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Good morning Summer Glow Boot Campers! Can you believe it is already Week 3 of the SGBC? As you may have seen on the calendar, this week’s topic is all about ‘Getting Over The Hump’…aka motivation issues and how we can triumph over them!

This morning, we have a post on motivation put together by the fitness diva herself- Caitlin from Healthy Tipping Point. When I emailed Caitlin, I knew that she was my go-to girl whenever I think about motivation to keep on top of my fitness. Whether she is running a 15-mile trail race or biking 60-miles, she never fails to inspire and renew my love for an active lifestyle!

Take it away, Caitlin! :)

Staying Motivated When The Going Gets Tough

You decide to eat healthier or exercise more, and although you tackle your goal head on for the first few weeks, soon you’re ready to throw in the towel. And even though you really, really want to stay on track, you find yourself sabotaging your goals – sleeping in needlessly on the weekends when you could be outside or ordering a large ice cream instead of a small. You wish you could bottle up some will power and take a small dose everyday! Sound familiar?

De-motivation is a normal part of the New Habit Journey.

The New Habit Journey is not a linear path – in fact, it has twists and turns, sudden halts, and sometimes it even goes backwards. Achieving any lifestyle change includes five components:

  • Inspiration Moment: The inspiration moment can be one watershed instance, or it can be a slow build. But suddenly, for whatever reason, you want to CHANGE! Maybe you stepped on the scale at the doctor’s office and saw a scary high number. Maybe you’re trying to get pregnant. Or maybe you’re motivated to finally run a 5K race.   When you experience an Inspiration Moment, it is important to SIEZE on this positive energy! Don’t wait until the next week to “start” running, eating better, quitting smoking… do it right now! Yes, right now.  Don’t just talk the talk, walk the walk.
  • The Gun-Ho Period: Most people will experience a gun-ho period that lasts approximately two weeks to a month when trying to make a lifestyle change. At first, your change is exciting and interesting. You’re still riding high on your Inspiration Moment. As you did for your Inspiration Moment, appreciate and embrace this zest for your New Habit! But, you want to be careful not to get overly enthusiastic. It’s easier to adopt a habit for the long-term if you slow integrate it into your life, figuring out how to make the change work for you and not against you.  Make your initial goals small and manageable. By vowing to work out three times a week instead of six, you’re building in room for error as you adopt to a lifestyle change. Many people feel discouraged if they cannot be “perfect,” so don’t ask yourself to be!
  • De-motivation: Despite your best intentions, most people will be hit by de-motivation several weeks into their New Habit Journey. Let’s face it – making lifestyle changes are hard, and temptations to slack of are everywhere. De-motivation can just occur over time, or it can be caused by a break from your normal schedule. Holidays, special events, and vacations force you to deviate from your new routine. Anticipate these De-Motivation hotspots by coming up with a "healthy game plan" ahead of time.  If you fall “off the wagon,” don’t throw in the towel! Remember that something is always better than nothing. If you don’t want to go to the gym, try going for a walk, doing sit-ups in front of the TV, or dancing around your living room. If you’re on vacation and want to enjoy the local food, splurge at dinner and maintain your diet for breakfast and lunch. The worst thing you can do is give up just because you can’t be at the top of your game.
  • Re-coop: Not everyone reaches the point of Re-Coop. Many people enter De-Motivation and never come out. But, if you want to make a lifestyle change, you must emerge from de-motivation stronger and more intent on your goal. Re-coop involves bouncing back from minor setbacks and reminding yourself that it’s your OVERALL progress that matters. If you’re in De-Motivation and want to get back on the wagon, write down a list of why you want to change. Tape the list to your bathroom mirror and read it whenever you need some motivation. Also, talk to a close friend or your significant other about your De-Motivation and ask for support. It’s easier to stick to new habits if you’re not the only one in the boat.
  • Healthy Tipping Point: The most glorious part of the New Habit Journey is the Healthy Tipping Point. A Tipping Point refers to a sociological event during which a previously rare phenomenon becomes rapidly and dramatically more common. Malcolm Gladwell wrote a book called The Tipping Point, and he describes the Tipping Point as "the levels at which the momentum for change becomes unstoppable."


Thank you Caitlin!

Even though I didn’t realize it for many years, I now know that consistency is key to long-term change. It can be frustrating when we don’t see change as quickly as we would hope. The most important thing I have learned is that if I am consistent with my exercise, I will eventually see pay-offs, even if they do not come as fast as I want them to.

