Happy 1st Birthday Oh She Glows!!!


and Happy Halloween to all!!!!!


It is hard to believe it has been 1 YEAR since I started Oh She Glows! A year really CAN change a lot.

Missed Part 1, Part 2, Part 3Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, or Part 7??

If anyone is looking for a last minute Halloween costume- you could go as an Operation Beautiful note! ;)

Here is the one I wrote today on my big ‘post-it’…


It’s going by the door!

One thing blogging has taught me over the past year is that being true to myself has dramatically changed my life for the better.

I realized that the ‘real me’ WAS good enough! In fact, the real me is what everyone wanted to see all along, but I didn’t know that.

I always thought I had to hide who I really was- a goofy, silly, shy, yet fun-loving and IMPERFECT woman.

Once I took my wall down and was true to myself I realized that good things started happening to me.

I was happier, less anxious, motivated, and peaceful. I fell asleep quickly at night. I woke up eager. I dreamed big.

People around me seemed to like me more, probably because I wasn’t walking around stressed out and counting every calorie in my head over and over again or thinking about how unhappy I was.

Oh She Glows got me through one of the most difficult times of my life. It is what made me realize that I could do something that I loved to do. I could touch people with my words. I could help other women overcome their disordered eating, obsession, and negative self-image. I could be silly, and weird, and goofy, and basically do whatever I wanted on this blog. I could take a picture of a beautiful flower and post it. I could vent about a problem or talk about ideas, goals, motivations, aspirations, and visions…

Oh She Glows made me finally feel in control of my happiness.

I started to think outside the box. I dreamed big. I knew that I deserved to be happy.

Things inside me started to click.

I had spent the better part of my graduate program miserable and now I was miserable in my career. What would have to change until I decided enough was enough? When would my life be a HAPPY life?

Well, something happened along my blogging journey. I realized that nothing was ever going to change unless I did something about it.

Opportunities don’t just happen to people, you have to MAKE them happen.

When I realized this, my whole perspective changed.

I knew that unless I took action, I would be miserable my whole life. I pictured myself in the same job until I was 50. Is that what I wanted, to be a passive recipient of what life gives me?

Absolutely not!

None of us know what cards will be dealt to us. I don’t know if I will be around next week, next year or for my 50th birthday. It would surely suck to piss away these amazing years being unhappy. Where is the fun in being miserable all the time? It was the same sort of realization I had when I decided to give up obsessing over my weight, exercise, and food. Was it working for me? Hardly- I was stressed out and unhappy day in and day out. I was hungry all the time. Eric broke up with me for a few months in 2003 because things got so bad. Being miserable did NOT work for me with my eating disorder or in my career.

Each positive step that I took, I felt like I jumped a mile. Positive things breed more positive things. As soon as I broke the cycle of negativity in my life, I was a changed women.

It just takes a series of small actions and then one BIG action (think- KABOOM!) to finally break away from the chains that you have in your life.

My KABOOM! moment was when I decided to tell my boss, in a heated moment, that I was done. I felt like a bomb went off inside me. Suddenly everything was changed.

I thank my lucky stars that I started Oh She Glows exactly 1 year ago. I was a very unhappy and guarded person. I felt like a drone. Some days I didn’t feel anything except nothingness and a void. This blog didn’t just turn a light bulb on in my head, it turned on an entire football stadium of lights. Everything started to click. I had these amazing women who read my blog and believed in me. After a while I started to believe in me too.

After a bad day I logged on and just wrote. Sometimes light topics like fashion or make-up and sometimes more serious ones. It was sort of like cheap therapy for me. I was on the couch indeed typing my heart out.

This isn’t just a healthy living blog to me.

It represents HOPE for change.

Hope that each and every one of us can find our own personal definition of happiness. To be true to ourselves, and to believe in our own authentic power.

I still feel like I have a lot to learn, but the only difference now is that I feel like I am slowly on my way, and better yet, I am excited about it. I am no longer stalled or going in reverse like I was for so long.

I truly think that all of us have the same basic goals…to feel loved and to feel like we have a purpose on the earth. To feel like our true self is in harmony with what we do day in and day out.

The power within all of us is so great. If we only touched on it briefly each day we could all do amazing things.


And now it is time for Oh She Glows birthday giveaway!


Close your eyes. Picture yourself on October 31, 2010. Now leave a comment and tell me how you picture your ideal life 1 year from today. Maybe you have goals or hopes. Tell me what you want to be doing, living, breathing…The first step is writing it down.

