Ultra Creamy Red Pepper Hummus & How To Roast Peppers



Lately, I’ve been doing everything in my power to use up my garden vegetables.

Over the past week I’ve been enjoying Roasted Tomato Basil Pesto, Long Weekend Grilled Salad, Kale Chips, cucumbers and hummus, Weekend Glow Kale Salad, and Chocolate Chip Cookies. To balance out the vegetables of course.

This end of season bounty reminds me of the organic Plan B CSA that we had last summer. There is so much produce to use up!


I even started gathering “bouquets” of kale and giving it away to friends and neighbors as I beam with pride, “I brought this for you!”

“Oh, you shouldn’t have….really you shouldn’t have.”

I think I might be starting to lose friends.

We’ve been getting a lot of wet and humid weather lately and I realized if I leave the peppers on the plant too long the inside starts to grow mold. Never a good thing to discover when you slice one open!

I knew that I had to use up these beautiful peppers…or bust.


And because I seem to be obsessed with roasting and grilling things lately, I decided to roast my peppers. Roasting is a great way to “condense” a large amount of vegetables. Kale chips, I’m looking at you!

How To Roast Peppers

Ever roasted peppers before? I used to be scared to try because I thought it was really difficult. You want me to PEEL the skin off? How in the world…?

Turns out, it’s so easy Sketchie could do it! Although, he does have really long claws…


1. Start by preheating the broil setting on your oven (I used heat setting 4 out of a possible range of 5) and move the rack up to the top or second highest spot. Line a large baking sheet with tinfoil.

2. With a paring knife, carefully slice a circle around the top of the pepper. You can use any type of pepper you prefer! I used bell peppers and banana peppers, as that’s what I grew in my garden.

Discard the inner flesh and seeds as best as you can.


3. With the cut side down, slice down the middle of the pepper, creating two halves.


Like so. Remove rest of seeds.


4. With your hand, SQUASH each piece! Whee!


I’m sorry for this picture, I really am. I’m a one woman show, clearly.



5. Place all the flattened pieces onto your baking sheet. I roasted about 6 small peppers, but if using large ones, you could probably use 3?


P.S.- This baking sheet should be lined with tin foil not parchment– I changed this after I took the photo.

6. Broil for about 10-13 minutes, until blackened. My peppers were in there about 12-13 minutes at broil setting 4.


7. This is where your tin foil comes in handy! Carefully wrap up the peppers with the tin foil and let it steam for about 15-20 minutes. Meanwhile, you can prepare your hummus ingredients.


8. After 15-20 mins, gently peel off the blackened skin. This is why it’s important to really blacken your peppers; the more black the skin gets the easier it is to peel away. It really does come off easy.


Your discard pile on the left and your delicious roasted peppers on the right:


Now it’s time to make delicious, creamy roasted red pepper hummus. It’s just what you do!



Ultra Creamy Roasted Red Pepper Hummus

Vegan, gluten-free, grain-free, nut-free, refined sugar-free, soy-free


This is one of the creamiest hummus recipes that has ever come out of my processor! It has a light sweetness with a lovely roasted flavour thanks to the roasted red peppers.

2 cups
Prep time
Cook time
0 Minutes


  • 1 garlic clove
  • One 14-ounce/400ml can chickpeas (about 1 1/2 cups cooked)
  • 3/4 cup roasted red peppers
  • 1/4 cup tahini
  • 5 tablespoons freshly squeezed lemon juice, or to taste
  • 2 tablespoons reserved chickpea brine (or water)
  • 1 teaspoon fine sea salt, or to taste
  • 1/8 to 1/4 teaspoon cayenne pepper, to taste
  • Extra virgin olive oil, for drizzling
  • Smoked paprika, for garnish


  1. Open the can of chickpeas and spoon off 2 tablespoons of the brine (liquid). Reserve this for the recipe. Now, drain the rest of the can and rinse the chickpeas well.
  2. Add the garlic clove into a food processor and process until finely chopped.
  3. Add the drained chickpeas, roasted red peppers, tahini, lemon juice, and reserved chickpea brine into the food processor. Process until the hummus is silky smooth. Scrape down as necessary.
  4. Now add in salt and cayenne, to taste, and process again until combined.
  5. Scoop into a bowl and drizzle with olive oil and garnish with paprika. This hummus will last about 4-5 days in the fridge in a sealed container.



Thanks to the delicious roasted peppers, this is the creamiest and silkiest hummus to come out of my processor!


I couldn’t get over how smooth it became once I put the roasted peppers in. It was as if I added a half cup of oil, only I didn’t. Yeehaw.


This counts as lunch, right?

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1 Brittany @ Runwithbritt September 9, 2011

Roasted red pepper hummus is my favorite kind! I have a thing for the Athenos brand at HEB. Thank you for a homemade recipe! I love making things myself because I know exactly what goes into them. I’m always afraid that big companies add harmful things into food to increase shelf life, so I have to be really careful with what I buy.


2 Gina @ Running to the Kitchen September 9, 2011

Thanks for showing how easy the process is. I’ve always been scared of roasting peppers thinking I’d either burn myself, the house or be stuck peeling skins for like 8 hours or something!