For example, I used to be able to run for only 1 minute before stopping and walking. One minute. I hated running for this reason. I hated it with a passion. It wasn’t fun or enjoyable when I was gasping for breath all the time. In the past, I didn’t treat my body right and I didn’t treat my overall health properly. In fact, I ignored it. It seems funny to me now that I ever expected my body to give back to me when I didn’t give it what it needed to succeed- proper fuel, nutrition, rest, and love!

But eventually, I started to treat myself better. I became more patient and kind to my body and in return my body responded better than I could ever have dreamed it would. Before I knew it, I was running 5 minutes at a time, and then 1 mile at a time, and now I can run for over 1 hour without stopping to walk. Because of our busy lives, sometimes we forget to pay attention to small changes that are occurring! It didn’t even click with me until recently how little endurance I had when I used to run and how much I have changed. I was so busy focusing on improving my pace or my goals, that I forgot to appreciate the journey.

I think if we all stopped to write down a couple things that we appreciate about our own progress we wouldn’t feel that twinge of de-motivation as severely. We could simply consult the things we have accomplished and recognize that change is happening, even if it is small. Because when you think of it, a handful of small changes lead to one BIG change and before we know it we have reached our goal.



The wonderful Amazing Grass is at it again! Today marks the first of three Amazing Grass giveaways for Summer Glow Boot Camp. You can read about the other two giveaways hereyou won’t believe what the 2nd and grand prize draws are for- nothing short of AMAZING!!!

Up for grabs today:

  •  Sample of the Amazing Grass packets,
  • Amazing Grass T-shirt, and
  • A shaker (my all time favourite Green Monster container!)

How to enter: You must leave a comment on this post telling us two positive changes you have made to your health and/or fitness in the past month or two. We need to start appreciating the journey and stop being so hard on ourselves all the time! If you hit a hump or ‘De-motivation’ refer back to your changes to renew your faith in your goals. Contest open to US and Canadian residents only. Contest closes Tuesday July 14, 2009 at 11pm EST. One entry per person.

Want a second entry? Simply link back to this giveaway on your blog or email someone about the Amazing Grass contest making sure to copy me on the email (

Even though I can’t participate, I will still answer the question:

1) I have drastically improved my side planks! I can now do advanced side planks without so much as the blink of an eye, whereas before I couldn’t even hold myself up at all! It is fun to feel strong.

2) I ran my first 10 race ever mid-June 2009 and I am running in my second race- a 10-miler– this Sunday!

Goodluck to all participants! :) See you this afternoon for some exciting news!


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Niki July 13, 2009

What a great post! Here are my two changes:

1) I have learned to accept and embrace my fair skin! This year I have been much more consistent with applying sunscreen every day, and instead of calling myself “pasty”, I try to say I have beautiful, “porcelain” skin. I have even had a few comments on how pretty my fair skin is!
2) I completed my first half marathon! I never ran more than 6 miles in my life, but decided I needed the challenge of a half marathon. I had such a great experience, that I am now starting to train for another half in Septemeber!


Amy July 13, 2009

1. Green Monsters!
2. Gone Gluten Free


JJ July 13, 2009

1. I stopped drinking soda!! I used to crave it, but now I don’t even think about it.

2. I stopped thinking about when I would next go to the gym. Now I just walk more and exercise whenever my body feels like moving!


Angela (Oh She Glows) July 13, 2009

Dana P- second entry


Angela (Oh She Glows) July 13, 2009

Pam S- second entry


Barbara July 13, 2009

Good Morning Angela~

2 positive changes…..

I start CrossFit Classes this week for 3 months and that in itself will do wonders for my body, mind and drive.

Another thing I did recently was banish my scale to the dark depths of my closet. The number dictated my mood, day and life in general…no more scale!

LOVE Amazing grass!!!!Thanks for the awesome giveaway!



Erin July 13, 2009

1. I started drinking freshly made juice
2. I can hold plank for 4 minutes now!


Lynn July 13, 2009

1. I have increased my greens significantly (which I love anyway) and thus am keeping my hand out of the cereal box!
2. I finally got my road bike professionally fitted, which has helped my back and neck a ton when on my long rides.


Ellen @ Peace in Motion July 13, 2009

1. I realized that skipping a workout isn’t the end of the world, and I no longer try to “make up” for it.

2. I have started running outdoors again. I always forget how much I enjoy it.


Dana July 13, 2009

I just came across your blog and I love it! That article on motivation was so what I needed! How great!!