The giveaway is for one lucky US or Canadian reader to win everything below! (Click to enlarge).


All of this is from the Health food trade show I went to. Tons of teas, bars, beauty healthy products, etc! I’m not naming it all, but you get the idea. :)


I also added some of my favourite products to share: Glo bars, Mary’s Crackers, Organic raw Cacao nibs, and PC Sun-dried tomato no salt added seasoning (the LBD of seasonings!)



Contest closes: Tuesday Nov. 3, 2009 at 8am.

Bonne chance!


Thank you to each and everyone of you for your amazing support over the past year! If there are any of you out there who have followed my journey since the beginning- well, that is quite awesome.

ONWARD and UPWARD!!!!!!!

Now, BED TIME at 1:20am. Tomorrow AM: Finish making up the fake house, costume + party planning, and baking!


PS- There is also a giveaway for GLO BARs over here! Leave a comment to enter!

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Bec October 31, 2009

I see myself happy, fit and working my first ‘real’ job :) Now I just need to take the time between now and december to figure out exactly what I want that to be!


Susan October 31, 2009

In one year I hope to have run a half marathon!


Sarah K. Robb November 1, 2009

One year from now I hope to be alive and well, fully functioning and DEFINITELY running! I am deploying to Afghanistan in mid to late March of 2010, I volunteered to go and I feel it’s part of my life’s calling. Running provides me reason, despite the possibilities that I may not run everyday I hope to get in a decent amount of time during my off hours. Throughout much of my young adult life I was never sure of my future, once I enlisted in 2007 after I was so close to obtaining my Bachelor’s Degree (only one year shy), I took the great leap into becoming part of what I deem the greatest organization there is- the United States Army. While we may never know for sure what our future holds, I know that what is in store for me holds great things. I cannot and will not settle for less, and I feel confident about that. What I really want in the next year is for my friends and family to learn how important self satisfaction is. If you, yourself, are not happy make it so that your life will provide you with the tools to make that happen. Glowing friends, the world is your oyster!


Kelly November 1, 2009

Happy Birthday! I have to say that your blog is one of the most inspirational I read on a daily basis. You have made me think about how I can get more out of my life. I’m currently in a dead end nowhere job. I literally sit there all day just hoping for work to do. Thankfully I’m paid well to do this. So your blog has made me think that other things are possible and I need to stop making excuses and make some positive changes.

So in the next year I want to be a certified personal trainer. Even though this field is now chuck full of people doing this I feel I can still make a difference and find my special place. I will be taking a CPR class and the ACE PT certification. Unfortunately, I still need to keep the dead end nowhere job for the money but I won’t let it hold me back any longer. Once certified I need to find some place to get some experience. That is what I need to devote some time to over the next few months.

So thank you for helping me to step outside my comfort zone and make some positive things happen in my life. I’ve realized that I can make some changes to make myself happy instead of sitting here waiting for someone to hand it to me.


courtney November 1, 2009

I have been a silent reader of your blog for some time, and I have to say that the things you say, you complete happiness and zest for life has inspired me to change myself. I knew that I couldn’t live the way I was forever, and I deeply longed to be happy ad healthy again but I wasn’t able to face my real problems and actually make an effort to change. I have suffered from severe bulimia for over seven years. The damage I have caused my body is not something I like to face but anytime I feel like purging or eating too much I just picture myself unhappy and trapped in this misery.
Therefore, Angela, I thank you. Thank you for represeting yourself so honestly and truly, and inspiring me make this much needed a change.
A year from now, I plan to either be pregnant or to have had a baby!(I’m newlywed) and I consider myself so fortunate to have been able to reverse the damage I caused my body by truly eating and living a healthy lifestyle. You inspired me, so thank you :)


Holly W November 1, 2009

In one year I would like to be healthy and happy! Maybe even pregnant! I will graduate with my Masters in Social Work in a few weeks so I also hope to have a great job that I love. I truly want to be happy with myself! I’m working on it…


Magda November 1, 2009

One year from now I hope to be more centered and relaxed, confident and content. I have the goal of integrating Yoga into my exercise routine, which already includes running, pilates and weight-training. I hope to come up with new Green Monster combinations featuring nutritious (and delicious) ingredients. I hope to spend more time with the people I love. I hope to enjoy LIFE more!