3 Katelyn @ Chef Katelyn September 9, 2011

I seriously miss good hummus. Dining hall food makes me want to vom. Come visit and bring me a batch?!


4 The Mrs @ Success Along the Weigh September 9, 2011

Oh I am all over this like a (clever quip here)!!

Trader Joe’s Chipotle Hummus is my favorite and it would be awesome to be able to make a similar recipe since they’re known to lure you in, make you love a product and then snatch it away from you! (RIP Thai Lime Rice and Strawberry Yogurt)


5 Lauren @ What Lauren Likes September 9, 2011

YUM! I definetly need to eat more hummus now….this looks fantastic :)


6 AGS September 9, 2011

Grilling them works pretty well, too. Next time you have a ton of red peppers, roast them/grill them until blackended and remove the skin. The gently saute some garlic in olive oil, add the roasted peppers, with some water, along with a small potato or sub some milk for water (for creaminess). Freshly ground coriandor is a nice spice addition along iwth S&P. Blenderize. Voila — roasted tomato soup. You can do this with squash, too. Works as a chilled soup, as well.


7 AGS September 9, 2011

err. . .roasted pepper soup. ;)


8 Angela (Oh She Glows) September 9, 2011

mmm sounds lovely!


9 Kate September 9, 2011

i’d eat that for breakfast it looks fabulous!


10 Noelle September 9, 2011

I would LOVE to be your neighbor. You would be the greatest neighbor ever. God knows the neighborhood we live in is like dry toast land. Can’t wait to move next year! Lovely hummus recipe. Have a lovely day!


11 Giulia @ Tutupa's Lab September 9, 2011

can’t wait to try this out! And I have red peppers in my fridge right now…ehehe guess I know what will happen to them!


12 Sarah September 9, 2011

I LOVE red pepper hummus! It is my favorite kind. I’ve been planning to make some but haven’t felt inspired. This did the trick! Thanks as always.


13 Angela @ Eat Spin Run Repeat September 9, 2011

I love the rich moisture that roasted red peppers adds! They’re by far one of my favourite hummus and salad ingredients. PS. If you came to my door with a bunch of kale, I’d be over the moon. Might even make you some kale chips! ;)


14 Angela (Oh She Glows) September 9, 2011

We need to be neighbours :)


15 Lisa ♥ Healthful Sense September 9, 2011

I have a jar of tahini that I need to use… definitely going to try this hummus recipe today =) Looks amazing!


16 Miriam @ Overtime Cook September 9, 2011

Loved your original hummus recipe, and this one looks amazing. I absolutely love roasted red pepper hummus. Been buying it for ages, but only got into making my own hummus recently. Haven’t experimented with many flavors yet, but I’ve got to try this. :) Thank you!



17 Laura September 9, 2011

YUM! Roasted peppers on anything is totally my jam. That hummus looks so luxurious!

I’ve been giving my peeps the “greens bouquet” too! A little red and green chard, some regular kale, little dino kale, maybe some parsley sprigs… Flowers are boooring!


18 Sara September 9, 2011

I made the roasted roma tomatoes and then went out, bought more, and have been making them with every meal since. I can’t believe I’ve never done that before! I will roast some peppers, but the past couple times I’ve made hummus it’s been disgusting. I don’t think it was the recipe though. You know how sometimes a certain food just grosses you out? Maybe I just need a hummus break. Anyway, these roasting recipes are fun! I hope there’s more! :)


19 Faith @ For the Health of It September 9, 2011

I had absolutely no idea how roasted peppers came about – I can’t wait to make a roasted pepper avocado spread for sandwiches this week!


20 Steph @ A Life without Ice Cream September 9, 2011

That looks heavenly!!

I don’t ever use that much tahini in my hummus recipes but I’m going to have to give it a try…1/4 cup eh… I’m on it!


21 VeggieGirl September 9, 2011

I roasted peppers recently for a tagine I made, it was weird! But tasty :)


22 Jen September 9, 2011

I already added your Roasted Tomato Basil Pesto to my “to-make” list, and now I have this to add. I love roasted red peppers. I would probably eat them straight out of the oven before even getting out my food processor to make the hummus. And thank you for the foil tip! I would always use parchment!

By the way, I’ll take as many kale bouquets as you’re willing to give. Your neighbors are lucky!


23 Sweet and Savvy September 9, 2011

That is so cool! I have always been intimidated to roast peppers, but With these directions, I Think I can handle it! :) thanks for sharing!


24 tonya September 9, 2011

Hi, Angela

Can I ask you a gardening question? I just started gardening this year. For my summer veggies I started with transplants but for the fall I’m starting from scratch with seeds. I have a little greenhouse filled with pellets that will turn into individual plants for me to transfer. (They’re sprouting already!) I have things like kale, beets, snap peas, arugula, spinach, broccoli, etc. My question is how many seeds does it take to grow one plant?? I can’t find this info anywhere. I just took a guess and planted about 5 of the teeny tiny kale seeds per pellet, about 3 of the larger snap pea seeds per pellet and about 2-3 for the beets. How the heck am I supposed to know how many seeds it takes to make one plant? I’m just totally guessing here.



