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Good morning!

Today we have a very special treat for the Summer Glow Boot Camp! Leslie will be talking about a VERY important topic that I think many of us struggle with- feeling confident in summer clothes! I know I always feel a bit self-conscious when I whip out the summer wardrobe. Society places so many expectations on women to not only be thin, but perfectly tanned, smooth, and cellulite free. It can make the most sane of us feel a bit crazy at times. Leslie is here to offer her awesome tips on how to get past those summer wardrobe fears and to embrace your awesome GLOWING self!

Hello Oh She Glows readers!  My name is Leslie, and I blog over at the whole plate.

When Angela put out her “casting call” for the SGBC, I jumped at the chance.  I’ve been an OSG fan for quite some time now, and I adore the positive message that Angela spreads.

On my blog, I often write about balance and self-acceptance.  Last year, I found myself working in the high fashion industry, and as you might imagine, the atmosphere made both of those things difficult to attain.  Nonetheless, I still harness a deep love for fashion, and like many, I used to dread the skimpy clothing that peppered garment racks as summer approached.  The sudden exposure our bodies receive in summer attire can be intimidating, but over the years, I’ve employed a few strategies to relish in showing some skin.

1) Throw out the rule book.  Fashion magazines often entice readers with promises of “seventy tops for your figure,” but I’m not here to tell you how to flatter your frame.  Only you can do that.  In my opinion, there is nothing more fashionable than a woman who pulls off her outfit with pride.   Maybe your favorite dress isn’t the one fashion editors recommend for you.  It doesn’t matter.  If you feel beautiful in it, then you are.

2) Embrace your rights as a woman.  I know, it’s easier to say the words, “I am beautiful” than to actually believe them. Summer arrives, and retailers suddenly ask us to reveal more than we do the other nine months of the year.  Instead of complaining, I’ve finally begun to respond with enthusiasm.  As women, our ancestors fought long and hard for the equality we have today.  It is our right and privilege to bare our arms and legs.  Put on that halter top, zip up those shorts, and feel your place in the feminine community.  Your exposed skin reflects the history of our gender and the freedom we should be proud to enjoy.

3) Treasure the atmosphere.  Summer is my favorite time of year.  The long days, the heat, the opportunities to be outside – these are available to us for just a short period each year, and personally, I savor them.  If I remain indoors with the air-conditioning, warmed by a baggy sweatshirt, I am allowing the season to slip away.  Chances are, long sleeves won’t feel comfortable in the sun and hot air, and wearing them will cause you to fixate on your body, rather than the ambiance surrounding you.  So shed those layers, and cherish the beautiful sensation of the summer heat embracing your bare arm.

4) Be a bit narcissistic.  Your legs carry you up flights of stairs, on countless errands, perhaps on miles of runs.  Your arms support every item held in your hands, help you reach high and low, propel you off the floor in a morning push-up.   Your stomach digests the food that keeps you strong, and its core strength keeps you balanced.  With all that your body can do, why wouldn’t you want to show it off?  Take pride in the support it provides you, and wear clothes that let the world see its strength.

5) Dress yourself with your heart, not your head.  You’ve been working hard, strengthening your body through the SGBC.  Maybe your head is still arguing that you aren’t ready for a swimsuit or a skirt.  Don’t listen.  We women tend to spend hours overthinking our clothing choices – is this flattering, what is the size, can I pull this off.  Fashion is a means of literally wearing our hearts on our sleeves.  Quiet the negative thoughts and allow your clothes to reflect the person you are.

The next time you peek into your closet, I hope I’ve inspired you to toss away the layers and take a fashion risk.  And if you have a free moment, I’d love to see you at the whole plate!

Thanks Leslie! I absolutely loved this post so much. I think this is such a great topic and I will admit one that I have not really addressed on OSG yet! When Leslie approached me with the idea I was just thrilled. I especially loved this part, “So shed those layers, and cherish the beautiful sensation of the summer heat embracing your bare arm.” Wow, what an amazing visual that gave me..a warm summer day…nice breeze..and feeling the warm sun on my skin. Who wants to constantly be all covered up and self-conscious all the time. Embrace it! :) I couldn’t agree more with ‘If you feel beautiful in it, then you are’…nothing is more attractive on a woman than confidence!!


fun thumb6   US Glo Bar Variety Pack Giveaway!