Here are my 2:

1) I have re-commited to my running pogram. I started last week and even though I am at a point now where I feel like you were when you started, I am not going to give up. I feel great after I get done, knowing I accomplished my daily mile goal.

2) Green Monsters every morning! What an amazing way to start the day!!!


Tiffany July 13, 2009

Great article about motivation!

Two changes I’ve made:
1. I recently injured my foot running, and the only form of cardio I can do is swimming. So I’ve started swimming three times a week, and while it’s still hard for me, I’m loving it. I would not have even considered adding swimming to my routine before, but now I will!

2. I started logging the amount of water I drink, and I’m up to 72 oz a day. It’s a mini challenge for me to try to get to 72 oz every day. :)


Brianne July 13, 2009

1) juicing in the morning (feel great!)

2) trying to reduce my stress load!


Anou July 13, 2009

1) I stopped counting calories.

2) I got back into exercising 5-6 days a week by writing down my daily workouts on a calendar.


meghan July 13, 2009

I’ve been focusing more on strength and core training (thanks to challenges like these!)
and made the switch to all organic and mostly local produce!


Laura July 13, 2009

1. Started swimming b/c I can no longer run (sad!!!)
2. Green Monsters. Every morning.


Lisa July 13, 2009

1. I’ve pretty much stopped binging (have had a few slip ups but bounced back!)
2. started incorporating strength training back into my routine


Lori July 13, 2009

1. I trained and finished a triathlon – which really changed my life!

2. I started lifting a lot heavier weights in the last few months, which has made me feel amazingly strong.


amie July 13, 2009

1. cut down drastically on eating meat. my tummy doesnt like animal fat even though my taste buds loooove it! so i’ve been working hard at making meat a now-and-then thing rather than an everyday thing. so far my tummy is happier and i feel better already!
2. water!! i’ve been drinking at least 2L a day. i can see improvement in my running performance and again, my tummy loves me for it!


Renee July 13, 2009

1. I’ve started drinking Green Monsters after reading the millions of reviews and looking for a great energy source. I’m still in shock that I can’t taste the spinach.

2. I started writing for Baltimore’s as a food columnist: I’m trying to go outside of my normal neighborhood eateries, visit farmers’ markets, and review products. The column is giving me a new appreciation for food.


Amanda @ Panda Lunch July 13, 2009

1) I have been having some type of green monster almost every day. I love this breakfast, since I stopped drinking coffee a month or so ago, this really gives me tones of energy in the morning!

2) I have started running!! I always just assumed I hated running, but once I gave it a shot I was hooked. Such a great addition to my workout!


Krystina July 13, 2009

thank you both for this awesome post! very insightful.

Two ways I’ve changed are:

1. Eating around 50 percent raw food on most days.

2. Starting a strength training routine.


Natalie July 13, 2009

Two positive changes:
Like many, 1. I have incorporated green monsters into my mornings. I love em!

2. I am learning to listen to my body and give it a break when I need it. Before, I would just push and push and ultimately injure myself. This is a much better approach to a healthy lifestyle!


Cindy July 13, 2009

1. I have started to make strength training a huge part of my workout schedule which makes me feel so much stronger, able to handle anything.

2. Thanks to your blog and a few others, I’ve been trying lots of new foods, especially the green monster which I love.


Alexis July 13, 2009

1. I quit all dairy about 2 months ago and now I am eating high raw and high vegan – it feels fantastic.

2. I’ve really upped my strength training in addition to the cardio I was always doing before and I’ve seen some great changes in my body.


kim July 13, 2009

1. It’s been a process, but I’ve been really watching what I’m putting into my body and eating healthier. Cutting out HFCS and transitioning to organic foods has been hard, but it will be worth it!

2. Joined the Green Monster movement. It’s quite possibly the healthiest and most filling breakfast I’ve ever craved!


Jordana July 13, 2009

Hi Angela! I love your blog and would LOVE the Amazing Grass! I have just started drink Green Monsters and I’m hooked!
My 2 changes:

1: I have come to the realization in the last month that I do not need to have an all or nothing attitude when it comes to my workouts. So what if I can’t run 6 miles everyday, as long as do SOMETHING, with an adequate rest day, I will be fabulous!

2: Green monsters of course! What better way to get your fruits, veggies and antioxidants all in one tasty sweet drink!


