Maple Cinnamon Almond Butter with Hemp, Flax, and Chia Seed



Last June, my blog buddy Ashley came for a visit! It was our first time meeting ‘in real life’. I was nervous and basically had hot flashes anticipating her arrival.


Luckily, we hit it off.  :)

We bonded over foodie gifts..




[That would be my favourite VOO –> Cherry Chocolate Bomb Vegan Overnight Oats]



And hiking!


Oh, and nut butter. It was on this visit that Ashley gave me some of her Maple Cinnamon Almond Butter and Salt-Kissed Cashew Butter.  Before then, I was always a Homemade Raw Almond Butter kinda gal, but she inspired me to experiment with other homemade nut butter flavours!

I have since made 4 Ingredient Dark Chocolate Almond Butter


Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter                                       and Dark Chocolate Pecan Butter


Clearly my nut butters are simply another vessel for chocolate. I blame PMS.

Yesterday, I made a spin-off of Ashley’s Vanilla Bean Maple Almond Butter. It was also inspired by Naturally Nutty’s Cinnamon Vanilla Almond Butter made with chia, flax, and hemp seed that I spotted on Kath Eats. I thought the idea of adding chia, flax, and hemp seed was a great way to sneak in more nutrients.

And I’m totally down for anything that gives me another reason to eat nut butter!



Have you ever made homemade nut butter before?

It is really quite easy if you have a processor or blender that will do the work. This recipe requires more time than any nut butter recipe I have made before (due to the almond roasting), but it was so worth it in the end!

Mix together the almonds, chia, flax, hemp, and maple syrup. Spread out onto a lined baking sheet and bake for 30 minutes, stirring once half way through, at 300F.

IMG_2510 IMG_2513

After 30 minutes of roasting:


Eric came into the kitchen when I was making this yesterday morning and he said, ’Mmm it smells amazing in here! WOW!

When I told him that I was making nut butter, he was crushed (he hates nut butter).

He thought I was making waffles!

I pity the fool.


For the first 5 minutes of processing, stop and scrape down the bowl every 30-60 seconds as needed. In the initial stages, I stop every 30 seconds or so.

After 5 minutes (half-way point):


After 5 more minutes of processing, my nut butter was ready! I added in the cinnamon, salt, and vanilla around minute 9.

I won’t tell you how much fun licking the bowl is. That would just be mean.


It makes about 1 and 1/4 cup.

IMG_2536 IMG_2546

The result is an almond butter with a deep roasted flavour and layers of nuttiness with just a hint of sweetness. I didn’t detect the chia, hemp, or flax flavours specifically, but I was happy knowing they were in there!

I enjoyed some apple slices spread with nut butter and strawberry jam.



The clean up for this photoshoot was also a good time. ;)


If you’d like to make chunky almond butter, you can process or chop some almonds and then stir it back into the almond butter. I think I will try that next time!

Does anyone know if I can make nut butter in my Vitamix without a DRY container? I’m scared to ruin it!

Have a great Monday!

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Michelle March 14, 2011

Dont you love when you meet new peeps and hit it off!!?? Love the pics of you two taking pics.


Anna @ Newlywed, Newly Veg March 14, 2011

That first shot– geez Louise!!!! This nut butter looks downright luscious!


Lauren at Keep It Sweet March 14, 2011

Funny, I made nut butter this weekend and was wondering if adding chia seeds would work. Now I know for next time!


lauren @ spiced plate March 14, 2011

maple! cinnamon! almonds! flax! hemp! chia!
sorry. I’m a bit excited — these are a few of my favorite things, combined into one lovely spread. I would love some, right now, just a whole jar to myself to graze on all day.

Thanks for this lovely recipe!


Annie@stronghealthyfit March 14, 2011

That looks and sounds amazing!!! Wish i had a stronger food processor…
I can’t believe Eric doesn’t like nut butter!


Angela (Oh She Glows) March 14, 2011

I know, eh? He says it’s a texture issue! haha


JenATX March 14, 2011

Craziness! At least he likes chocolate right?


