Sweet Wheat Sugar Cookies + Bridal Modeling Pictures


Good afternoon!

This is going to be a HUGE picture post today! :) I hope you enjoy…

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Sweet Wheat Sugar Cookies

These cookies are a healthy take on the traditional sugar cookie!

I used Non-hydrogenated Olive Oil Margarine, whole wheat flour, Natural Cane Sugar, Almond Milk, etc. I also slashed the sugar and fat quantities! The best part is they taste FAB!

Some new cookie cutters:

Baby bottles, baby soothers, carriage, wedding cake, umbrella, heart, engagement ring:


B-A-B-Y Shower stuff:


A Decorated Martini Glass– this would be perfect for birthdays, Girl’s Night’s, or Bachlorette Parties!


A Wedding Cake: I will be using this for wedding showers and Wedding Favours

IMG_7435   IMG_7433

An engagement ring! Perfect for Engagement parties and Bachelorettes:

IMG_7426 IMG_7432 IMG_7430

More Baby Shower cutsie stuff:


All Together:


That was fun!

This is only my 2nd time decorating cookies, so I still need much more practice until I feel comfortable with it. My hand can be shaky at times! That is the hardest part.

As you probably noticed, I did not decorate all of the different cookies yet! Stay tuned for more of those later this week.

I have a BIG mess to clean up in the kitchen now….yikes!!!


Bridal Photography Workshop:


Talented Photographer, Jen Grantham, took the following beautiful photos at Dave and Charlotte’s Wedding Workshop:

Just your average couple chillin on the spiral staircase:


Why Hello Mr. Husband. I love how sexy his scar looks!


First…errr….second dance. ;)


What’s he whispering in my ear?



I love this classic Black and White shot:


Charlie’s Angels:


The model on the left with the brunette hair, Vlada, is an amazing + beautiful Russian model. She has worked with L’Oreal, Diesel, Coors Light, Pure, the Venetian Hotel, and many more. I felt excited just to be posing with her!

A Cropped close-up:


Stay tuned for many more pictures from the workshop! They will be trickling in from different photographers all week! :)

I am off to clean up my baking mess, eat lunch (a bit late!), and then hit the treadmill for a heart-pumping workout! See you tonight! :)

Today’s Question: What do you want your wedding dress to look like? What style? Color? Details? If you already have a wedding dress- tell me what it looks like!

I LOVE Wedding gowns!!! I hope I can try other gowns on in future workshops- Dave and Charlotte would like me to do more. :)


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1 girlrunningaround March 19, 2009

Beautiful pics! Looks like you guys had fun!


2 Ashley March 19, 2009

gorgeous gorgeous pics ang! your makeup looked phenomenal! this was such a cool experience you got to have!!


3 Meghan March 19, 2009

I loveeee the cookies!! I want the Martini glass one..now. Hope you ship to the US :)

I want an elegant yet simple gown, most likely no beading for me but I am up for some lace. Maybe a sash as well, I could go strapless or straps..not that I have thought about it or anything..


4 Priyanka March 19, 2009

Today’s pictures are awesome. You look fabulous modeling and BTW I believe you could give the Russian model a run for her money.I agree the B&W shot is amazing!

Also the Martini glass cookie is my favorite!!


5 Annie March 19, 2009

YES! I was so excited to see your pictures in this post. They turned out beeeeautiful! ESP the B&W shot. Love it! <3

Also, great job on the cookies! They look delish!


6 Krista March 19, 2009

Your cookies look great and the photos are stunning! :)


7 Erin March 19, 2009

I love the martini glass cookie, so cute!

The pictures came out great you look gorgeous!


8 aron March 19, 2009

ahhhh soooo fun!!! love all the pics!

LOVE your cookies too!!!


9 Marisa(Trim The Fat) March 19, 2009

You look absolutely stunning! I love the cookies, too – I think you did a great job decorating for it only being your second time!!!


10 RunToFinish March 19, 2009

fun cookies and amazing pictures!! you look fantastic!