Angela November 1, 2009

A year from now I see myself happy-planning my wedding with the help of my mom. 2009 has been a very tragic year. My mom was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer in July. After the diagnoses I was very angry and felt lost for a while. Our wedding plans were put on hold, I cannot imagine planning my wedding without my mom- it was out of the question!
Also, It is my turn to take care of her. She has always been there for me she is truly one of a kind. This has been the hardest year of my life but we have all learned from the journey. Health has definitely taken a front seat in my life. There are so many things in life that we can’t control but health is something that is put in our hands each and every day and what we eat, put on our bodies and how we live all help determine the health of our bodies and minds.


Lauren Elizabeth November 2, 2009

I plan to have run a half-marathon and working towards my yoga instructor’s certification. Practicing yoga has changed my outlook on life as well as my physical body and I want to share that feeling with everyone around me.


Jackie November 2, 2009

In one year from Oct 31, i see myself healthier- mentally and physically. I see myself doing yoga regularly and having run a race or two. I am also going to be starting the path to going to grad school.


Jenna D November 2, 2009

I too am getting ready to have that chat with the boss. It is time for the career change. I work in travel now and one year from now I WILL BE a certified personal trainer and nutritionist… with my own blog, and probably starting to pack to move from san diego to austin for a vegetarian culinary program…all alone…because I know now big rewards require big risk.


shaeleen gilson November 2, 2009

-learn to identify my gut instinct and trust it
-work part-time
-get 2 bigs dogs to take on daily am and pm walks
-have a gigantic garden that produces most of what i eat
-exercise 6 days a week


Cheryl November 2, 2009

In one year from today I hope to have found more satisfaction and happiness within myself. Right now I have 3 beautiful children and a wonderful husband so there is no change needed there, although perhaps a fourth child will be added?? Anyway, it is all within myself that I need to find change. I would love to accept myself as I am and be happy with myself. So that is what my goal is for the next year. To be healthier by running more and going to the gym more. To treat my body as it should be treated with healthy food and water. And to treat my mind better as well, let go of the negative things and realize what a wonderful life I do have already!
Happy Birthday Oh She Glows! I have never commented before but was happy to do so today!


Jenna November 2, 2009

I’d like to have some of my diseases be in remission, so I don’t have to take as many medications. I would like to have run another half marathon, and improve my time. I hope to be happy whether or not I am in my current relationship or not, and I hope to be living with my best friend as I currently am. I have come so far in the past year and hope to keep moving forward!

And since it will be Halloween 2010, I hope I have a very fun but safe time, just like this year!


Megan November 2, 2009

I hope that after 11 years of post high school education including a PhD and a post doc to have a job that I love and be living in San francisco with my boyfriend of 7 years rather than 3000 miles away and in a long term relationship where I only see him 4 times a year! Oh and is it wrong for me to hope that I am finally engaged?! ;)


Rachel A October 31, 2009

In one year, I hope to be writing a book and either have a publisher or be in the process of finding one. My goal is to stay at my current job for the time being but not for more than two more years. I would love to take yoga teacher training. Due to my current job, I have missed out on two programs that started this fall, but I am hopeful I will be able to complete training next year. Ideally, I would like to open my own studio; this is farther out than one year…
I’m a beginner runner, so in a year, I hope I can run a 5k without stopping!


Dani @ WRW October 31, 2009

Happy Birthday! Congratulations on your success. =)

In a year from now, I hope to be around 200 pounds (was 400 … I’m now 280ish) and focusing more on my fitness goals. I should have a 5K under my belt by then (one planned for next fall!)

Otherwise, I see myself in my new house (should be closing on it soon!) and settling into life there, growing emotionally and spiritually, thankful for the opportunities God puts in my family’s path.

Right now, I’m mobile. I’m healthy. I’m happy. I’m truly LIVING instead of just existing. And next year? I just want so much more of that for me and my family!


Havie October 31, 2009

One year from now- I want to let go of the negative self-talk that has been plaguing my brain the last few months, run for fun not to make myself crazy, and hold my baby nephew as he nears his first birthday!


Gannon November 2, 2009

Congratulations on your anniversary!!!

One year from now I plan on moving into an apartment and concentrating on my studies even more! My goals are to be healthy and happy!!!


Alison of Post-College Kitchen October 31, 2009

Inspirational post.

I hate to dream about the future like this, because truly I just hope to be happy to go wherever God leads me.

From my perspective right now, though, it’d be great to be at my current job as long as I’m constantly learning, growing and taking advantage of opportunities. I hope to be able to continue running races. Most of all I want my marriage and faith to continue to grow stronger!