25 Angela (Oh She Glows) September 9, 2011

Hmm good question! When I planted seeds (like for my carrots) I just read the spacing requirements on the back of the package or in my gardening book (the low maintenance garden). It usually said 1) how deep to plant the seeds, and 2) how far apart they should be. I guess for pellets it would be more difficult to figure out (I planted straight into the bed), but maybe someone else can help you out here!


26 tonya September 9, 2011

Yeah I can totally find how far apart you should space them and how deep they should go but not how much 1 seed will give you. for example for your carrots did you plant one teeny tiny seed then another seed 3 inches away from it or did you drop in several seeds and 3 inches further you dropped another few seeds…I guess what I’m saying is–if we’re using carrots as an example, will one tiny carrot seed yield a bunchful of carrots? I know I sound extremely ocd about this LOL! but it’s all new to me. I need to befriend a farmer :-S


27 Angela (Oh She Glows) September 9, 2011

oops I forgot to answer that part of the Q! lol.
Yes I would plant just 1 seed, although that was hard to do as the seeds are SO tiny! Sometimes I ended up dropping 2-3 in the same spot by mistake. Seemed to turn out ok for the carrots…the beets never came up though (I thought they did but it was a weed!)


28 tonya September 9, 2011

Thank you so much! Isn’t it amazing that food starts so small?? You can pay like a dollar for a bazillion seeds instead of spending all that money at the grocery store. Looks like I’m gonna have quite a harvest for my balcony box with all the seeds I dropped in. ;-)


29 Angela (Oh She Glows) September 9, 2011

haha yea that’s what I said when I planted them! I’m sure you will do great. And what doesn’t work out is usually a lesson learned. Although not in the case with my beets… ;)


30 Chloe (In Fine Feather) September 9, 2011

I just bought some roasted red peppers for the convenience but I’ll definitely look for some on sale and try my hand at roasting them myself! Roasted red pepper hummus is one of my favorite things, and I also love adding them to salads or sandwiches for an oomph of flavor :)


31 Kim September 9, 2011

Feel free to send some of your extra produce my way, Angela. :)

This hummus looks fantastic! I may have to pull out my food processor today. Your original hummus is one of my go-to recipes already.


32 Adriane September 9, 2011

I made the Roasted Tomato and Basil Pesto last night and the roasted tomatoes were the best thing ever!
I was wondering if it would work to use roasted tomatoes to make hummus as a substitute for the peppers? If not I’ll def be making the red pepper hummus next week!


33 Angela (Oh She Glows) September 9, 2011

I was wondering the same thing! I think the roasted tomatoes would make the hummus more watery. You could try adding a bit at a time, or maybe Google some roasted tomato hummus recipes to see how others did it. Good luck!


34 Adriane September 9, 2011

When I googled it I found a few, but I didn’t see any mention of doing anything different to avoid the excess water from the tomatoes. I may try doing it and just dicing the tomatoes after roasting them to squeeze out the water and patting them dry with a paper towel.


35 Heather (heathers dish) September 9, 2011

Totally counts as lunch. Holy yum!


36 Cait's Plate September 9, 2011

LOVE the roasted red peppers. They look so beautiful with the char on them – and you can’t beat them as a flavoring for hummus!


37 [email protected] KatieDid September 9, 2011

heck yes that counts as lunch! I posted s very similar recipe a while back and it was some of the tastiest hummus I’ve ever had. Sweet and smokey from the peppers.
And you would not lose me as a friend if you brought me kale! I’ve been eating it by the pound this past week, sauteed with garlic and onions, its SO delicious I can’t seem to get enough of it.


38 Alex @ Raw Recovery September 9, 2011

I love red peppers, I’m just not a fan of them roasted, no idea why. Though I do love red pepper hummus!


39 [email protected] September 9, 2011

Yum! I just bought a food processor and I need to christen it with some hummus! I love roasted red peppers, looks like this could be a winner.


40 Jenny September 9, 2011

If you brought me bouquets of kale, I would love you for it. Your neighbours are crazy. (Bunches of organic kale will run you $3 to $4 here in Vancouver! And conventional will still cost about $2 for a small bunch.)

I’ve always been afraid of roasting red peppers, too, for… no reason. I guess the unknown always seems “scary” or, at the very least, intimidating! But red pepper hummus was the first type of hummus I ever tried… so I’ll definitely have to give this a go. I never knew that you had to squash the peppers!


41 Jessica @ Dairy Free Betty September 9, 2011

I’d be your BEST friend if you showed up with kale… mmmmmmmmmm kale!

Looks awesome! I love roasted peppers!!


42 Amber Shea @Almost Vegan September 9, 2011

“Roastedness” = totally a word :P

This looks great, and I love that it’s not too heavy on the tahini.


43 Jamie Rebecca September 9, 2011

i love how u show every step in the pictures. i’ve been married for 4 years and have a 3 year old. we’ve been really unhealthy in our lives. i’m looking for a change and have to admit… i don’t even know the basics, like roasting peppers. i’d love to see more articles on basics…. like a serious how to basics. my husband brought home a zucchini the other day and we just looked at it. i have no idea what to do with veggies. i’m at a loss! <3<3<3 ur very inspiring!


