Pumpkin Pie Banana Chunk Oatmeal Cookies


Happy weekend!

Loved reading your comments in this morning’s Happy Weight post. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experiences! You have until tomorrow morning at 8am to enter the book giveaway.

After I posted this morning, I snuck out for a quick run to start my day off on the right track. Actually I wasn’t sure if my legs would be up for it because I ran 4 miles last night with Eric, so I just told myself I would run to the end of the driveway and back. A simple goal (and a bit funny), but it seemed to work because I didn’t feel ANY pressure to run if my body didn’t feel up for it.

I find with running, I often don’t know how I feel until I actually get out on the pavement. So I got dressed and told myself ‘to the end of the driveway and back’ and wouldn’t you know it once I got out there I felt great– my legs weren’t tired like I thought they were. This was proof that my doubts this morning were actually mental doubts and my body told me it was just fine.

I kept it short and sweet since I had a crazy busy work day ahead of me: 3 miles in 26:33 minutes (avg pace = 8:50).

Mile splits:

  • Mile 1: 9:10
  • Mile 2: 8:47
  • Mile 3: 8:34


It was quite possibly the most beautiful, sunny, and crisp morning of the season. I felt like I was floating on air today! Well, except for the crazy hills…but you can’t win ‘em all. ;)

I have a deliciously healthy cookie recipe for you to kick off the weekend! Yeehaw!

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Pumpkin Pie Banana Chunk Oatmeal Cookies

Adapted from Banana Apricot Spelt Oatmeal Cookies (amazing!)


  • 1 Flax ‘egg’ (1 teaspoon ground chia seeds or 2 tsp. ground flaxseed + 2 tablespoons water)
  • 1 cup regular oats
  • 1 cup whole grain spelt flour (or other flours will work too)
  • 1/2 teaspoon baking soda
  • 1/2 teaspoon baking powder
  • 2 tbsp chopped walnuts
  • 1/2 teaspoon sea salt
  • 1 teaspoon cinnamon
  • 2 tbsp cacao nibs
  • 1/2 teaspoon vanilla bean paste or 1 tsp pure vanilla extract
  • 1/2 cup pure maple syrup
  • 1 small banana, chopped
  • 3/4 cup canned pumpkin


Directions: Preheat the oven to 375F. Mix flax or chia egg in a small bowl and set aside. Mix dry ingredients in a medium sized bowl and set aside. Mix wet ingredients in a small to medium sized bowl and then add flax or chia egg. Stir. Pour wet mixture into dry ingredients. Stir well and shape cookies onto a pan. Makes 12 large cookies. Cook for 13 minutes at 375F.

Step 1: Mix dry ingredients

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Note: I threw in some rice crisp cereal, but I would not use it again as it didn’t add any crunch by the time it was baked.

Step 2: Mix wet ingredients:

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Leave bananas chopped and chunky- this is key!

Step 3– add wet to dry and stir well:

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Now place on lined baking sheet and shape into cookies. Makes about 12 large cookies. Bake for 13 minutes.

Friends, it does not get any easier than this!

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They are not too sweet and are healthy and light tasting.  Pumpkin is also packed with Beta-carotene, Vitamin C, Potassium, and Copper.

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The banana chunks are key- they are so nice to bite into. The cookies are very moist, but without the feeling like they aren’t cooked in the middle.

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I seem to enjoy stacking things this week… ;)

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Eric said, ‘Are these cookies or burgers?’

Then he proceeded to gobble them up like the Cookie Monsta he is. His verdict: ‘Delicious and moist’

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I’m off to bring my girlfriend Jen a basket of cookies! Hope she likes them as much as I do.

Have a great start to your weekend! If you don’t hear from me until Monday it means that I am having the first epic weekend of freedom since June. ;)

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1 Bianca King August 6, 2010

Looks so yummy! What can I substitute for the cacao chips and maple syrup? Thanks!


2 Angela (Oh She Glows) August 6, 2010

You could probably sub 1/2 cup honey or 1/3 cup agave?? Just guessing here! I would adjust it to taste once the batter is mixed. It won’t taste overly sweet but it should taste good when all mixed up.

cacao nibs- you could sub in raisins or just leave them out all together. The walnuts give it a nice crunch too.


3 Mary LaCombe February 12, 2015

I’ve substituted organic blackstrap molasses in this recipe and in the vegan trail mix cookies and they’re incredible. :)


4 Bridget August 6, 2010

Have a wonderful weekend Angela! Thanks for another great recipe :)


5 Nicole @ yuppieyogini.com August 6, 2010

Yummm! Darnnit–no I’m gonna have to make the carrot cakes scuffins AND these cookies. Oh well, I could have worse problems ;) I’m amazed at your ability to crank out recipes. How have you learned to to create so many vegan baking recipes?? Trial & error?


