In A Jiffy Veggie Pie


Good evening!

Wow what a day…a hot, hot, hot day in the bakery! I even had the A/C on and I was still hot and flustered all day long. The thermometer read 37C at the peak of the day today. I was like a worried mother watching over her child whenever I thought about my dear Basil plant in this sweltering heat. I made sure to water it at lunch! So far so good.

I want to give a huge shout-out to my early morning run for keeping me energized all day long! I think I am going to be hooked on AM workouts again. I felt so great today.

For tonight’s dinner I dreamed up this fun veggie pie. I don’t think I have ever made a veggie pie before so I thought it would be fun to combine two of my favourite things- In A Jiffy Spelt Veggie Burgers and my spelt pie crust.

This is just a first trial version and I am open to your ideas/modifications/suggestions below!

First things first, I have transitioned to Iced Green Tea during this heat wave!


I made a huge pot of green tea last night (when I prepped my VOO!) and then I chilled it in the fridge overnight. This morning I simply poured my green tea into a glass, added 1 Mighty Leaf Spring Jasmine tea bag, and ice, ice baby. So refreshing!

I added this tea bag to add more flavour because the ice waters the tea down and you know how strong I like my green tea!


This Mighty Leaf Organic Spring Jasmine tea is EXCELLENT! The jasmine flavour and aroma is truly relaxation in a cup. Mmmm.


In A Jiffy Spelt Veggie Pie

Spelt Crust:

  • 1 cup spelt flour
  • 1/4 cup ground flax
  • 2 tbsp cold-pressed sunflower oil (or EVOO)
  • 1/4 cup almond milk
  • 1/2 tsp sea salt
  • 1 tbsp tomato paste
  • 1 tsp dried parsley


Directions: preheat oven to 400F. Grease a pie crust with oil.  Whisk the spelt flour and ground flax in a large bowl. In a small bowl mix the oil, milk, salt, dried parsley, and tomato paste together. Add the wet to the dry and mix well, using hands if necessary. Roll into a ball and then roll out with a rolling pin or simply use your hands to flatten into a pie crust. Pinch the edges with your forefinger and thumb.



Roll into a ball…


Roll it out or simply press into pie pan with fingers.



Pinch edges with thumb and forefinger..


The tomato paste gave the crust a beautiful shade!


For the pie filling, I used the In A Jiffy Spelt Veggie Burgers. For the recipe, see here. I dumped the entire batch into the pie crust like so…


and I sprinkled it with paprika…LOL.


I also made an oat-based crust using 1 cup oats, 1/2 cup flax, 1/4 cup sunflower oil, and 1/2 tsp sea salt– processed in a blender until smooth.


I took a muffin pan and shaped little tarts with the crust (about 1 heaping tbsp per muffin) and then topped them with more veggie burger mixture.

I baked the veggie pie and tarts in the oven for 20 minutes at 400F.


I actually baked the pie for 30 minutes and it was way too long. I browned it a bit too much and it dried out as a result. Next time I will stick to 20 minutes and possibly incorporate some of the changes below…


Ways to make the pie more moist/less dry:

  • Possibly adding oil/water/milk to the veggie burger mixture to thin it out a bit and give it some moisture
  • For non-vegans you could try adding an egg
  • Add chopped tomato to the veggie mixture
  • Adding a layer of tomato sauce on top and a layer of hummus on bottom
  • Any other ideas?



Both turned out great tasting, although they were dry and need some tweaks!


I tried ketchup and pasta sauce and they were both pretty good.



However, I added a thick layer of hummus on top and I liked the hummus the best by far! It made the whole veggie pie come alive. It could be really delicious to spread a layer of hummus on the bottom of the pie before baking! The possibilities are endless.

All I craved for dessert was dried fruit


Did you know dried apricots are really high in iron? They are a great way for anyone, especially women, vegetarians, and vegans to get a boost!

Here is a handy iron guide that I found the other day:



I also devoured this dried fruit bar from Trader Joe’s…


I think my body was telling me something!


Tonight’s questions: Do you pay attention to what vitamins you need/obtain from food or do you just try to eat balanced and not worry much about it? Do you take vitamin supplements?