44 Angela (Oh She Glows) September 9, 2011

Thanks for the suggestion! I actually hope to do many more ‘how-to’ posts!


45 Hilliary @ Happily Ever Healthy September 9, 2011

Thank you for the fabulous step by step on how to roast peppers! I have been wanting to roast peppers for the longest time but was so scared I would mess it up!

And that hummus looks to dye for!


46 Leanne @ Healthful Pursuit September 9, 2011

Oh it totally counts as a lunch. I love the step by step on roasting peppers. Honestly, I’ve never tried it!


47 Holly @ The Runny Egg September 9, 2011

I love roasted peppers but I’ve never made my own — they look pretty simple (and fun) to make!


48 Danielle @ Dish'n'Dash September 9, 2011

I would LOVE it if someone showed up at my door with a bouquet of kale!

Can’t wait to try the recipe – and thanks for the roasting tips! I’ve been scared to roast my own peppers but will definitely try it now.


49 Annie @ Naturally Sweet Recipes September 9, 2011

Hummus is the best! This sounds so good. I think I’ll go make it for lunch! Thanks!


50 Aine @ Something to Chew Over September 9, 2011

I love roasted red peppers! I’ve never made them but my mother does it by using the flame on the stove-top!


51 Kelsey @ Snacking Squirrel September 9, 2011

normally ive only seen pepper roasting over the stove to get that nice flame char but i really love your method and clearly it works just as well! Such a beautiful hummus- the best hummus is always homemade :)

xoxo <3


52 Marijke September 9, 2011

Lunch? I’d eat that for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

Perhaps a few of your vegan chocolate chip cookies along with the kale would sweeten your neighbours up?


53 Christina September 9, 2011

Roasted red pepper hummus is my FAV!!! It really does have a smokey flavor and is extra creamy. I think I’m due for a new batch soon ;) Happy Friday!


54 Angela (Oh She Glows) September 9, 2011

awww smokey is the word I was looking for!!! LOL


55 Eat Hike Sleep Repeat September 9, 2011

Delicious! I buy roasted red pepper hummus on a regular basis. Hmmm, why buy it when it looks easy to make? Great recipe. Thanks!


56 Ashley September 9, 2011

My boyfriend loves roasting red peppers! So this hummus will pretty much be the next best thing we’ll start making. :)


57 Amanda @ AmandaRunsNY September 9, 2011

I had no idea that you have to peel off the skin to make roasted peppers like in the stores and restaurants! thanks for sharing


58 Andrea @ Vegvacious September 9, 2011

I love variations on hummus – can’t wait to try this!!! You have the cutest little dishes & bowls – I’ve been thinking about checking out all the local thrift stores to see if I can find some new dishware to update my collection!


59 Angela (Oh She Glows) September 9, 2011

Thanks Andrea! I think the thrift stores is a great idea. I bought some stuff at the antique market this summer and it was dirt cheap.


60 Jeanine September 9, 2011

Love roasted red peppers and this is my fav way to make hummus and doing it all summer. Recently switched it up instead of chickpeas used red lentils and turned out super yummy! Thanks for sharing your way to raost peppers sounds so much easier than the way I have been doing it.


61 Moni'sMeals September 9, 2011

How did you know!?

this is one of my favorite(or you would say “favourite”-sp) hummus flavors and roasted red bells…I live for! I could eat them raw actaully non-stop too. :)

Totally lunch!


62 Angela (Oh She Glows) September 9, 2011

I’m here for you girl! ;)


63 Diana September 9, 2011

Thanks so much! I just love your blog. I’ve made several of your recipes, and have loved all of them. I made a batch of your “the hummus that changed everything” a few weeks ago. It was awesome. I was thinking I’d like to make it with roasted red peppers because that’s usually my favorite hummus if I buy it. Then you posted this recipe…it’s like you were reading my mind. :)

Thank you Angela, for your wonderful blog and fabulous recipes!


64 Fanta September 9, 2011

Every time I read your blog while I’m at work and every time it makes me hungry! :)


65 Danielle @weightsandmeasures September 9, 2011

Looks amazing and sounds even better. I have tried roasting peppers before but the skin did not come off so easy. I did not do the wrap and steam method though, so that would likely help ALOT! I will definitely try this soon!


66 Aleisha September 9, 2011

Too funny — I just made a batch of roasted red pepper hummus before I sat down to read your blog this morning! I don’t have any red peppers in my garden, though, so I used a jar. Not quite the same effect, I think. Next time I’ll buy some fresh ones and try your roasting method. Looks delicious!


67 Ashley September 9, 2011

Roasted peppers are one of my favorite things everrr. And roasted tomatoes. Roasted red pepper + tomato soup? I think so! Oh and yes…that is definitely considered lunch. Great tutorial!


68 Dutchgirl Sam September 9, 2011

Sounds delicious!
Love it, love it, will make it this weekend. Yummm. Thanks Angela!


69 Alexis @ hummusapien September 9, 2011

You make the most beautiful hummus! I love the sprinkling of paprika on top. Hummus for sure counts as lunch…it’s been my breakfast and dinner before, too!


70 Brittany *Sparkles* September 9, 2011

Thank you for the tips on roasting peppers this looks delicious!