I have been a busy bee in the kitchen this morning as you could probably guess from my late post!

Today I was baking up some donated orders. The first one was for the Glo Bars I donated to Natalie’s bake sale for cancer. The second was for the SGBC Sidebar challenge, and the 3rd one I will be announcing below!

img 0355 thumb   US Glo Bar Variety Pack Giveaway! 

Classic and Revive…two lovely choices.

img 0356 thumb   US Glo Bar Variety Pack Giveaway! img 0364 thumb   US Glo Bar Variety Pack Giveaway!

My new packing table! lol

img 0366 thumb   US Glo Bar Variety Pack Giveaway! img 0367 thumb   US Glo Bar Variety Pack Giveaway!

A taste of heaven

img 0369 thumb   US Glo Bar Variety Pack Giveaway! img 0370 thumb   US Glo Bar Variety Pack Giveaway! img 0371 thumb   US Glo Bar Variety Pack Giveaway!


I know you have had it a bit difficult lately seeing all of these Glo Bars and not being able to order any yet! You’ve also had to deal with two Neal Brothers contests that were only open to Canadians. Well, today I want to say a little ‘thanks’ to you all for your dedicated support with Oh She Glows and your enthusiasm with Glo Bakery.

So today I am holding a US-ONLY contest on OSG! I will be sending another test package to the states and YOU could be the lucky recipient! You have a chance of winning one of these variety packs above (Heaven, Class, and Revive bars)!

How to enter:

  • Leave a comment below about Leslie’s post on being confident in summer clothes. If you have any tips on being confident tell us what they are!
  • Contest is open until TOMORROW, Friday at NOON EST.
  • Open to US residents only please.


I am off to pack and ship some stuff! Then it is back to calculating Nutrition Facts.

See you later for the winner of The Amazing Grass Contest! You have 1 more hour to get your entries in!!!

Also, just a quick note about emails- I am experiencing a large volume of emails lately for OSG, GMM, and Glo Bakery. Please rest assured that I am receiving all of them and I will get to them as soon as possible! Thanks so much for your patience. :)

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caitlin July 23, 2009


i think summer confident is able just being comfortable! buy clothes that fit you and wear em with pride!


Whitney July 23, 2009

I am so excited to see a post by Leslie! She is one of my favorite bloggers, and it is great to see her featured on OSG!

Way to go Leslie! I loved how you talked about what all our bodies can do. If my legs can power me through a half marathon, why not show them off in shorts? THANK YOU!


Ashley July 23, 2009

omg angela i want to win SO BADDD :) i think the best part of what leslie wrote about is being comfortable in the clothes you are wearing. not paying attention to rules, and going by what makes you feel the best :)


Carrie July 23, 2009

I learned this trick on wearing a bikini from my fav model (Marisa Miller)- shoulders back, butt OUT!! It gives you a nice curved look and lengthens your tummy. Plus, throwing your shoulders back just gives you better posture and makes you look confident. It really makes me feel better in a bikini!!!!


Tracy July 23, 2009

Be confident and stop worrying about what other people think!

I hope I win!


healthy ashley July 23, 2009

You know I would love to win this :)

I love how motivating and how self-respecting Leslie encourages us to be!


Amanda July 23, 2009

I always play up my best feature. I love my shoulders so I often wear tops that show them off.


Andrea July 23, 2009

What a great post, Leslie! I really like the idea of leaving fashion rules to the wayside. I also think positive self-talk is a must when transitioning into summer clothes. Sure, my legs may never be as small as I think they should be, but they have carried me through many a race, and they’ve walked me all over the world, and that is MUCH more important than how I think they look in a pair of shorts.