11 Jessica March 19, 2009

those pictures are gorgeous!!!! I especially love the black and white classic one of you two! :)


12 Laura March 19, 2009

Just found a recipe that seemed right up your alley..

It’s for a chocolate banana bread, but instead of using butter they use prunes. I’m not sure if you’ve tried the prune substitute before but it seemed like a great/healthy substitute for baking. I’m definitely going to give it a try!


13 Bec March 19, 2009

all the pictures look gorgeous! I can’t wait to see more :)


14 brandi March 19, 2009

the pictures are beautiful! i love the idea of wheat sugar cookies :)

I already got married, but I loved my dress. I’ll have to send a picture.


15 Lisa March 19, 2009

I cant believe it is only your 2nd time decorating the cookies look fab! I love the wedding cakes they would be the best favors! I’ll have to keep them in mind :)

And I love your makeup in the pics


16 Baylee March 19, 2009

Wow!! I love all of your cookies!! only 2nd time, eh? ive tried decorating cookies thousands and thousands of times and they still look like a kindergartener’s handy work. haha.

You two look SOOOOO great in your pictures!!!


17 Abby March 19, 2009

Those pictures are gorgeous, and the cookies look great!

I got married almost two years ago (crazy!) and had a really simple dress from the J Crew wedding line; natural silk halter, cut on a bias (I’m still not entirely sure I know what that means). It was perfect.


18 Amy March 19, 2009

Ahh this makes me so excited. I just got engaged a few days ago and cannot believe I’ll be wearing a wedding dress someday. I have NO CLUE what I want…probably not a lot of pouffy (sp?) underneath.


19 Colleen March 19, 2009

Those cookies look wonderful and you look soooooo beautiful!


20 Sally March 19, 2009

Your decorated cookies are so cute! What do you do with all of your sample baked goods?

Also, gorgeous modeling photos!


21 Jen March 19, 2009

Thanks for posting these Angela!

I love the cookies too!


22 Rachel March 19, 2009

Your cookies look fantastic! You’re very talented and I would definitely buy from you.

My favorite picture is the black and white one and I agree…scars are hot on guys! lol

My perfect dress would be a strappless cinderella dress where it’s fitted on the top then has the ballroom bottom…one day!


23 Leah March 19, 2009

Love the cookies!

The wedding photos are AMAZING! Love them ALL!

My wedding dress is my fav… lots of sparkle in the bust, fitted torso, wrapped waist, a-line, strapless, corset back…va va voom. I cannot wait to try it on when I am home!!! I hope it’s in!! I ordered it at Christmas so i’m just praying it’s in! :)


24 katecooks March 19, 2009

i think the decorating looks pretty good too! when i get married, i know that the perfect dress will magically happen :) but it might be pouffy…i have a weird obsession with a very classic but BIG dress bottom! so i can twirl in it i guess :)


25 VeggieGirl March 19, 2009

Lovely cookies and BEYOND GORGEOUS PHOTOS!!!!!!!!!!!


26 Haleigh March 19, 2009

The cookies look adorable! And those photos are amazing! I just posted some photos from my wedding on my blog, if you would like to see what my wedding dress looked like!


27 amy (veganissexy) March 19, 2009

You looked gorgeous! I am loving the sparkly engagement ring cookie :) So cute! My wedding dress was mermaid style, strapless, sweetheart neckline, and covered in battenburg lace. To. Die. For. I have pics on my blog under the Valentine’s day post. I can’t wait to see how your cookie decorating progresses. I think you are doing really good so far :)


28 ttfn300 March 19, 2009

LOVELY photos!! and cute cookies, too :)


29 Sarah March 19, 2009

OMG! You’ve got MAD cookie decorating SKILLZ!


30 Sara March 19, 2009

Those cookies, and the pics, look fabulous!! Great job!


31 M March 19, 2009

The cookies look great! When do you predict your bakery will be up and running?

I also love the wedding photos! Were you happy with the pictures?