71 Vanessa @ Loving the Sweet LIfe September 9, 2011

Brilliant, I have a few bell peppers still on the plants that I’m dying to use before they start to rot. Thanks for the inspiration, that hummus looks incredible!


72 Ashley September 9, 2011

I’m so jealous of all the vegetables coming out of your garden! I really wanted to have a garden this year, but we moved in the middle of the summer. :(

This hummus looks SO GOOD! Definitely going to be making it soon.


73 Emilia @ Namaste Gurl September 9, 2011

I’ve always been scared to roast my own peppers- that’s why I depend on organic store bought ones :) I’ve been wanting to learn, so this couldn’t come at better timing :) Perfect to whip up this weekend for the long school week ahead!


74 Katherine September 9, 2011

I would LOVE to get a bouquet of kale! I joked to my husband this week that I don’t want flowers for my birthday but would gladly take a bouquet of beautiful curly kale!


75 [email protected] September 9, 2011

Mmmmm I’m sure this is delicious! Omgoodness Angela! Last night I roughly followed your recipe from memory for the roasted tomato pesto, and then my own chapatii (or naan), and made a pizza out of it!! it was soooooooooo gooooood~~Even my parents said they loved it! Usually they’re picky when it comes to anything outside of the Korean dishes we eat.


76 Liz @ IHeartVegetables September 9, 2011

I never knew how to roast peppers! I’m totally going to try this! And I LOVE hummus so I need to try this recipe!


77 Amber K September 9, 2011

That looks amazing! And seems so much simpler than I thought it’d be.


78 Averie @ Love Veggies and Yoga September 9, 2011

Thanks for the pepper roasting step by step photos…and that hummus…looks so good. And I can feel my sinuses opening from here: garlic, red peppers, cayenne, lemon juice, red pepper flakes…yep, I’d say so :)

It looks great! And good work with the photos b/c sometimes it can be challenging (For me at least) to get a bowl of dip to just SHINE and be a superstar…and you totally did!


79 Jennifer September 9, 2011

I love roasted red pepper anything!! Thank you for this.


80 Amy S. September 9, 2011

Roasted red pepper is one of my favorite hummus flavors so I’ll definitely be recreating this!! Do you reserve 2 tbsp of chickpea liquid or 4?


81 Lauren (PB&G) September 9, 2011

Awesome tutorial! I have always roasted them on the stovetop and seeded them later but this idea seems much easier! Now I just have to grow some patience to wait for them in the oven..


82 Tichina September 9, 2011

Well as Mr. Rogers once said… “please won’t you be my neighbor :)” haha I would love to have fresh veggies hand delivered to me! All I seem to get are men offering me alarm systems or asking for my vote :(.
Great post! I made roasted red pepper soup this summer. At first peeling the skin seemed intimidating, but you’re right it’s not all that bad!


83 Nicole @ PancakesandPilates September 9, 2011

This is brilliant. I wish I had an over abundance of produce issue. I would be grilling and chopping the days away. (Okay, in my dreams. My office mate would probably be annoyed with all the sounds and smells.)

As usual, gorgeous pictures! Seriously, Angela. I am blown away every time. I need to start thinking of better photo gawking comments. I am still thinking about those cookie pics :)


84 Jesse September 9, 2011

I would happy accept a kale bouquet, so much tastier than flowers! I have been hummus obsessed lately so I can’t wait to try this recipe. I also really like the new banner/header.


85 Lauren September 9, 2011

I love your idea of using the foil to wrap the peppers in steam pocket! I usually place them in a bowl and cover in saran.. but it wastes more + more dirty dishes (yuck!) Great Idea!!

Question, have you ever tried roasting spicy peppers for Mexican type dishes? Just wondering because I usually leave the seeds in the peppers while roasting thinking it would infuse some of the ‘spice’ into the pepper, but I could be wrong. Anyone know?


86 Angela (Oh She Glows) September 10, 2011

No I haven’t but that’s a good question.


87 April September 9, 2011

I like your Kale story. That’s cute. That’s a neat way to roast red peppers. I have never done it that way. It looks easier than doing them whole on the stove top which is how I do it. I will have to try it your way. Your recipe for humus is similar to mine except I like to add a touch of cumin. Happy Friday! :)


88 Chelsea @ One Healthy Munchkin September 9, 2011

You can bring me over a bouquet of kale any day! ;)


89 Bev Weidner September 9, 2011

Seriously, is there any room in that hummus for my ENTIRE HEAD?


90 Ashley September 9, 2011

That looks amazing and so creamy! I wish I had a bowl of this to have for lunch today.


91 Sabrina @ Radioactive Runner September 9, 2011

oh wow.. i think i’m going to make this!! it looks soo good. I like your step-by-step explanation :)


92 Danielle September 9, 2011

So strange – I literally just made Roasted Red Pepper Hummus 2 days ago – and it was definitely the best hummus I’ve ever made! I have a question for you about how you make your hummus – I’ve only made it with canned chickpeas, and I usually dont cook them first – but the last time I made them I cooked and peeled them and it turned out SO incredibly creamy and delicious. Im not sure if this is because they were cooked or because I peeled them. . Do you ever peel them? And have you ever used dry chickpeas?