6 AngelaOSG August 9, 2010

Yup trial and error :) You got it.


7 Tonyne @ The Unlikely Success Story August 6, 2010

Oh my goodness!! Yummy! As always, your recipes leave me drooling in the best possible way. I must make these soon! :)


8 Ameena August 6, 2010

I love how your husband had to ask if these were cookies or burgers…so funny.

You are an expert baker AND stacker. Is there anything you can’t do? :)


9 Gina (@ Looking Forward) August 6, 2010

Haha…my boyfriend is SUCH a cookie monster!!!


10 Kristin August 6, 2010

WHERE did you find canned pumpkin this time of year?! I have been dying to get my hands on some – fall can’t come soon enough! :)


11 AngelaOSG August 9, 2010

In Ontario it is everywhere year round!


12 Devyn August 6, 2010

Yum! Keep the vegan cookie and baked goods recipes without oil coming! I loveeee them


13 Alexa @ Sohdalex August 6, 2010

omg. These look amazing! Your photography is beautiful and makes me want to reach through my computer screen to grab one of these. This is one of the posts that makes me miss kitchen access even more then usual. I have a stack of recipes, that could probably fill a book, to make when I am back home from my kitchen-less summer and this is definitely one of them. It’ll be cookies galore come end of August ;)


14 holly @ couchpotatoathlete August 6, 2010

Oh these look amazing!
Seriously, when will you release a cookbook!?!?!

Have a great relaxing weekend!


15 [email protected] August 6, 2010

These look so yummy and easy too!


16 Maissa August 6, 2010

MMM yummy. Those look great. You’ve been on a roll with recipes lately, they all look fantastic (and the ones I have made have been!).

I had a similar running experience this morning. I was doubting whether or not my legs were up to the 6 mile tempo I had on the schedule, but I got out there and it turns out they were. Turns out my silly brain was just getting all tangled up in self doubt. Moral of the story? Legs = smarter than brain.

Have a lovely weekend. I’m excited for you for your free Saturday!


17 Camille August 6, 2010

Mmm, tasty looking cookies!
I think I shall make some!


18 Angela @ Eat Spin Run Repeat August 6, 2010

Yummmmmm! Those look delicious and I absolutely LOVE pumpkin! Printing this one off for sure! Eric’s comments are hilarious – nothing like a little honesty! :)


19 Freya @ Brit Chick Runs August 6, 2010

Oh darn it – it’s 11.20pm here, I was just about to go to bed – now you’ve made me want cookies!! BAD woman! :P


20 Heather (Heather's Dish) August 6, 2010

it might be the cutest thing ever that you’re taking a basket of cookies to your friend! so sweet!


21 Michelle August 6, 2010

Dang! You have a LONG driveway!

hahaha. I had to say it since no one else did :)


22 Megan August 6, 2010

I bookmarked this recipe as soon as I saw it! Lucky for me I have lots of pumpkin and banana just waiting to be used up :)


23 Lisa @ bakebikeblog August 6, 2010

ooooh yuumo!
And I just read your wonderful post about ‘happy weight’. I too ditched the scales and have never looked back!!


24 Lea @ Healthy Coconut August 6, 2010

Wow, how long is your driveway? I’m guessing very long. If I were to run the same distance as your driveway, I might be past the community gate already, lol! I have a running route where I pass by 3 donut shops :( It smells so good, it’s torture.

Enjoy your weekend


25 Nicole @ Geek Turned Athlete August 6, 2010

As always, when I see any of the food on your site, I get a huge smile on my face. ;) I can actually make this recipe gluten free. ;) This makes me very happy especially b/c our kitchen boxes came in from Germany last week. I finally have utensils!! and cookie sheets! and my beloved vanilla. ;)


26 Nancy @ The Wife of a Dairyman August 6, 2010

I love all the healthy recipes you create! I’ve made the carrot cake scuffins….just finished off my last one this morning and these cookies look fabulous!


27 Hannah August 6, 2010

Mmm those look so good, I think I’d have to use the honey though, I dont have pure maple syrup, only the crappy fake kind :(


28 Pam August 6, 2010

I’m so excited to make these and some of your other baked goods for my picky, non-vegan kids for breakfast foods and snacks. Gotta sneak those vitamins in!


29 rachel August 6, 2010

those cookies are gorgeous. they look so hearty!


30 Mary @ Bites and Bliss August 6, 2010

These look delicious!! I was just looking for a new healthy cookie recipe to try :)

Can you replace the flax eggs with a regular egg if making them non vegan? Or just leave that part out?


