Wedding Dress Fitting #3


Good morning health lovers!!


Wow tomorrow is Friday– where has the week gone?? I will admit I am starting to get nervous about the wedding modeling on Saturday. I am a fairly shy person so stepping out into the limelight will be hard for me! Last night I was up til about 1:30am thinking about it. lol. I’ve never had 12+ photographers all shooting me before so I hope I am not too nervous. Eek!


Wedding Dress Fitting #3


I had dress fitting #3 today! I figured with two days left this would give me the last boost of motivation that I need to make the next 2 days great. you can click on the images to see full size.


There wasn’t much change since my last fitting (not surprisingly) and I still have a ‘butt crack’ where my dress zips up. lol. Nothing a little tucking in won’t fix I guess! :)

Note: None of the buttons are done up over the zipper. Of course on Saturday it will lie flat!


Luckily, Eric said, “What about the veil?” I almost forgot! It was a good thing he reminded me because they need to be steamed. They are so wrinkly.

When I purchased my wedding dress, I bought a beautiful handmade Italian cathedral length veil to go with my dress. It was only after trying it all on together again, a few months later, that I decided I didn’t want that veil anymore. [Insert Bridezilla here]. I just found that the lace competed with the detail of the dress.


It is such a gorgeous veil though (and expensive!). Instead of wearing this on my wedding day, I bought a shorter veil with a simple silver pencil edge.

However, I am going to bring both veils to the shoot Saturday because I know my photographer is going to have a FIELD DAY with my cathedral length veil. He is going to be like, “Why the heck didn’t you wear this on your wedding day!?”


My photographer’s vision is Hollywood Glam:

  • Hollywood Starlet
  • Long, loosely curled hair
  • Fake eyelashes

It should be exciting! I hope they don’t overdo it on the make up though. I was really anal about my wedding makeup because they always had a heavy hand. I did most of my wedding make up MYSELF in the make up chair! lol.


I hope I can calm these nerves!!!! Geeze I feel like it is my wedding day all over again.


Wedding Dress Plan:


The plan for the next two days is to be on my best behaviour with eating and exercise. I won’t be having any sugar and I am going to have 2 green monster’s each day.

My diet will be mostly fruit and veggies with grains and I will avoid processed foods. Nothing really out of the ordinary, simply making some lower calories substitutions when I can!

As for the skin, I have already started exfoliating my body while in the shower with an exfoliating glove so my skin is smooth and glowing. Last week I used my favourite REN peel mask and my Neutrogena microdermabrasion a few times in the past week. I will be doing the REN mask one more time today or tomorrow as well as the microdermabrasion to ensure NO flakes for Saturday.

I am hoping this will leave me feeling energized, GLOWING, and confident for Saturday!


Yoga Progress:


I made some progress with a yoga video last night! :)

Thanks to Maggie’s suggestion…I love this video by Sadie Nardini:

Last night I did part 1 (10 mins.) and it was HARD. My arms were shaking and I had to come down a few times. I loved it though! I am going to do part 2 and perhaps part 3 today!

The workout plan today will likely be my treadmill at home since I am carless. Unfortunately we are about 15km from the city so walking/biking is not an option (at least in this cold!!!). I am probably going to do hill walking. :)

Well I have lots of test baking to do this morning! Stay tuned for some yummy pictures this afternoon! Oh and I need to go make a green monster. All I have had to far is this lovely English Toffee tea in a cute handmade ceramic 2 in 1 teapot!

IMG_6949 IMG_6950

Question for everyone who uses Live Writer- Do you ever have problems with your pictures roating upside down when you paste them or drag them into the post? 50% of the time my pictures drag in upside down (even though I have already manually roatated and saved the picture!) Any ideas?

Also, how do I insert tags? I tried buy going to ‘Insert’ –> ‘Tags’ –> and then using Technorati but it looked all messed up when published. I need Heeeeeelp. :) Please?


The first problem for all of us, men and women, is not to learn, but to unlearn.” ~ Gloria Steinem


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1 Courtney (The Hungry Yogini) March 12, 2009

Gorgeous dress and love that little tea pot! Too cute! Have a great day!


2 brandi March 12, 2009

I don’t use livewriter, so I’d be no help :(

The dress looks beautiful! I think you are going to have so much fun doing the photo shoot!


3 Kaneil, Balance is Best March 12, 2009

You look great!!! Way to go with the wedding dress plans!!! You’re going to be a starlett and wow the photographers! :)

Kaneil, balanceisbest


4 Lesley March 12, 2009

You will do great and you and your dress are beautiful!!! : )


5 Mara @ What's For Dinner? March 12, 2009

Man, that dress is beautiful!!!! I’m obsessed with mine, and I keep *almost* going to the bridal shop to have them pull it out of storage so I can try it on again!!! (Did I ever show you pictures?!)


6 Baylee March 12, 2009

You looks SOOOO gorgeous!!!


7 Sarah March 12, 2009

You look great! Can’t wait to see the glammed up pics. Who is the designer/brand of your wedding dress? I love it!


8 Hallie March 12, 2009

Great quote!

With my Live Writer, there’s a little tab next to where you put in the categories (at the bottom) and when you click the tab, more options come up and I can add tags. I can try to email you a screen shot later tonight if you want. Do you have that little tab? I didn’t see it at first. Also have you tried a Google search for your question? I always hit up trusty Google whenever I have a question…about anything!

Have a great day!


9 Maggie March 12, 2009

I’m so glad you liked it! Sadie says somewhere (on her site, or maybe in the comments on youtube) that her type of yoga will burn 500-600 calories per hour – and I believe it. I think I’m going to do one of her routines today. I like the “yoga for overweight yogis” as well – less difficult moves but still a great workout.


10 Sarah March 12, 2009

Wow, the dress looks gorgeous! Hope you enjoy Saturday. Once your nerves calm down, I’m sure it will be fun ; )


11 amy (veganissexy) March 12, 2009

Good for you! I don’t even want to think about squeezing back into my wedding dress…..and I just got married this past June! Ugh….that newlywed weight sucks! Good luck and have an amazing time!


12 Shelby March 12, 2009

Your dress photos are stunning!


13 RunToFinish March 12, 2009

In case yo uwant to let all your green smoothie followers know, i’ve got a giveaway to help make them healthier!


14 Melissa (fitnessnyc) March 12, 2009

That is so funny, I was just going to see if you wanted to borrow my Sadie Nardini Core Strength Vinyasa Power Hour dvd. I took Sadie’s class at Pure Yoga, and she was the best instructor I have ever had. SHe actually just opened her own studio, and I can’t wait to try it out.


15 Yasmin March 12, 2009

Gorgeous…enough said:)


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