Generally, I don’t worry much about tracking my vitamin intake, however I do supplement with B12 (once a week), calcium/magnesium (daily), and vitamin D (in the winter) just for peace of mind. I also believe that our bodies will crave certain foods based on what it needs. I have my vitamin levels assessed yearly at my doctor’s office and I have yet to be told that I am low in anything, so I figure the variety of plant-based foods I am eating must be keeping me on track. My iron is actually higher now than when I was an occasional meat-eater (I used to be anemic for a while in university). My doctor always says, ‘Keep doing whatever you are doing!’ 

I’m off to relax outdoors with Eric…Stay COOL out there!  :cool:

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Cara July 6, 2010

Your veg-pie looks great.
I made a veggie-curry pie once and the crust was made of chickpeas…It turned out really well.


Jessica @ How Sweet It Is July 6, 2010

I don’t really worry about my vitamin intake, but I do take calcium and occasionally a multi!


Jolene ( July 6, 2010

I don’t pay much attention to the vitamins that I need to get, but I do try to eat a varied diet, with lots of fruits and vegetables.

I take a vitamin B and vitamin D supplement, as well as a mulit-vitamin.


Gillian July 6, 2010

It is my new mission to have dinner with you one day, your taste buds are overly in synch with mine and I want a piece of that pie!


AngelaOSG July 6, 2010

haha it’s a date!


Jessica @ The Process of Healing July 6, 2010

The pie sounds really good!! With a bit of tweaking,I bet it would be INCREDIBLE!


Olya July 6, 2010

Hi and thanks for the lovely blog it is a great inspiration! I have a question about the vitamins you’re taking (especially Vit D). Do you take it in tablet form and how much? It’s winter here in New Zealand and I was thinking my family could do with some vitamin boost as we mostly stay inside.


AngelaOSG July 6, 2010

I take 1,000 IUs of vitamin D from november to march ( if you live north of the 42-degrees latitude, you will have a difficult time getting enough vitamin D from the sun).


Jocelyn @ Peace Love Nutrition July 6, 2010

It felt like 103 today in NYC! B-R-U-T-A-L and I have no AC : ( Good think my parents live in Southampton- I got to go here for the day and cool off by the ocean

I don’t pay too much attention to what vitamins I eat- I just have healthy and REAL food! That’s the best way to go for me because I can become obsessive counting everything!

Hope your lovely basil made it through! I just bought a mint plant. So excited to start growing my own




AngelaOSG July 6, 2010

Mmm I want a mint plant so badly! Mint would be great in GM’s.


Jocelyn @ Peace Love Nutrition July 7, 2010

It’s AMAZING! Life changing try it!! : )


Michal July 7, 2010

I’ve been wanting to get mint and chamomile plants for my own tea – I’m glad I saw this comment! When I do get them, I’ll definitely try mint in my GM as well.


Nicole @ Making Good Choices July 6, 2010

I don’t really pay attention to the vitamins I get from food, but like others I try to eat pretty balanced with lots of greens and fruits. I do take a multi most days of the week except when I forget haha. That veggie pie looks incredible, I’m going to have to try that when the weather cools down and I can bear to turn on the oven.


Jil @ Peace, Love & Munchies July 6, 2010

Love the idea!! It looks delicious – even if it did turn out a little dry! I usually don’t pay attention to vitamins…I’ve yet to be told I need more or less of anything – I sometimes take calcium chews, but multivitamins usually make me sick to my stomach so I tend to stay away


AngelaOSG July 6, 2010

Multis make me feel nauseous too!


Lauren July 7, 2010

Multis used to make me feel nauseous too, but then I started using the Vitamin Code raw vitamin brand. It’s expensive, but the vitamins and minerals come from raw plant foods so they are easier to digest. I don’t take them every day, but I still find them to be better than any other brand.


Laura July 7, 2010

Have you ever tried taking your multi with a meal? I always take mine (Target brand women’s multi) after I finish eating my breakfast. It may help with the nausea and I’ve heard that the vitamins absorb in to your body better when taken with food. I eat lots of fruits and veggies but feel like the multi helps “fill in the gaps”.


Angela (Oh She Glows) July 7, 2010

Thanks Lauren! Laura, I do find that taking the vitamins with a meal helps…I always take mine with breakfast.


Pam July 6, 2010

I’ve been getting really hooked on your blog lately (been reading for awhile but not sure if I ever posted…) I can tell because I start checking for a post when I haven’t seen a link pop up on twitter in awhile, lol. It’s such a fun blog.

Great iron info. Yay for chick peas! Top of the list! I just started getting into sprouting them for “live” hummus. Had no idea they have so much iron.