31 AngelaOSG August 9, 2010

Im not sure on that one, you’d have to experiment I guess!


32 Amanda August 6, 2010

Yum, cookies!
Enjoy your weekend; you most definitely deserve some time off.


33 Devon August 6, 2010

YUM!! These look great! Can’t wait to try them!


34 Megan @ Healthy Hoggin' August 6, 2010

“Are these cookies or burgers?” — That quote just cracked me up! ;)

Mmmm… pumpkin and banana! Your cookies look delicious! I love baking on the weekends, too– it gives me something to look forward to eating later! Thanks for the recipe!


35 Casey August 6, 2010

Yummmm!!! those cookies look incredible! Everything you make looks awesome. :) And thank you so much for your operation beautiful post it was so dead on with how i felt and sometimes still feel, I’m still struggling but i know i will get through it like you did, you really are one of my role models!


36 Nicole Y. August 6, 2010

I actually made these the other day after I became addicted to your scuffin recipe! I had canned pumpkin and some bananas that I needed to use up so I made the scuffins with pumpkin, banana chunks, walnuts, and pumpkin pie spice!!! My recipe is almost exact to yours!!! :)


37 [email protected] La Vida Pura August 6, 2010

You’ve done it again, Ange! Yet another recipe that I simply must make rightthisverysecond. These cookies are absolutely gorgeous, and I’ll delude myself into thinking that since they’re vegan and filled with nutritious ingredients, that means it’s okay to eat half the batch in one sitting :)


38 Chelsea @ One Healthy Munchkin August 6, 2010

Oh my goodness, these remind me of my favourite bowl of oatmeal! I can’t wait to make these! :D


39 Sarah August 6, 2010

Those cookies look delish :) I need to find some pumpkin ASAP!

Have an awesome epic weekend!!


40 Michelle @ Give Me the Almond Butter August 6, 2010

You are such an incredible baker! Have a fun weekend my dear :)


41 Jill August 6, 2010

Hey Angela!
Long time reader, fan and fellow GTA-er here.
Kind of a strange question, but I’m wondering if you have any tips for buying maple syrup in bulk. I tried your scuffins, and they were such a hit that my family kept requesting more! But boy can baking really put a dent in the maple syrup supply. I’ve been buying from a local organic farmers market, but it is so expensive. Any tips?
Thanks for the awesome inspiration!


42 AngelaOSG August 9, 2010

Hi Jill,

I buy bulk maple syrup from a local maple syrup farm. Check out this resource: http://www.ontariomaple.com/directory/bulk-buyers-of-maple.html


43 Liz @ Tip Top Shape August 6, 2010

Those cookies look great!! Can I sub in a real egg for the flax egg or will that mess with the recipe?


44 chelsey August 6, 2010

you never cease to amaze me my dear – those look fabulous!!!


45 Jessie August 6, 2010

Hey sweetheart remember me? Is it my imagination or were you at one point planning on becoming a personal trainer? I have a few questions on what program you were going to go through and that kind of thing, when you have time if you could email me i would appreciate it!


46 AngelaOSG August 9, 2010

hey Jess!!!!!!!!!!! Wow long time no talk! How r ya? No I didnt not become a personal trainer. Was thinking of doing the nutrition thing, but when I started up the bakery I didnt go through with it as I was too busy.


47 Wei-Wei August 6, 2010

So yummy! Om nom nom. Too bad I finished my pumpkin “puree” last week… :P You’re amazing!



48 Heather McClees August 6, 2010

Hi Angela! I love this recipe! I’ve got several variations of this one myself! Do these have coconut on top? It looks like shredded coconut in the pictures but I don’t see it in the recipe? Just curious!:) I made some yummy carrot raisin cookies tonight with applesauce and flax instead of an egg- I can’t wait to try these tomorrow:) Have a great Saturday!:)<3


49 AngelaOSG August 9, 2010

Yup there is shredded coconut on top :)


50 Kelly August 6, 2010

I just made these and have already devoured 2 cookies! These are SOO good!! Thanks for the recipe! I love how the banana is in chunks instead of mashed. It totally made the cookie!


51 janna @ janna's keeping it real August 6, 2010

Well…I love pumpkin and I LOVE cookies, so this is for sure on my baking agenda for the weekend! Thanks!!:0)


52 Stacey @ Tipping the (Kitchen!) Scales August 7, 2010

How do you come up with recipes all of the time?! You are relentless; so amazing!! I agree that you should def consider writing a cookbook.

The cookies, of course, look fab!!


53 Marina August 7, 2010

Pumpkin banana cookies??
Want some, now :D


54 Jessica @ How Sweet It Is August 7, 2010

Oh my gosh!! Those cookies sound to die for!


