Short and Sicky


Hey there!

This post is going to be short and sweet tonight! My sore throat came back with a vengeance tonight. I feel so crappy!

I talked to Leah on the phone on our way to run a couple last minute shower errands. It was so nice to hear her voice! I am super excited to see her tomorrow. :) We are going to throw her a fabulous shower!

Well, I need to finish packing up the car.

I just got a big mug of Echinacea tea and 2 Cold Fx. Hopefully that will help overnight. I am probably going to climb into bed with Eric and watch a movie now! I just feel so drained.

I will leave you all with a couple of Sketchie pics taken this afternoon:


I LOVE when he curls his toes like that! haha.


Sketchie always makes me feel better!

Hope you have a great night!

See you Sunday night! :) Enjoy your weekend.


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1 Kayzilla April 4, 2009

Sketchie’s tummy just looks so petable in that position. XD

I hope you feel better after a good night sleep! :D


2 Mara @ What's For Dinner? April 4, 2009

feel better!!!!


3 FoodsThatFit April 4, 2009

Get feeling better!!! Your cat is adorable :)


4 Laura April 4, 2009

Aww, Sketchie is so cute! Isn’t it amazing how our pets can make us feel so much better?

I hope you’re 100% soon!


5 Priyanka April 4, 2009

Hope you feel better soon, take ample rest and sleep well!


6 Run Sarah April 4, 2009

Feel better soon…Sketchie is adorable!!


7 gliding calm April 4, 2009

feel better!! i love sketchie! such a cutey!


8 Leah @ Simply Fabuloua April 5, 2009

Hey girl.. hope you are feeling better this morning! Drive safe!


9 VeggieGirl April 5, 2009

Aww Sketchie :-D



10 lesley April 5, 2009

Feel better soon : )


11 Shelby April 5, 2009

Sketchie is the cutest!!!

Feel Better Soon!!!


12 Jenny April 5, 2009

Feel better soon Angela!


13 girlrunningaround April 5, 2009

I hope you’re feeling better n the morning!


14 RunToFinish April 5, 2009

oh feel better! hope the tea and rest helped.


15 Haleigh April 5, 2009

I hope you feel better! Sketchie is so adorable! It makes me want a cat even more than I already do.


16 Greta April 5, 2009


This sounds incredibly bizarre: your cat has a beautiful belly!

Also: thanks for the recommendation for Vitamin E as a nightly eye cream alternative. I’ve been looking for a less ingredient-filled option, and after reading your recent FAQ’s, I headed over the health food store and picked some up (45,000 IU) I’m beyond satisfied with it, even after just a couple of days :)


17 Jess April 5, 2009

Aww! Feel better!
<3 jess :)


18 zestycook April 5, 2009

I hope you are feeling better Angela… make sure to gargle with salt and water – it will be all better in 24 hours


19 Jen April 5, 2009

Go away sore throat! You know what’s crazy? Sketchie laying in that position looks exactly like my cat Arty – so much so that when I called my husband in here to show him the picture, he asked how Arty’s picture got on the internet! Arty & his brother Fuey always curl their toes like that when they snooze….adorable! I hope you are feeling in tip-top shape come morning :)


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