Hannah March 14, 2011

Aaah Angela this sounds SO good! It’s so easy to make your own “nutzo” peanut butter/almond butter without paying $15 or whatever it is. Plus, it’s more fun because you control how much of each ingredient you want to put in. The only thing that sucks is clean up. There is nothing enjoyable about cleaning a sticky, gooey food processor! :P


Angela @ Eat Spin Run Repeat March 14, 2011

YUM! This looks so delicious I could probably eat it all on its own! I’ve been meaning to try making my own nut butter in my food processor – I don’t have a Vitamix though so I can’t really advise there. Great photos as usual! :)


Holly @ Couch Potato Athlete March 14, 2011

Isn’t it nice to just hit it off with someone right away? That is so great!

The nut butter looks amazing — I’ve never tried Naturally Nutty but they have the most interesting flavors!

No clue about your VitaMix question…


Elizabeth@The Sweet Life March 14, 2011

Gorgeous nut butter photo. Wow!


Alex @ Healing Beauty March 14, 2011

I love your nut butter recipes!


Kelly @ Laughter, Strength, and Food March 14, 2011

I have never made my own nut butter. I have a reason to now! That looks delicious! :-)


Justeen @ Blissful Baking March 14, 2011

This nut butter sounds absolutely divine! And I love how it’s got so much good stuff packed in there! Fabulous!!


Claire @ Un Bello Aperitivo March 14, 2011

Ooo, great photos! The nut butter looks amazing, but I don’t think my little food processor is powerful enough for that…I’m just waiting for a Vitamix. ;-)


Kayla March 14, 2011

I made almond butter last night in a DRY container in the Vitamix. Usually I just use my wet one, because I think it’s more powerful anyway. The DRY container didn’t do as good as a job as my wet container, so I definitely think you could make nut butter in your wet container. Cleanup is a disaster, though. :)


Jamie March 14, 2011

Hey, I was going shopping for the week yesterday and was always thinking I am missing shopping… I was wondering when you make all this delcious things I was wondering what does your usual shopping list entail…? Cause I would like to go to the store perpared next time he he


Tracey @ I'm Not Superhuman March 14, 2011

Oh yum. I think adding flax into nut butter makes it a million times better. And I love the maple addition. That little bit of sweet tastes great, I bet.


Megan @ Healthy Hoggin' March 14, 2011

I made cashew butter in my standard Vita-Mix container, and it worked really well! I blended JUST cashews– no additional oil or anything– on LOW, and used the tamper to push down the cashews until it was butter-like. I tried the same thing with almonds… and had little success. I didn’t burn-out my blender, but additional oil would have been a good idea!

I think almonds are a harder nut than cashews, so I think any “soft” nut would work well in the Vita-Mix (i.e. cashews, pecans, walnuts). My sister-in-law actually just burned-out her Vita-Mix making coconut butter, so you never know what might do it! Eek! I think I’ll stick to the food processor for my almond butter for now…


Angela (Oh She Glows) March 14, 2011

ahhh yea that is what scares me!


Liz @ IHeartVegetables March 14, 2011

I had a lot of trouble trying to make coconut butter in my vitamix. In the end, I had to add some coconut oil, and even then, it’s not creamy. I was kind of disappointed :(

But almond butter works just fine in my vitamix!


Sabine @ thefruitpursuit March 15, 2011

I make all my nut butters in the vita dry container- no oil or anything.

the trick is to start out at a low speed and use the tamper, and gradually go higher in speed to get is more smooth :)


Jennifer @ March 14, 2011

Looks incredible! Interesting that you baked the nuts and seeds before adding them to the food processor. I probably would have just thrown them in raw. Any difference?


Angela (Oh She Glows) March 14, 2011

baking them gives the nut butter a really nice roasted flavour, although Im sure you could make it raw if you prefer!


Charlie March 14, 2011

This nut butter sounds so good! I love anything with maple syrup & anything with cinnamon… and now they are both in a nut butter! Have to try!


Heather @ Health, Happiness, and Hope March 14, 2011

I’ve never tried making my own nut butter, but it’s definitely on the to-do list since I have a high-quality kitchenaid food processor. This recipe sounds fantastic Angela – I love all the seeds! Wonderful photography as well!



Jackie @ Baking Charms March 14, 2011

I NEED to get a food processor that won’t break on me while trying to make nut butter! I’ve toasted two of them so far and am scared to buy another :( Any suggestions??