55 Maria @ Kale and Cupcakes August 7, 2010

I love that Eric will try most everything you make – still trying to encourage (gently of course!) to try some of my ‘healthy’ concoctions! :) Looks like another fabulous recipe to try!


56 Halley August 7, 2010

Holy cow, these cookies look so unbelievable! The flax ‘egg’ idea is brilliant, I am saving this recipe for the first day of fall a.k.a. the first day of pumpkin season! Your cookie recipes are always banging, AND boyfriend approved, love it. Can’t wait to try them!


57 Whitney @ Whitinspired August 7, 2010

Oh man, those look so good! Have a great weekend!!


58 Callie August 7, 2010

I’ve gotta try those cookies!
Have a fun weekend. :)


59 [email protected] August 7, 2010

i just posted a cookie recipe too :)
THESE LOOK REDICULOUSLY DELICIOUS! you always know how to present them so well too! the coconut is M-M-M good! <3


60 tanyasdaily August 7, 2010

great combo….enjoy YOUR weekend!


61 Diana @ frontyardfoodie August 7, 2010

That’s pretty giving yourself a tiny goal to start with. Because then you actually get dressed…..which is the biggest mental challenge for me!

Those cookies look incredible!


62 Ginny August 7, 2010

OMG!! These are so delicious. I knew I had to make them as soon as I saw the recipe. I subbed some Sunspire chocolate chips for the cacao nibs and added 1/2 c unsweetened coconut. I am going to have trouble not eating the whole batch in one day. Thanks for a great recipe.


63 Digamba August 7, 2010

How long do these keep? What’s the best way to store them–should they be frozen or something? Because if I’m making something that nice, I’d like to eat them all in peak condition…and even a healthy cookie is a once-a-day thing for me.


64 AngelaOSG August 9, 2010

Yes they freeze well..we froze some for 4-5 days and they were great.


65 Claire August 7, 2010

LOVE the pumpkin oatmeal cookies, and so did my one year old daughter Madeline! It’s so fun to give her a cookie that is full of vitamins. Thank you for your fabulous recipes!!!


66 court August 8, 2010

could i use an actual egg instead of ‘flax’ egg? how many? and could i use regular salt instead of sea salt?


67 AngelaOSG August 9, 2010

Not sure about the egg, prob though!

Salt can replace sea salt although you may need less salt.


68 Sportsgirl September 6, 2010

Thanks for the recipe Angela. I made these today and they were wonderful!! Will definitely be making them again.


69 rosi September 12, 2010

about to make these right now. it’s kinda chilly here today. ohhh excited!


70 Becky October 21, 2010

Oh my goodness! These are delicious. I found your site via a link from Eat Live Run. This is my first vegan foray in the baking department. I love to bake but wasn’t sure how to tackle it now that I’m experimenting with vegan cooking. I made some substitutions based on what I had in the house (roasted squash instead of pumpkin, 1/4 cup maple syrup + 1/4 cup honey, raisins instead of cacao nibs). These are to die for and I feel good about eating them and giving them to my 2 year old daughter as a treat! Thank you so much. Can’t wait to try lots more of your recipes.


71 Kasia October 27, 2010

Great recipe! I made these last night and you’re right, they are so moist, which is fantastic considering there is no butter in them. Also, I find them very filling, so they make for a perfect healthy snack!


72 Louise December 25, 2012

I’ll have to try this. I have two daughters in college and I’m always looking for healthy “grab and go” options.


73 Kate August 16, 2013

Just made a half batch & used honey vs. maple syrup. Results were dry & spongy. I then added 2 Tbsn of Coconut Oil to the rest of the batch and that really helped the texture.

Not sure if was a simple as swapping out maple?


74 Alejandra November 25, 2013

What is the exact recipe for a flax egg? I have seen a few different proportions on different recipes of yours. I feel like my cookies came out too chewy and am trying to figure out why. I used GF all purpose baking flour.


75 Natalie March 4, 2014

Oh my goodness! I made these exactly as described in the recipe and they are SOOO good. I had two right away when they came out of the oven, and another one after they cooled. Super moist, flavorful, and light! The banana chunks are amazing and all the flavors and textures work together perfectly. Thank you for a delicious recipe! :)


76 amberlee April 19, 2014

Wow. These were perfect. Thank you! I happened to have a pumpkin a whole bunch of bananas and all the rest of the ingredients on hand. It was fate!


77 Gracie September 21, 2015

Just made these and they’re SOO delicious!!! I added mini semisweet and dark chocolate chips. I’ve been searching for a good healthy/breakfast cookie recipe and this is the first one that has tasted GOOD. I plan to have them for breakfast tomorrow…but I’m not sure they’ll last that long. YUM.


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