J.L. July 23, 2009

all i can say is…no one is looking at you as hard as you are looking at yourself. it is hard to remember, but those little imperfections, only you notice them. give yourself a break and wear what you enjoy. i’ve heard too many people say, “oh, i love that top…if only my arms didn’t jiggle,” or, “that skirt is great…but my legs are far too big.” :(


Tracey July 23, 2009

Oooh! Sending it all the way to me in FL would be a real test! :) I’d love to try the bars!
I think another important thing to remember when you are out and about in summer clothes is that, whether it is good or bad, most people are so busy thinking about themselves that they aren’t thinking about you! Seriously, you might be very self-conscious in that new sleeveless top but you’re the only one thinking about it. The girl next to you might be thinking about her legs or a party that she is going to later that night. We all think about ourselves more than others think about us, so cut yourself some slack & just enjoy the moment.


Barbara July 23, 2009

I’m SO happy that US peeps will get the chance to win!! Thank you Angela:)

Great post Leslie…When you are confident, you wear the clothes, they don’t wear you! Tank tops are my favorite sinc e I work my shoulders and biceps hard!



Katie July 23, 2009

I guess what I would have to say, if not now, when? We are young women, and summer is the time to be proud and show some skin! I guarantee 30 years from now we will not believe that we were insecure in our youth.


leslie July 23, 2009

omg, winning this would make my life complete! i will seriously praise every single one on the blog if i win!


Anamaria July 23, 2009

Having a healthy lifestyle really helps when summer comes around. This way if you have been taking care of yourself eating right and exercising there is no need to hide over the summer. It is very rewarding to be able to wear clothes that are comfortable and appropriate for the season. No need to hide under layers of clothes when it is so hot out. Show off all your hard work :)


Katie July 23, 2009

yum id love to win!! the bars look so yummy (especially the chocolate peanut butter!! :)) i also agree everyone has a favorite feature that you like more than another mine would be my neck line so a cute v neck t shirt or tube top for me would be my summertime favorite.


lauren July 23, 2009

yess! i’d loovee to try your glo bars that i read about everyday!! glad to hear everything is moving along in terms of US orders


maggie July 23, 2009

YAY!!! US Only!! :)

My tips/advice would be to stop thinking sooo much!! Sometimes we overthink the simpliest things like “I love the way I look in this bikini BUT…my muffin top hangs over”. So we discount the fact that we look amazing and focus on only the bad things. It took me a long time to focus on the best aspects of my body instead of the little imperfections. So stop thinking and have some fun!!


Kayla July 23, 2009

Omg I want to win!!

My tip is just to wear what makes you feel happy, confident, and powerful – even if it’s “not in style”.


Amisha July 23, 2009

Confidence is key, but at the same time, the right outfit can make you feel more confident about yourself. Pick clothes that flatter your figure and don’t just jump on the trend bandwagon. I prefer to buy only a few pieces of clothing each season, but am extremely picky about the size/shape/make/fit.


Kelly L. July 23, 2009

I think we need to play up our best features more. Everyone has a favorite body part. For me, it’s my runners legs. Pick your best feature and display is proudly (and classy). One feature goes a long way….. :)


april July 23, 2009

I love how she talked about thinking about what our bodies do for us! Our bodies are amazing and need to be appreciated! So pull those shoulders back and show off that amazing body! ;)


Kat July 23, 2009

I loved Leslie’s post. It took me a long time to realize that I don’t care if my legs don’t look great in shorts; I am now too busy enjoying the nice summertime weather to care what other people think about how i look.

The Glo bars look yummy; I would love to be the lucky test guinea-pig from the States!


Becky July 23, 2009

Awesome contest! I just think that no one is as hard of a critic as ourselves. I am working on incorporating that into my mantra for starting to love myself all of me each and every day.


Jocelyn July 23, 2009

OMG I would love to win this package!!! Send it to me all the way in San Diego!

I think my best tip for feeling good in summer clothes goes along with what Leslie said. Be confident, stand up straight, put your shoulders back, use your yoga muscles. When you stand up straight, instead of slouching in the corner, people notice you and you just exude confidence. And confidence is beautiful, no matter what size you are!