AngelaOSG July 6, 2010

Glad you enjoy it! =)


Michelle July 6, 2010

I love, love, LOVE your creative recipes! Honestly Angela, your blog is my go-to site for when I want to try something new in the kitchen. Thank you for being a great source of inspiration!


AngelaOSG July 6, 2010

aww thank you! Sometimes I feel like all I post are flops…lol. ;)


Lisa (BBB) July 6, 2010

What a wonderful pie!!!! And a great use for the in a jiffy burger mix!


Tracey @ I'm Not Superhuman July 6, 2010

Those tarts look great! I think I get plenty of vitamins from my food, but I do take two supplements. I take vitamin D because I don’t think I get enough of that, and I’m not outside enough to get it from the sun. I also take omega-3 supplements because, man, fish is expensive to eat that often!


Kerry July 6, 2010

The color of that crust is beautiful! I might add some shredded zucchini or chopped mushrooms to the filling, or another vegetable that would release water when cooking. You could also moisten it with vegetable broth? Just some ideas, but looking forward to seeing your tweaks as well.


AngelaOSG July 6, 2010

Great ideas! Thank you!


Crystal July 6, 2010

You are right – it is HOT! Iced green tea sounds amazing so I’m going to make some tonight. Two days ago it was raining and super windy outside. It is so crazy how fast the weather can change!

I take a vitamin B12 complex as well as some omega supplements. I take them because my doctor said they could help my anxiety, which is a good enough reason for me! I hardly ever eat fish because it is so expensive, so I need to get it somewhere. I have eggs that have omegas in them so I don’t tend to take my supplement if I eat eggs in the same day.


AngelaOSG July 6, 2010

Chia seeds are also a great source of omega oils :) Looooove them


Stacey@ July 6, 2010

The crust on both the pies looks really good and your right the tomato paste made the crust a nice color. Mighty leaf is one of my favorite teas, you should try there green tea tropical it’s amazing.

Hummus on anything will make it amazing. :)


Laura (Starloz) July 6, 2010

I’m weird about vitamins, I know when I’m low on something & will add it into my daily eats. i always listen to my body, every day!

I think I need to buy & try spelt flour


AngelaOSG July 6, 2010

Spelt flour is AMAZING…while it is a bit harder to bake with, it is one of the healthiest flours out there….”It is rich in proteins, which can represent up to 15% of its constituents, as well as in fibre, Vitamin B complex and other vitamins, and minerals like magnesium and iron”


Michelle @ Give Me the Almond Butter July 6, 2010

I was anemic when I was eating a lot more meat. I love my spinach though, so I have been getting a nice boost of iron. I was even able to donate blood a little while ago :)


Courtney @ Sweet Tooth, Sweet Life July 6, 2010

I don’t really pay too much attention to my vitamin intake, but I do sporadically take a multi. I wish I could remember to do it more often! I actually took prenatal vitamins for a while before my wedding, in an effort to strengthen my nails & hair. I don’t think I took them long enough to see if they made a difference though…


Shanna @ Shanna Like Banana July 6, 2010

Wow! That veggie pie looks really inviting. It reminds me of Chicago deep dish pizza, only healthy! I must make!


Mellissa July 6, 2010

I take a multi and a calcium daily and try to remember my fish oil, B supplement and vitamin D but that doesn’t always happen.


Mellissa July 6, 2010

Forgot to add- Do you have a brand that you like?


AngelaOSG July 6, 2010

I dont remember the brand I have…I’ll have to check!


Red July 6, 2010

I absolutely LOVE mighty leaf!! Ever had their chamomile citrus? I can’t get enough of it! It is good hot or iced!
Also, how do you come up with these recipes? I only wish I could do that! :-)


AngelaOSG July 6, 2010

No I havent had it…will look for it :)


Allison @ Food For Healing July 6, 2010

oh man that veggie pie looks amazing!!!


jassy July 6, 2010

i take supplements, too…mostly for antioxidants :)


Colleenf July 6, 2010

I take folic acid and a multi because my husband and I are trying to conceive. I also take Vitamin D and B12 weekly. I have not yet perfected listening to my body…hopefully I’ll get there soon :)


Autumn @ Good Eats Girl July 6, 2010

The veggie pie looks amazing!

I don’t take any vitamins…I try to eat a balanced diet, etc. but my husband always tells me that I need to take a multi-vitamin!!