K October 31, 2009

Wow, congrats on your first year! It really has been quite amazing and I am so happy I get to follow your progress.
As for me, I am not entirely sure where I want to go with my life but I do hope I have found a path I feel good about and am on my way. Finally finding a school program (nutrition?) and going for it, getting a job in a ballet company, starting my own business… I guess all I know is that I want to be happy with my choice.


Penny October 31, 2009

I have been struggling so much with this lately. I know what I want to do but I’m scared of starting over… OK…Deep breath… By this time next year I want to be living in LA (which would mean moving across the country) and making my living as an actress.

There. I said it.


Madelin @ What is for breakfast? October 31, 2009

Congratulations Angela! I love your blog so much, it was the first one I read! Good luck for the future and keep at it! My goals are that I want to run a half marathon and do lots of travelling in the next year! Don’t count me in the comp though cause I’m in Australia ;). xx


junghwa October 31, 2009

CONGRATS Angela! happy Birthday to OH SHE GLOWS!!! ;)
i’m eyeing your GLOWBARS. omg they look delicious. i am drooling already :)

My goal is to have run my first race ever even if it is only 5k.
Also, I would love to see myself more grown spiritually and physically!


Kayzilla October 31, 2009

In one year? I envision a happy and healthy Kayzilla. I can see myself with a part-time job, college, friends, and a boyfriend. The main thing is though, I envision myself LIVING! I can see myself being eating disorder free, and not being “in recovery” only “engaging in LIFE” the way I deserve to be. I can see myself eating healthy sustainable foods because I like how it feels and I do it out of love for my body. I can see myself sneaking in a chocolate or two just for the kicks and not feeling an itch of guilt. I’ve finally found a way to be aware of the impermanence of my negative thoughts and let myself feel and assess the situation as needed.

And you know, totally laughing and smiling at all the silly emotions and things I take too seriously along the way. I can see myself striving for a better live and looking for ways to help myself so I can help others. I can see myself being a happy teen. There will be bumps, tears, grrs, and EGAD!s along the way, but I can see myself being a tough cookie and conquering it all.. without the ED self-punishment.

That’s why all the actions I do today are worth being good ones. If not today.. then when, yanno?

Angela, you’ve done an amazing job getting to where you are today. It’s so good to see someone who’s managed to find happiness because it gives hope for the rest of us. I hope to maybe inspire someone else one day the way you’ve inspired me with your blog. Happy OSG birfday! :) This moment needs something.. hrmm…

If I could, I’d give you a high five. And a penguin. Penguins are cool and totally relevant. :D But can you get Eric to high five you for me? Thank you!

Keep on bloggin’!


Gillian October 31, 2009

Happy Birthday OSG!!!!

By October 2010 I want to be with the man I adore (who is many many miles away from me right now) working my dream job in TV with my guide book published! I’m working on it!

You are always an inspiration. Thank you for being yourself Ange.


maria October 31, 2009

My biggest problem right now is not being sure of what I want to do as far as a career goes. It’s not only annoying, but at times leaves me feeling like I’m completely worthless. On October 31, 2010 I want to have achieved a direction in my life concerning work and making a living. :)

Congrats on the 1 year mark! I love the blog and I’m so glad you started it!


Jen B October 31, 2009

Happy Blog-i-versay! How exciting! I definitely appreciate all your grad school talk as I am in the last year of my own graduate degree as we speak! So one year from now, I picture myself FREE of this degree and hopefully in a better, less stressed place. Thanks for sharing with all of us.


Fallon October 31, 2009

1 year goes by quick huh? Well congrats! You deserve it.

In one year I would like to be with my true love. He been in Iraq for almost 6 months now and still have 6 more to go. It always been a long distance relationship but I’m going to make it work because it is obvious we are both crazy in love with each other. Just deployments and being long distance is what keeps up apart but our love just grows stronger each day. I can’t wait to just be with him. As for myself I will be in a much better place being with him and knowing he is home and safe with take that added stress off of me and I can just enjoy his company. This past year has been stressful and lonely because he has been gone, but once I get him him that will all disappear and I will be 100 times better. I’m strong and I’ve already gotten through 6 months, I know I will get through the next 6. By staying focus, eating healthy, and working out I will just become stronger. I have to make sure I’m healthy and well in order to start strong!


Courtney October 31, 2009

I was going to write a very similar post. The guy I have fallen deeply in love with is leaving for special ops for four years soon. I really hope you get your ideal life in a year.


