed it even my father who, is not big on meatless meals! Also, adding the cheese really did make it incredible! thanks so much, I’ll be most definitely following up with you now and your awesome recipes!


Annie June 21, 2013

I am so very excited for your cookbook! I think I’ll make this very soon with sweet potatoes instead of butternut squash (even though I do love me some butternut squash). I haven’t tried Daiya but will not skip this ingredient. :)


Karyn August 29, 2013

I made these last night for my friend and our kids. They were AMAZING!!!
I had to sub pumpkin for the butternut as it’s not in season yet here in France. And we don’t have Daiya or anything similar. I’ll be making this again this weekend! Merci beaucoup!


Carla August 30, 2013

I made these butternut squash burritos and they were AMAZING!!! Loved the sweet & spicy flavors. Added some hot peppers from my garden, yum! Thank you for the recipe. My meat-eating husband LOVED them too! I will definitely make them again. (P.S. Don’t throw away those butternut squash seeds. Clean them, toss them in a bit of olive oil & salt, & roast them. Super delicious!)


Monica September 3, 2013

Made a super easy version of these and they are delicious! Mashed up roasted squash w/ Nooch and cumin, stirred in black beans, rice and a pint of fresh salsa from my local Mexican grocery. Keeper recipe for sure! Thanks!


Dawn September 10, 2013

I googled “butternut squash recipes” because I had some extra butternut squash that I picked up from the farmers market. I came across your black bean and butternut squash burrito recipe and it looked delicious. And man oh man, it tastes better than it looks! I did not have any tortilla wraps so I used the pita that I had on hand. Thank you for this recipe. This will be a new staple in my home.


Angela (Oh She Glows) September 11, 2013

Hey Dawn, Im so happy you enjoyed it! Thanks for letting me know :) I have another GREAT b’nut squash recipe you might enjoy: It’s a fav on the blog.


Anette Packer September 23, 2013

These were amazing! Added a lime cilantro sauce and it was perfect!


Nicole September 25, 2013

My first vegan recipe on day one, and sooo delicious! I’ve had 3 meals worth and still want more. Thank you for the great recipe!


Ivana October 3, 2013

Made these for lunch yesterday – perfect! Just loved them. I ended up making my own crepe-style tortillas though because the ones that are sold around here mostly contain preservatives. Oh, I live in Serbia, just wanted to let you know your blog is read over here too!


Angela (Oh She Glows) October 3, 2013

So cool, thanks for letting me know! :)


kelsey October 6, 2013

Delicious!! Thank You!


Dave Coffin October 8, 2013

I made these last night, but put it on a bed of kale instead of in a burrito wrap and it was awesome.


Marie October 9, 2013

I can not wait to try this, it looks delicious! I also think it would be a great dip, do you know how much it yields? I am trying to decide if I would need to double it if using as a dip.
Thank you! M


Karen October 13, 2013

This is the first recipe that I picked out to try and it was so deeeelicious I can not believe how easy it was to prepare, tasty and healthy. Thanks! Now I am going to attempt your Cheezy Soup. Can not wait!


Anna October 15, 2013

I made these burritos last night for dinner and they were quite good. I did change up the black beans to kidney beans, and used a brown rice and quinoa mixture that I happened to have on hand. Also, I used a chipotle chili powder (about 3/4 teaspoon) and a regular mild chili powder (about 1/2 teaspoon) in the place of the cayenne, which adds a little heat but mostly has a wonderful sweet, smokey flavor that I think really compliments the taste of the butternut squash.

I know this recipe was posted two years ago, but have you thought of leaving out the rice, putting the filling in corn tortillas, and smothering it with a mild enchilada sauce?


Taylor October 21, 2013

This is one of the best meals I’ve ever had! I had leftover butternut from your butternut mac and cheese that I made last night. It took about 10 minutes to put together too! Will be a staple now :)


Steohanie October 23, 2013

Ok so I’m dipping my toe into the vegan pool! Husband is staunch meat and potato kinda guy. We both LOVED this. I did cheat and use real cheese though :). Do yourself a favor and make these now!


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