Laura (youngDCliving) July 6, 2010

85% percent of people are vitamin D deficient! I’m surprised you only have to supplement in the winter, women should really be having 1000-2000 IU, but unfortunately the recommended is only 400 still, which isn’t nearly enough for most people. Have you ever gotten a blood test before that showed your results? Awesome with the iron levels :)

I have a really good idea for your next chilled tea! Use some of the tea and make tea-ice cubes–this way it’s never watered down :) I’ve done this before with coffee and it works really well.


AngelaOSG July 6, 2010

My calcium supplement has vitamin D in it already, but in the winter I take an additional 1,000 IUs. I also have time in the sun without sunscreen each week.


Eimear Rose July 7, 2010

Hey Laura, great idea! I’m definitely going to do this next time I make iced coffee:)


Ashley July 6, 2010

Ahhh…I seriously am IN LOVE with your dinner idea. I am such a huge fan of the in a jiffy spelt burgers that turning it into a pie sounds awesome. I think layering it would work really well. You could even put tomato sauce in the middle layer or spinach, which would give off some liquid as well. Yum!! The little mini pies are adorable. I’ve been craving apricots a lot lately..they’re so good right before or after a workout. I don’t really pay attention to vitamins…I have been thinkinga bout looking into the b12, since I don’t eat meat right now. I just had a check up and nothing was off. I eat a lot of veggies with calcium but I suppose a women’s multi vitamin wouldn’t be a bad idea. :)


Lauren @ Eater not a runner July 6, 2010

I don’t take any supplements! Just try to focus on getting enough iron and everything else has always been fine :-)


rose July 6, 2010

What has sketchie been up to lately? He hasn’t been on the blog in a while and I miss his cute kitty face!


AngelaOSG July 6, 2010

Right now he is starring down a fish in a bowl (we are fish-sitting my brother in law’s fish) lol.


Jessica Sinclair July 6, 2010

That pie looks amazing! I think that I’d moisten with a bit of veggie stock, and maybe add a few moist veggies. Hummus underneath the filling would be unbelievable I’m sure.
I take a calcium suppliament, and a B50 complex which has b12, b6, folic acid etc… because my Doc wanted me to take B6 for migraines I get because of a head injury and B12 and folic acid are just a good idea for women. Other than that I trust my diet.

Love your blog!


Anya @ Fitness & Sunshine July 6, 2010

Those little tartlets look so cute! :)

I take a multivitamin but I try to eat as nutritiously as possible, too!


Kris July 6, 2010

Can you send some warm weather our way?? :)

I LOVE working out in the morning too! I always feel so much better, like my day is off to a good start. Plus it helps me to avoid putting off and making excuses later in the day. I can’t wait for you to visit again so I can bring you to my friend, Cindy’s AMAZING classes! You will love it! xo


Camille July 6, 2010

Yum times a billion! I want to devour that whole thing!


Chelsey July 6, 2010

I don’t really take vitamins – I listen to my body’s cravings for the most part. Now, although I crave chocolate every day, that is a different kind of craving. :)
I used to take a multi vitamin, but it made me nauseous in the morning, so I stopped taking it!


Krystina July 6, 2010

Those tarts are so cute! If my body is craving something, like carbs or fruit or protein, then I give into those cravings because I think my body is telling me what it needs. I trust my body. :)


Erika @ Health and Happiness in LA July 6, 2010

Wow that veggie pie looks really good! I never thought about making something like that. I sent the recipe to my mom because she used to make quiche before we became vegan and I think this might be somewhat of an alternative.

I take vitamin D and a multivitamin infrequently. I eat a lot of nooch so I know I’m getting my B12!


Kaitlin July 6, 2010

This is totally random but, I was looking through some past posts & you should definitely do a post on your favorite fitness gear (clothes, shoes, gadgets, etc). Everything you have on looks so great! :)


AngelaOSG July 6, 2010

Thank you! :) You are sweet. Most of my workout clothes are old lululemon stuff (some of it is over 5 yrs old- lasts forever). I also run in Nike shorts frequently. Lovin my garmin 305 watch still. Also use an ipod shuffle. My pink and grey hat is Pearl Izumi…love it and has lots of ventilation.


Maria July 6, 2010

That pie looks amazing..I am going to have to make that soon.

I stress about vitamins..I worry about not getting enough, but I hate taking supplements and I always forget. In my kitchen right now I have a multivitamin, B complex, calcium, vitamin C, maca powder, and spirulina. Spirulina and Maca are the only ones i take “regularly”.


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