Jess July 23, 2009

I’d love to win this giveaway!

My favorite line is this: “With all that your body can do, why wouldn’t you want to show it off? Take pride in the support it provides you, and wear clothes that let the world see its strength.” That gives me a ton of confidence! :)


Pam July 23, 2009

I thought Leslie’s post was right on! Being confident is the best thing a woman can do to look beautiful in the summer and all year long! I would be sooooo excited to win the glo bars! I hope we in the US can order them soon!


Cait (Cait's Plate) July 23, 2009

I ABSOLUTELY LOVED what she said under “Be a bit narcissistic.” Often when I’m on a long run that starts to feel a bit hard, or I’m getting lazy and would rather take the train than walk – I try to remind myself how lucky I am that I have a strong, healthy body that is able to carry me.

My father passed away from lung cancer last year and while it was one of the most painful things to watch him suffer and see his body fail him, it also gave me such a fond appreciation for what my body IS able to do. Rather than constantly berating my body for what it IS NOT, I always focus on all the great things that it is doing for me. That is possibly the best gift that he left me with.


Maura July 23, 2009

I agree with Leslie. There’s nothing like a little bit of confidence (especially on muggy summer days) to just put those shorts on and be happy (and cool ;] )


Mary July 23, 2009

Yummy contest…I have been waiting for the chance to order and try out these yummy bars!

Leslie’s post is awesome! Pick what you love about your body and show it off! I love how my arms look since I have been strength training. So, I wear strappy tops to show off my biceps and wear my shorts a little longer to hide the stuff I don’t like. It’s about remembering how amazing our bodies are:)


Tiffany July 23, 2009

Leslie’s post was awesome and I think that if we all have internal confidence in ourselves and our bodies, it will show through to our external confidence, including how we feel about our clothes. :)


Kristen July 23, 2009

Dying to try these fabulous bars!

My tip is wear what you are comfortable in for the summer. My time on the treadmill always pays off when my legs are toned wearing my fave shorts!:)


Gretchen July 23, 2009

oooh i want to try some! and i love leslie’s tips – i agree – with all our bodies can DO, they deserve to be a little bit flaunted in the summa-time :)


Melissa July 23, 2009

I used to feel very self-conscious in a bikini. Then I noticed on the beaches of Italy, how women of all sizes and ages were rocking the bikini without a care in the world (no one wears one pieces there) that I decided if they can do it, so can I!


Charlotte July 23, 2009

The bars look amazing!

In my opinion, no matter what the actual clothing is, a summer outfit always looks best when the woman wearing it appears natural and comfortable.


Hangry Pants July 23, 2009

I think being confident in summer clothes involves getting clothes that work for you body type and or course haveing a general sense of being awesome


Danielle J July 23, 2009

great post, awesome giveaway :)


Sarah July 23, 2009

Yeah for the USA! Be confident by adding a favorite piece of bright summery jewelry. Wear your favorite color that you know looks good on you!

I’d love to win! From…Fargo, ND


Callie July 23, 2009

I would love to win!!! I have been desperately waiting for the day that the US clears your shipping. Your bars all look so yummy! Since I live in south Florida, I have to deal with the “summer-time” clothes most of the year. It’s not always easy. There is enormous pressure to be looking great on the beach in your bikini. But I am trying to focus more on being healthy, than trying to compete with the 18 year old girls on the beach. :) And I found a fabulous one piece this year that really shows off my curves! Yay for the return of the Gidget style suit!


SnowKat July 23, 2009

I have been drooling over those bars for months!! So excited you’re letting us in the US join in the fun & delisciousness !!

I loved the post today… I agree ! We should all rock what we’ve got and be proud (and comfortable).


Meganerd July 23, 2009

I want to win!!! I have been wanting to try your Glo bars for quite some time now. Best. Giveaway. Ever.

I think that what Leslie had to say is wonderful! For me personally, being confident is about being comfortable in my own skin. I only wear things that I feel good in, and I try not to pay too much attention to size! :D Great post!


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