93 Angela (Oh She Glows) September 10, 2011

I’ve heard that the secret to creamy hummus is peeling the skin, so I think that’s probably why! How did you peel it?


94 Danielle September 10, 2011

Well about that . . lol – It took forever! First I soaked them and you kinda pinch them out of their shell, then I decided to boil them good because I thought that would help, though I’m not so sure it did. . but there MUST be an easier way!


95 Emily September 9, 2011

Yum, I’ve always wanted to make my own roasted red pepper hummus! Do you cook your own chickpeas or used canned?


96 Lena September 9, 2011

Adding this immediately to the rotation. I love experimenting with new hummuses (hummi?) in the store, but I’ve never had the guts to do it when I’m making it myself in the food processor.

Plus, now I can figure out how to use the broiler in my super-old-school 20s-era oven.


97 Anna @ The Guiltless Life September 9, 2011

Yum! Do you think this could easily be made as regular hummus (not the biggest fan of roasted red pepper flavour but have wanted a creamy hummus recipe for ages!). Thanks Andrea :).


98 Katrina September 9, 2011

Yum! This sounds lovely!


99 Katie @ Peace Love and Oats September 9, 2011

that looks delicious! I keep wanted to make my own hummus – i just need to go for it!


100 laura September 9, 2011

I’ve totally been on a hummus kick lately, mmm goes with my lunch, snacks,& dinner :)


101 Andrea September 9, 2011

Haha I love the picture with you squashing the red pepper, gotta do what ya gotta do!! Your peppers grew to be pretty neat shaped! Can’t wait to grow some peppers in my garden next year. (Tip: Don’t get “pepper” plants from your Grandpa who has a 10’x4′ table covered with baby vegetable plants. You just might end up with far too many green beans, and NO peppers.) :)


102 Angela (Oh She Glows) September 9, 2011

lol ;) Good time for sure…


103 Sonia (the Mexigarian) September 9, 2011

I LOVE roasted red pepper hummus. It’s one of my favorites from the store so I make quite a bit of it at home for myself :) Need to make more!


104 Alex S September 9, 2011

I’m just going to go send this to my sisters so they can continue with their new hobby of yelling at me for making them hungry…
P.s. You can bring me bouquets of kale. You should totally bring me bouquets of kale. Pretty please?


105 Angela (Oh She Glows) September 9, 2011

I’d love to be your kale fairy!


106 Kiran @ KiranTarun.com September 9, 2011

That looks so delish! So sad summer is over and I wish we planted more peppers. Sigh, there always next year :D


107 Kristen @ Popcorn on the Stove September 9, 2011

I’m having my bridal shower this weekend so I’ll hopefully be getting our food processor and this will be one of the first things I make! Of course, after I bake those cookies from yesterday!


108 ruba September 9, 2011

amazing as usual Angela (I adore this blog)!, I want to share a secret for hummus, I always use roasted garlic for any kind of hummus I make (I keep extra roasted garlic in olive oil in the fridge for easy access :) ).. transforms the dish and eliminates the side “effect” :)


109 Angela (Oh She Glows) September 10, 2011

wow great idea!


110 Carissa September 9, 2011

We have a surplus of bell peppers, too, and we’re almost out of hummus. Roasted red pepper hummus was the first kind I ever tried to make, and it turned me into a hummus lover. I love that you put lemon juice in your recipe, so I will have to try it out!


111 Christine @ Merf In Progress September 9, 2011

Oh, that looks delicious. By the way, I would die with happiness if anyone ever brought me their surplus kale!


112 Melissa September 9, 2011

I just made your hummus that changed everything yesterday…..I would dip my foot in it and eat it!! I did add 4 extra cloves of garlic! My hubby won’t come near me :) I will have to make this recipe next week!!! And I would take your kale too!!!! YUM!!!!


113 Angela (Oh She Glows) September 10, 2011

Glad you enjoyed it! LOL @ dip your foot in it…hilarious.


114 Kris | iheartwellness.com September 9, 2011

Holy Cow!! This hummus with these peppers are killing me over here!! Nothing beats roasted red pepper hummus on a nice cracker or piece of toasted bread! HELLO Friday Night Dinner!!



115 kaila @ healthy helper! September 9, 2011

I love roasted red pepper humus! So delicious! My fave variety for sure!!


116 [email protected] September 9, 2011

Thanks for the tutorial. Looks so much easier than roasting them whole while sticking your hand in the oven to turn. I can’t wait to try the hummus!


117 Kiah September 9, 2011

I grew up on middle eastern food, but am slightly intimidated to try making it–I think I might start with some hummus! :-)


118 Marilyn @ Lipgloss and Spandex September 9, 2011

You take the most beautiful pictures, and I love the step by step instructions. It makes it seem easy enough that even I could do it!


119 Meisha Moo September 9, 2011

Thanks for the tasty posts! I have recently become Vegan and have found your blog to be heaven sent!!!!


120 Angela (Oh She Glows) September 10, 2011

Thank you!


121 Katie September 9, 2011

Angela, this looks SO good! Roasted red pepper hummus is my favorite :) I’m just curious, what kind/size food processor do you use? I’m looking for one to make recipes such as this. Thanks!