Michelle Gay July 13, 2009

1. I have gone totally organic
2. I have replaced negative self talk with positive and true self-talk.

Thank you for this post. You’ve have inspired me again.



Jennifer July 13, 2009

1) I started drinking green monsters regularly.
2) I began training for my first 10K.

Thanks Angela!


Amanda July 13, 2009

positive changes
1. taking advantage of the farmers market for local produce
2. focusing on my shoulders when doing yoga up dog and down dog.


Sam July 13, 2009

What a great post! It’s always nice to have a little encouragement and find new was to motivate yourself.

Two ways I have changed my health/fitness in the past month:

1. I tried a Green Monster for the first time and am hooked! I already can feel a difference in my energy.

2. I tried something new with my fitness routine to finally get out of a rut and become more excited about working out, and I can just feel that it will pay off.


Val July 13, 2009

Positive changes:
1. I started a fitness log so I could track my progress and see how far I’ve come.

2. I started drinking Amazing Grass regularly!


Kathy July 13, 2009

LOVED this post! And I especially agree about consistency.

Two health changes I’ve made recently are:
1) I started drinking GREEN MONSTERS! :-) I love getting in so many fruits/veggies in the morning and it makes me feel so energized too!

2) I began to take more of an “do what you can” attitude–and shifting away from the “all or nothing” approach. I’ve realized that even 10-15 minutes of exercise can make me feel GREAT compared to nothing at all!


Emily July 13, 2009

It kind of weird you ask about change within the last two months!

1.) I’ve adapted eating healthier. Two months ago my meals were based around Sonic, McDonalds etc. Now I ENJOY eating veggies and fruits. =]

2.) I’ve started walking/running. Like another reader mentions, I have also began the Couch to 5K program TODAY. I just got back in. While I am a little tired right now I know it will only help me in the long run!


Jessica July 13, 2009

Two positive changes:
1- I started exercising again after an injury that left me on the couch and feeling bad about myself. I decided to start using the elliptical or bike as a way to stay active, in between running. I am so amazed at how much more positive my attitude is now.
2- I started strength training to prevent future injuries, focusing on arms, legs, and abs.


Pam July 13, 2009

My two things would be:

1. that I started exercising period…again! (biking, swim aerobic class, leg magic, etc.)

2. eating, my changing foods have been green monsters and oatmeal to start.

Have fun and thanks,



Jenny Marie July 13, 2009

1.I’ve ALWAYS said “I HATE RUNNING” and then 5 weeks ago I decided to strt the Couch to 5K program, it is is a total of 9 weeks and I’m more than half done training. Oh and guess what?? I DONT hate running!!!
2.I gave up all soda and artificial sweetener. Although I haven’t noticed a change from this, it still makes me feel good to know I’m not putting that crap in my body.


Kristen July 13, 2009

Two positive changes I have made:
1- I started biking to work.
2- I’m listening to my body more and resting without guilt when I know I need to rest.


Steph July 13, 2009

I am loving SGBC!!! Two positive changes I have made are:

1.) Listening to my body!! Whether my body is craving some sort of food, sleep, or exercise I listen!

2.) I got back in my running groove. Over the winter I walked a lot because it is so cold in the winters where I live. It was hard to get back in to running at first, but I am so glad I did!


Kate July 13, 2009

Two positive changes I have made to your health and/or fitness in the past month or two are:
1) I started training for another half marathon – I haven’t been able to run longer distances in about a year and a half, and even though I was still running/biking and being fit I was missing something. This summer I decided to just give it a chance and try, and with trying I am listening to my body more. I realized that if something hurts it is for a reason and that I should maybe take another rest day or walk more during my run. Not listening to my body is how I got injured in the first place, I want to be able to run for many years to come so taking care of myself is the most important part….not being able to say I ran 35 miles this week.
2)I started drinking Green Monsters daily! This is huge!!! My skin is glowing (at first I didn’t think it would happen to me, I did see results in others but I had doubts for myself) and I have SO much energy! Also I gave in and bought some Amazing Grass online and am hooked!

I am all about making positive fitness and health changes! Something small can make a huge difference!



rebecca July 13, 2009

Hello, I love, love, love your website! You should write a book. My healthy changes are green monsters everyday and starting to run/walk. I just did my first 5k and my next one is in Aug. I hope to run that completely. Thanks for all you do!! Rebecca


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