I love your blog! I read it everyday! :-)


32 haya (living and learning) March 19, 2009

beautiful cookies! that is pretty good for only a second time decorating. you’ll only improve from here!

what are you doing with all the stuff you’ve been baking? is it up to eric to consume? i know my boyfriend loves it when i test bake a bunch of stuff because he gets whatever he wants from them!

i haven’t thought too much about my wedding dress yet. i think simple, clean lines maybe with some bead or lace work. i kind of really want a beach wedding, so if we go that way, i guess i’ll have a nice beachy dress that isn’t crazy fancy.


33 Jillian March 19, 2009

Your pictures turned out gorgeous!! And the cookies look great.. looove the martini glass one!
I’m getting married June 6th of this year, and this is my dress:
http://www.maggiesottero.com/dress.aspx?style=A3185 :)


34 Clean veggie March 19, 2009

wow – your so talented at icing those cookies!!


35 Meg- Live. Love. Laugh. Eat. Learn. March 19, 2009

The cookies and the pictures are beautiful!!!


36 Kaneil, balanceisbest March 19, 2009

you did an AWESOME job on the cookies – I can’t believe it’s only your second time decorating! I hate the shaky hand problem. You’ll get better though!

The pics are incredible!!!

I have no clue what I want my dress to look like – but I do know what I DONT like. I’ll keep those comments to myself. :) My older sister just sent me a pic of her future gown yesterday! She’s getting married in october – the dress is amazing – totally unexpected. Sweetheart neckline, strapless, slightly ruched to the mid-hip and then a slight mermaid. So pretty!


37 melissa (fitnessnyc) March 19, 2009

Wow, how does it feel to be more beautiful than the models? You are gorgeous, and the hubbies a cutie too! PS it makes me really happy to hit “getting glowing” to post my comments!


38 Em March 19, 2009

I agree with everyone, the black and white shot is awesome! I also found your hubby to be quite the natural on his pics! They’re all very nice!!

I made my wedding dress… We’re generations of seamstresses in the family, my grandmother actually was quite famous for her sewing, and I was lucky enough to inherit a few of her skills, though not all. My aunt did both of my cousins’ wedding dresses as well. Mine was quite simple, we were pretty broke at the time, so I made an empire waist dress, off the shoulders, gathered neckline, slightly flared at the ankles, floor length. I wore it with long gloves. I had no veil, we couldn’t afford one, we also had no party, no favors, and I cooked dinner!! I actually modified the dress and fitted it for a another poor bride a few months later. Recycling at its best :)

What do you use to decorate the cookies? Also, when I paint details, and I can’t have a shaky hand, I find it useful to have a two-level table: I rest my arm on the upper ledge, and put the item on the lower ledge a few inches down, and avoid the shaky “freehand”. Maybe that would work for you?


39 Hangry Pants March 19, 2009

Your pictures look wonderful!

And you did a great job with the cookies! I can’t believe it was only your second time – they look quite professional.


40 Lara (Thinspired) March 20, 2009

Such amazing photos! The black and white is my favorite!!!


41 Indianapolis Wedding Rental September 13, 2009

The wedding photos look amazing and so do the cookies. I liked the black and white photo, very cool.


42 Giant Fortune Cookies February 22, 2010

u guys looking very cute . u r one of those whom we can say made for each other , and cookies are also very marvelous and seems delicious . yummy .. i love chocolates . i love all those stffs in which chocolate flavor is added


43 Martha September 2, 2012

Where can I find your recipe for the Sweet Wheat Sugar Cookies? I can’t seem to find it. Thanks!


44 Melissa J Haft July 18, 2017

can i have the recipe please for the sugar cookies? Thx!


45 Lynndel December 11, 2014

I love the pics and the cookies look great! Where can I find the recipe? I’d like to make these for family for Christmas.
Thank you,


46 Carolyn Cruz December 18, 2014

Where’s the recipe for the cookies? Can’t find it.
Thank you


47 Nathalia December 21, 2014


Lovely wedding photos. I am such a huge fan of your cookbook and this blog. However, I cannot find the actual recipe for these sugar cookies. Is there an alternative hyperlink? Thank you. Enjoy the holidays.


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