Spring Fever Lemon Dill Hummus


You know it must be Spring when Woody The Woodpecker comes out of hiding!


Beautiful!!  We see a lot of these woodpeckers during the Spring and Summer months in our backyard.

Male Pileated Woodpeckers have a red stripe from their bill outward, while female Pileated Woodpeckers do not, but both the male and females have the red crest on top of their heads. We aren’t sure if this one is a male or female because it is a bit hard to make out in the picture whether this one has a red stripe from the bill. It looks like it does, but I’m not positive. Anyone know? I had to zoom in this photo a lot and unfortunately the quality isn’t that great!


Yesterday, Eric and I had Spring Fever pulsing through our veins and we went on three walks! It wasn’t even warm out, but we just needed to get in the sunshine and feel it on our faces. I’m pretty sure our neighbours think we are crazy, although I’m sure they have known for a while after seeing me take pictures of my food all last summer.

The conclusion: I really love walking and I don’t do it enough! It also seemed to help the horrible cramps I had yesterday too.


When we returned, a plate full of freshness was just what the Doctor ordered.


And then I fell asleep at 8:30pm on the couch, stumbled up to bed at midnight, and woke up just after 7am. I guess my body needed one last hibernation for the Winter? At any rate, I feel like a new girl today.


The fresh dill I bought from the grocery store just keeps on ticking. Luckily, it seems to be keeping quite fresh in the crisper. I have had lemon dill hummus on my mind all week long, so I used my Favourite Hummus recipe and added a bunch of fresh dill to it.


Spring Fever Lemon Dill Hummus


You simply prepare the hummus according to the directions here and add in the minced dill and process it some more until combined. Easy peasy!

It turned out great with a very fresh dill flavour. Two thumbs up!


We are off for our first hike of the season today. I wish it was warmer out (it’s about –4C right now), but we’ll have to bundle up and make do. I’ll bring the camera along and hopefully we will see some fun creatures out and about celebrating the first day of Spring!

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Vibeke January 1, 2014

Hi Angela.

Just made this hummus after searching for some oil-free recipes. In one word: delicious!


Joanna goes vegan April 5, 2011

I love hummus but I have never tried it with dill. I so have to try it :-)


Sam @ the neurotic yogini March 21, 2011

Never tried dill in my hummus..sounds yum though. I like to add a Mexican flair when I make mine (hey, I’m from Texas!!!) and add cilantro and jalapeno.. it’s pretty bomb! :)


Allie March 21, 2011

You just inspired me to pick up some dill tonight!


Nicole @ Fresh & Fit March 21, 2011

That hummus looks like it tastes like spring! I’m not exaclty sure what spring taste like, but its fresh, smells good and is very yumm! I can’t wait for the temperature to rise just a little more!


Maryea {Happy Healthy Mama} March 21, 2011

What a perfect recipe for the first day of spring! :-)


Elizabeth@The Sweet Life March 21, 2011

Hibernation feels so good, no matter the season!


Ashley March 21, 2011

What lens are you typically using these days? :)


Ellie@fitforthesoul March 20, 2011

Wow cooool~~I’ve never seen a woodpecker!! I always wondered if it reallly made that “ahe ahea aheaha!!” noise lol :P


Hannah March 20, 2011

I’m so delighted that you got to see a real woodpecker! We don’t have those in Australia!


Gena March 20, 2011

We can never have too many hummus flavors, can we? Awesome recipe! I love dill.


Justeen @ Blissful Baking March 20, 2011

Love the color of this hummus! It looks so fresh and delicious!


Ashley March 20, 2011

This hummus sounds amazing:) Going to have to go buy some dill!


Charlie March 20, 2011

I love dill but never thought of adding it to hummus! Must be delicious :).


MarmandeintheKitchen March 20, 2011

I love the idea of dill in hummus – dill is such a nice, spring-like flavor. Looks great!


Melomeals: Vegan for $3.33 a Day March 20, 2011

oh how I love hummus! Dill is such a great addition..


Lisa (bakebikeblog) March 20, 2011

my oh my – this looks so wonderful!


Sarah L. March 20, 2011

Yum! The Summerfresh Lemon Dill hummus is one of my favourites and I imagine it would be even more delicious fresh. I can’t wait to try it!


mary (what's cookin' with mary) March 20, 2011

YUM. I used to ‘hate’ dill, but as I got ‘older’ (lol) I realized that I don’t care for dried dill, but LOVE fresh. What a great idea to add it to your hummus. Very spring like ;) you pictures are so pretty!! Makes me want to make some right now.


jodie March 20, 2011

I don’t know how to put a photo in the comments section but you should check out my hot pink hummus! It is all natural and sooooooo fun and tasty!! http://www.jodiecope.com/2010/12/holiday-hummus.html if you want to take a peak.

The woodpeckers have been waking us many mornings lately, they love our telephone poles.


Emma (Namaste Everyday) March 20, 2011

i always seem to forget about dill when I am cooking, but thats a great idea to incorporate it! shake things up!


Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga) March 20, 2011

I just did a couple posts on lemon & dill flavored food! One was raw zucchini pasta noodles with a homemade creamy vegan lemon & dill dressing and then I did roasted potato wedges with lemon and dill and herbs. I have been LOVING lemon & dill flavored things lately. Great minds think alike :)

Perfect way to jazz up hummus! I need to give it a try.

And woody the woodpecker…GREAT SHOT!

Have a wonderful weekend (what’s left) Angela :)


Amy March 20, 2011

Mmm…lemon and dill…what a lovely, refreshing combination. Yum!


Stefanie March 20, 2011

I have a woodpecker that likes to hang out in the trees behind my apartment building. It is nice to hear all the birds sing in the morning along with the woodpecker. I hope your hike was nice despite the weather.


Emily March 20, 2011

Wow, those woodpecker photos are so cool!
Have fun on your hike!


jenny eats nutella from a spoon March 20, 2011

LOOOOOVE lemon and dill. i think i will defs be doing this with the leftover beans in my fridge


Katelyn @ Chef Katelyn March 20, 2011

I have never thought of adding dill to hummus! I should get some at the store and try that out in my next batch!


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