122 Angela (Oh She Glows) September 10, 2011

I have a 14 cup kitchenaid…I got a big one for my bakery :) but it’s not necessary to have one that big.


123 Ali Mc September 9, 2011

I am definitely going to tackle this recipe :D thanks for posting and thanks for teaching me how to roast red peppers :D


124 Angela @ Momethis September 9, 2011

You’re posts crack me up. So cute yet very informative.
Id take a kale bouquet anyday. :-)


125 Kari @ bite-sized thoughts September 10, 2011

Thank you so much for this – my partner’s favourite way to have pepper is roasted, but I’ve always thought of it as too hard (and thus the poor guy misses out!). I’ll be giving them a shot this week :)


126 Manderley September 10, 2011

Yummy wonderful hummus


127 blossjoss September 10, 2011

Love red peppers…Love hummus…Love fresh peppers from the garden…Love chickpeas. Love your pics. Woot!


128 Molly @ RDexposed September 10, 2011

I love roasted bell pepper hummus! Ok and all other versions. But I have made another version of the roasted bell pepper hummus and am curious to try this one.


129 Jessica September 10, 2011

I wish you would bring me kale! :) I remember when I thought roasting peppers was a big thing too! Who woulda thought that it’s as easy as pie…mmmm..pie…roasted red pepper pie! lol :)


130 Gloria September 10, 2011

I just made this! It’s deeelicious. Thank you for the recipe :)


131 Emily September 10, 2011

This was wonderful Angela! I used navy beans instead of garbanzos because that is all I had, an boy oh boy was it delicious. Definitely the creamiest hummus ever!


132 Kasey September 10, 2011

I want you to know that I have been cyber stalking your blog for a week or so and I am so inspired by your stories (leaving a job I hate is something I can completely relate to, as I am sure many of your other readers can). My husband and I are expecting in December and I decided this week that we needed to start working on getting rid of our unhealthy eating habits before the baby got here (or old enough to eat the junk we’ve been giving ourselves). I made my very first Green Monster this morning and I loved it. Besides that, the baby was literally leaping around inside like it was the best thing that ever happened to him. The Green Monster definitely gets baby Noah’s stamp of approval.


133 Angela (Oh She Glows) September 11, 2011

Hey Kasey! That is great to hear :) Congrats on your pregnancy!


134 Heidi September 10, 2011

I’ve made hummas before and it was a major fail … I am going to give it a chance and try it again with your recipe because those pictures make it look unbelievable! : )


135 France September 10, 2011

I love hummus and I haven’t made it in years! Great reminder.


136 Rebekah @ Medicine, Munchies & Movement September 10, 2011

Wow, I had no idea the roasted peppers were so easy to prepare! I love the picture of you squashing them down. I actually burst out laughing!


137 olivia September 10, 2011

Hi, Angela. This looks great. I’m going to be making some hummus this week, as well as your tomato basil pesto. I was wondering what your thoughts are about freezing hummus. If I make it, I tend to make a lot, and I don’t want it to go to waste. The same goes for pesto, although I’ve heard of people freezing the pesto in ice trays. What do you think (regarding the hummus)?

Also, I made your spicy rainbow bean salad last night, and enjoyed my first (and AMAZING) bowl of overnight oats this morning. thanks for sharing your wonderful craft, and I look forward to making as many dishes as possible with the great recipes you’ve provided! Cheers.


138 Angela (Oh She Glows) September 11, 2011

Hey Olivia, So happy you are enjoying the recipes! I’m not sure if you can freeze hummus! Pesto yes (and ice cube trays is a great idea!). I would try googling it to see if someone else has already figured that out.


139 Kate September 10, 2011

Thought I’d let you know that the amazing blogger from “karla’s closet” mentioned your blog in her August 29th post!


140 Angela (Oh She Glows) September 11, 2011

I know, I saw that and was completely honoured! :)


141 Rebecca September 10, 2011

Do you “shell” your chickpeas? Like pop them out of their little skins or leave them as is?


142 Michelle @ Turning Over a New Leaf September 10, 2011

I risk house and home every time I roast peppers, because I roast them over my gas burner like a mad woman! ;)


143 Emmy (Wine and Butter) September 11, 2011

I LOVE roasted red pepper hummus… but my homemade hummus never tastes as good as store bought… thats pretty messed up right…!?!? and believe me I have TRIED. I may have to stick with chocolate tarts when it comes to cooking! xox


144 LizAshlee September 11, 2011

Hummus is addicting…especially roasted rep pepper!!


145 Jane September 11, 2011

This is the first red pepper hummus recipe I’ve ever tried – it was as smooth and creamy as store-bought but was even tastier. I used red peppers from the garden so had the added satisfaction factor blended right in! This is getting filed in my favorites and will be used again and again!


146 Angela (Oh She Glows) September 12, 2011

Glad you enjoyed it Jane!


147 Bethany September 12, 2011

I always thought people were crazy when they claimed to “crave” something like hummus and vegetables after a workout. Until I ate your roasted red pepper hummus, and fantasized about it during my run yesterday. LOL. Needless to say, I hate a big heaping scoop of it with a cucumber and carrots when I got home. Hit the spot!