Katrina M October 31, 2009

happy one year birthday OSG!!! :)

great post angela. hmmm one year from today. i hope to be either expecting a baby or a new mom (cross your fingers for us! hehe) hopefully working things out with my current employer to make working and a baby go together. hopefully my husband will be in a job that he enjoys, unlike his current job, and that we are even more in love than we are today. here’s wishing!!! :)


Twisted Chicken October 31, 2009

You are so inspiring! I found your website through a friend about 2 months ago and I’m so glad I did. Each day I read your posts I feel more aware of my own feelings and dreams and I’m getting closer to being brave enough to take action to make my dreams my reality. Thank you for sharing so much of yourself. You are an incredible person.

At this time next year I see myself at a much healthier weight and fitness level. I see myself participating in my first 5K and preparing for more. I see myself with established patterns and habits that help keep me organized and in control of my home and my business. I see myself still reading Oh She Glows each day and still feeling motivated and inspired to grow and develop into the amazing person I know I can be.


Cynthia (It All Changes) October 31, 2009

For me I want to be happy with where God has placed me in his ministry.

But personally I want to have just completed or soon completing my first half marathon. I realized tonight in talking to Hunni that I feel Alive while running and I want to keep at it because it is my time to tune out the negative of the world.

Thank you for a great inspiring post.


sara October 31, 2009

One year from now I see myself more comfortable in my grad program, working with other professionals in my field while tying up the loose ends of my grad degree. I`ll still be on track for healthy eating while managing school and work, I hope!
Thanks for the chance to win, Angela!


christina October 31, 2009

In one year I hope to be completely free of my eating disorder and never have to think of it again, I would also love to be doing some counselling for those who are going through the same thing.
I would also LOVE to do some schooling to become professional makeup artist!

Great contest Angela!!! Happy 1 year birthday OSG !!!!



Betherann October 31, 2009

In one year I would like to be . . .

. . . content, no matter what my circumstances.

. . . in a happier, healthier relationship with my hubby.

. . . completely free from the bonds of eating disorders.

. . . at peace and all confident in God and myself.

. . . pregnant???



Carolyn October 31, 2009

In one year, I simply want to feel happy and peaceful with myself, much like many other women. I would like to make continued progress away from my eating disorder, I would like to have a job with an agency I respect and feel passionate about, I would like to love deeply and be loved in return, and I would like to be one step further in my education than I am today.

Thanks for yet another inspiring post, this one was so heartfelt it nearly brought tears to my eyes.


abby October 31, 2009

October 2010…
No more excuses…no more blaming others….
just me, exsisting and living for myself, my long -term self.
creating habits and patterns of health for a lifetime!
pursuing and engaged in a new sport I’ve never tried.
Not hiding in the shadows but embracing the silly side of myself, especially if I’m afraid to!
No longer apologizing for being a little shy, a little goofy and maybe a little lazy (gasp!) on my days off.
In my first year of grad school, loving every minute of it!!


Leah @ Simply fabulous October 31, 2009

Happy Birthday OSG! :) I feel like i’m wishing my “big sister website” a great day. hehe

Where do I see myself in a year?
…married over 1 year
…potentially working towards a new career (or sideline career!).
…potentially planning a move to Canada
…potentially a family of 3 instead of 2
…still writing for my blog and hoping to make it as great as yours!!

It’s fun to think of all the potentials!


Libby October 31, 2009

This time next year, I’ll be turning 22 (I’m a Halloween baby!), I’ll be more than halfway through my last semester of college (graduating in Sociocultural Anthropology), hopefully with an internship lined up and a graduate school picked out–My future is slowly unfurling!


lora October 31, 2009

I want to be able to keep a boy for longer than a split second, I want to be able to eat and live more consciously vegetarian and I want to love myself a billion times more than I already do now. This was an amazing post.

love and xoxoxxox


maren October 31, 2009

happy 1st birthday! good giveaway and question!
hmm where i see myself in a year?
-hopefully being successful at my job
-continuing to be happy with my boyfriend
-strive to always be healthy
-working more towards getting a degree


Nicole October 31, 2009

Wow, you are TRULY inspiring!!

Where do I see myself in a year?

-living back in the states (finally!) :)

-finishing up my last semester of grad school

-on the verge of getting a wonderful government job serving the environment and our community

-still blogging, and hopefully making a difference in at least a few people’s lives :)

-still married and so happy!!

-still running and competing in triathlons!


Kellie October 31, 2009

Happy Birthday!! Love this blog!
In a year, I hope to be pregnant or maybe even have a baby ;)
Also,I hope to still be running long distances, growing in my relationship with my husband, growing in my relationship with the Lord, and being content with what I have and what I look like!