Kandi March 14, 2011

Me too. I need to buy a processor and would make lots of butter in it as well so I’d be curious to know what processor you use also Angela? Thanks!


carpensm @ A Life Without Ice Cream March 14, 2011

OMG that looks yummy! How did those almonds even make it into the food processor!


Kelsey March 14, 2011

AMAZING! I’m such a fan Naturally Nutty peanut butter; great idea to make your own version. So much cheaper! I will definitely be trying this goodness!


Jess March 14, 2011

Thanks for another GREAT recipe! Where do you get all of your cute jars??!


Angela (Oh She Glows) March 14, 2011

which ones?


Jess March 14, 2011

The cute little mason one at the top of your post. So cute, I have a hard time finding jars!


Angela (Oh She Glows) March 14, 2011

I got it at Wal mart :)


J3nn (Jenn's Menu and Lifestyle Blog) March 14, 2011

YUM!!! I bet it smells amazing! I’d be licking each and every one of the spoons that’s in the pictures, LOL.


Julie @ Shining From Within March 14, 2011



Bridget March 14, 2011

I really regret not having nut butter at breakfast now that i’ve seen these pics.


Heather (heathers dish) March 14, 2011

Ashley’s nut butters are so addicting! Love this version :)


Laura @ Sprint 2 the Table March 14, 2011

Great idea adding the seeds and roasting the almonds. I’m going to be thinking about this all day! This may be what it takes to get me to go buy a new food processor. My old standard just isn’t cutting it anymore.


Allison Powers March 14, 2011

Yes! You can make nut butter in your Vitamix wet container. In fact, I think that is the one they recommend using….or at least that is the one I use. It makes nut butter in 3 minutes. I found that the small (32 oz) container does a better job at it than the 64 oz. And, another secret….turn up the speed slowly before flipping to high. Happy grinding!


Rachel March 14, 2011

My mom’s VitaMix is REALLY old school and there wasn’t even such thing as a “dry container”. She makes peanut butter in it at least once a month so I bet you’d be fine!


Felicia (a taste of health with balance) March 14, 2011

this looks amazing, and i love the addition of hemp flax and chia! perfect! maple + any nut butter is definitely a winner in my book :)


Caitlin @ The Caitie Experiment March 14, 2011

The only nut butter I’ve ever made at home was actually YOUR recipe for the dark chocolate almond butter! I’ve made it twice, and the first time it was seriously the. most. amazing. thing. ever…. I ate so much of it straight and drippy from the processor that I barely had any left to stick in the fridge and get to that amazing ganache-like texture! The second batch I think I messed up the proportions and my processor kept trying to jump off the counter, but it was delicious anyway!


Angela (Oh She Glows) March 14, 2011

haha yikes! processors can be crazy at times. Glad you enjoyed it!


Emma (Sweet Tooth Runner) March 14, 2011

Looks SO GOOD!! Nothing beats homemade nut butter!! I’m gonna try to make cinnamon raisin nut butter soon cos I have a serious craving!! :P


Lauren March 14, 2011

This looks so delicious!!! I make all of my own nut butters but I haven’t ventured into flavors yet, this inspires me to do so right away! :)


Kathryn March 14, 2011

Dying of want. DYING.


Michelle | gold-hearted girl March 14, 2011

I love Ashley’s blog! These pictures are amazing!


Roz March 14, 2011

How fun to meet your blog buddy in person!!! And wow…I’m seriously regretting the jar of almond butter I bought yesterday. I’m sure it’s NOT NEARLY as delicious as your home made version must be.
Have a great day.


Amber K March 14, 2011

How can Eric not like nut butter? I think I’m just baffled, because I LOVE it. My husband isn’t a huge fan, but he’ll eat it if I specifically put it on or in something. :)


kate@ahealthypassion March 14, 2011

Omg this looks amazing, I just made ashleys cookie dough almond butter and was in heaven.. as far as the vitamix, ive used it to make nut butters numerous times with the wet blade and it works just fine except you have to keep tamping down the nuts which is a major arm workout, I prefer the food processor its less work!


Angela (Oh She Glows) March 14, 2011

thanks for the tip!


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