148 [email protected] September 12, 2011

This sounds delicious! I have a picnic to go to on Sunday and will def be making this to go with some crackers :)


149 Ashley September 14, 2011

I made this last night and it was my favourite hummus I have ever had, amazing! Even my hubby who doesn’t eat a lot of hummus gobbled it up. I doubled the cayenne to give it some extra kick. Soooo creamy, I want some now…


150 Angela (Oh She Glows) September 14, 2011

I’m happy you loved it!


151 Erin September 17, 2011

OMG!! I just made the hummus this morning….I’ll say it again…OMG, it was the most creamy, smooth, delicious hummus EVER. Bless the roasted peppers!! Many thanks Angela!


152 DessertForTwo September 18, 2011

I made this with fresh red peppers from our garden and it was DELICIOUS! Thanks for this recipe–I’ve been trying to make a good red pepper hummus for a while but kept getting ‘gritty’ recipes. Yours is perfect! :)

We thinned out the leftover with a little more olive oil and used it as a salad dressing–also delicious!


153 Amanda September 19, 2011

Hi Angela! I am a long-time lurker that had to pop in to say thanks for all the hard work you do for your readers! I am a pretty “by-the-book” cook, and rarely experiment with recipes. And sometimes it’s hard to visualize what a recipe wants, but the fact that you take step-by-step pictures is incredibly helpful! Thanks to you, I feel more ready and willing to tackle things I normally wouldn’t (not to mention the inspiration you’ve been while I struggle with my weight and depression). Thank you.


154 Gulcan September 19, 2011

Hi Angela,
I was on leave for 3 weeks and the best part of my holiday has been to come back and enjoy reading your entries that I have missed so far. Thanks a lot for all these lovely food! ;)
Re: roasting, there is an easy peasy way of doing it: stove! It doesn’t matter if it is gas or electric stove. I roast anything on fire by simply placing 1-2 eggplants or red/green peppers on the stove and turn them around until their skin turn into black all around. Then place them inside of a closed lid, anything you name: plastic/glass jar or tupperware. I sometimes use plastic bag and tie it around tights. Leave them inside for a good 5-10 min. Then I quickly take them out and cool them down under running water for 5 sec. Sometimes I skip this last step if they are not super hot. You peel them and yayy it is ready!
Enjoy :)


155 [email protected] September 22, 2011

OH MY. This is AMAZING!! It actually reminds me of this dip that is sold at Loblaws and Zhers, Roasted Red Pepper with Feta Dip. It was my favourite, high in calories and had dairy….but I loved it. So I am even more excited that this is so similar without the high calories and dairy. Way to go!


156 Emily September 22, 2011

Just made this and I think I found my cooking groove again. I love your blog and your recipes never cease to inspire! I have a long list I want to try!!! My husband (hater of vegetables) said he wanted more CHUNKS of RED PEPPER!! Whaa?? So thanks for the new recipe and for sharing in such a easy way to understand. I actually had fun peeling the skin off the peppers! I’ve NEVER done this before!!! SO thanks! Keep glowing!! :0)


157 Willie Costello September 30, 2011

And as if this hummus weren’t good enough on it’s own, it also makes a wonderful pizza cheese substitute!


158 Kelly April 21, 2012

I just made the recipe as directed, except i doubled the garlic! ( were garlic freaks!) I also substituted the tahini for a tbsp or so of seasame oil….more potent, so you use less, and I use seasame oil more than I would ever use tahini. Tastes FABULOUS!!!! thanks so much!!!


159 Maria September 18, 2012

NOW I truly understand spoonfeeding…

This is my hummus that changed everything! Thank. You.

Love, M


160 Kat November 29, 2012

Just so you know, peppers freeze very well. I chop them up so they are prepped, and then I can just toss them in whatever I’m making. (Usually chili or some kind of sauce.) Onions can be chopped up and frozen as well. :)


161 Melissa Darr December 12, 2012

I just made this tonight to go with some quinoa cakes and it was delicious. Mmmm.


162 Julie Couture February 20, 2013

I tried this tonight! It is yummy but I must say the bitterness of the tahini is overwhelming.
I would really like to know if the kind of tahini in a can that I buy is different than the one I see in recipe. Because I NEVER like the hummus I make! And I have tried and tried.

Any tips for less bitterness?


163 Edna June 5, 2013

Delectable!! My husband is not very fond of hummus, BUT he loved this one! Thanks!


164 Theresa October 6, 2013

Just made this and I absolutely love it.


165 Tricia September 18, 2014


I made this for a cooking class I taught and it was devoured between the participants and staff! New favorite hummus. Ran the nutrition facts, only about 100 Calories for a 1/4 cup serving! SCORE. No need for any olive oil at all :-)


166 Rachel March 23, 2015

Wow, the squashing of the peppers. Damn, if only I had read this before I didn’t squash the ones I roasted yesterday… hehe. Great tip!


167 Debbie October 8, 2015

I wondered if I could use a red & yellow pepper in this recipe? Wanted to make this but I don’t think I have enough red?


168 Brenda July 24, 2016

I used mini sweet peppers of different colors. The recipe was very very lemony so dropped to 5 teaspoons lemon and it was perfect. Maybe the 5 tablespoons in a typo?


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