Jess October 31, 2009

It’s posts like this that keep reminding me why I really need to change my job situation and stop waiting around to figure it out. What I’m realizing is that I might never figure it out but I have to try new things before I can know for sure.

In one year I hope to have a new job, be in the final stages of preparation for our move to Spain, hopefully be starting my sommelier diploma program, and enjoying life. I will have my eyes set on my ultimate fitness goal – Ironman 2011.


Glidingcalm October 31, 2009

what an awesome giveaway, and what a great thought provoking question!! gosh, I would hope to be happier with myself in terms of learning how to cope with sress…I would hope to be in a joyful, healthy relationship still (whoa, weird!) because I can’t imagine this person not in my life right now, anddddddd I hope to be bumpin with my school and studies.


Ashley October 31, 2009

Ange, I’m so proud of you and all that you have accomplished this year INCLUDING leaving your job and following an entirely new path. You are such a beautiful, inspirational woman and your posts bring me a lot of joy.

October 31, 2010 – I aspire to happy and healthy. I hope to have performed solo in a belly dancing show. I hope to be leading more Weight Watchers meetings and helping many more people reach their healthy living goals. I hope to be in a job where I feel inspired and happy. I will be in school studying nutrition!


Anou October 31, 2009

Happy Birthday OSG ! I remember reading your blog from the start, it is crazy how much it has evolved in one year !! Even though I dont comment often, I was reading all along throughout your major life changes lol. Thank you for being and inspiration and I am positive that you will have great success with Glo Bakery !

In one year I would like to have a better relationship with my body and food. I also want to try even more new fearless things that are out of my comfort zone.I would hope for my family to to be happier too because we went through a rough summer. And I want to do good with my studies and career.Most importantly, I dont want to take any thing for granted and I hope that I will be more appreciative in general and take advantage of every moment !


White Rabbit October 31, 2009

Congratulations Ange on a wonderful year of blogging. Your blog has been a lifeline to me – it’s like having a close friend that always has some words of comfort and some good advice to share.

I’m an OSG addict and I’m proud to admit it! :)

All the best and enjoy your Halloween!


Amanda October 31, 2009

I one year I picture myself attending the law school of my dreams.
Congrats on a year. You have made my life better in so many ways :)


AshleyLauren October 31, 2009

For the past year and a half, my husband and I have been waiting for him to find a new job. In the coming year I need to take the initiative to find a job in the one of the cities we want to live in, instead of waiting for the economy in his field to look up.

By this time next year, I hope I can be happy with what I am/have instead of always comparing myself to others.


Liz October 31, 2009

Congratulations on your first anniversary!

I have very simple hopes for the year ahead. I wish for the continued happiness and health of my family. I also want to find a new profession that will bring me the sense of fulfillment and peace that you seem to have found in your new career.


Deb October 31, 2009

Happy anniversary to OSG and most of all to you Ange for finding your true self!!!

In one year, I see myself even more at peace with myself than I am now. I see myself still enjoying the fitter body and lifestyle I have been living the past 2 1/2 years. I see that inner glow showing through in MY eyes and smile like it does with YOU, AND I see a 5K in my future!


Beth S. October 31, 2009

I want to be exactly where I am now, but perhaps a little wiser. Healthy, happy, fit, still in my grad school program (but further along in my research), and smiling!


VeggieGirl October 31, 2009



VeggieGirl October 31, 2009

My ideal life a year from now = healthier and stronger than ever.


Kim October 31, 2009

Happy birthday, OSG!

This past year God has really brought me into a lot of freedom about who I am and my value and worth. So in one year… increased growth in this, loving who I am, even healthier than I am now, learning to listen to my body and respond to it. Done renting and in a house all our own! And writing poetry again, ones I can be proud of!


Kristin (runningsongs) October 31, 2009

I love this post… and I’m so glad I stumbled onto OSG!

By October 31, 2010, I want to be living on the west coast with the hubby and the cats, and enjoying the start of a new phase of my career… either at work or at school. Phew. Said it! Guess now I gotta get working on it??? :)


Kristin (Kristins Nibbles) October 31, 2009

One year from now, I want to be in Canada, working on whatever my Externship to be a chef has me doing on Halloween day. I want to come home at night to my boyfriend, and maybe go to a halloween party in fun costumes. Most of all, I want to be happy, healthy and glowing. =)

Congrats on 1 year!!



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