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Morning peeps! :D

I woke up with excitement to run on The Running Beast this morning. :) I quickly got changed and headed downstairs (equipped with the Britney CD on my Ipod of course). I had a great 3 mile run:

  • 3 mins warm-up, incline 7
  • 3 mile run @ 5.6 mph, incline 7
  • cool down walking
  • Total duration: 38 mins.
  • Max heart rate: 176 (90% of max)
  • Avg heart rate: 159 (82% of max)

For some reason my run felt a bit harder than normal and my heart rate was higher than on my old treadmill- must just be a difference in machine??


I found another box of books to unpack! I knew I was missing some…


Books shown above:

  • Confessions of a Beauty Editor
  • The Last Lecture
  • Regaining Your Self
  • In Defense of Food (haven’t had time to read yet!)
  • The Essential Natural Health Bible


Being a beauty freak, I was naturally interested when I heard about this book coming out by Allure Magazine’s beauty Editor, Linda Wells.

However, I was a bit disappointed. The book is quite a bit of fluff and is geared toward a beginner level of beauty know-how. I’m not saying I know everything about beauty tips and tricks, but most of the stuff in this book was fairly basic and I had heard it before. I haven’t finished it yet, just sort of browsed through different sections, so perhaps my opinion will change once I finish it.


However, I LOVED, love, loved The Black Book of Hollywood Beauty Secrets! I originally saw Kym Douglas on The View and I knew I had to buy this book. I read it from cover to cover and it was filled with tons of beauty tricks that I hadn’t heard of before.

I am going to be featuring some of these celebrity secrets in the blog over the next week or so! Stay tuned!


Yes, I kept my two favourite wedding magazines from when I was planning my wedding! I figure it would be neat to show my kids some day. :D I looked over these magazines a gazillion times for ideas. They were filled with great info!


The book shelf- the top shelf is old university books- haha! Out of sight, out of mind, right?? After 7 years of university, I am happy to put them ‘away’.

Well, I hope you all have a fabulous & fit day! One more day til Friday! :D See you later for my thoughts on the Britney Interview…and more.


It is the trouble that never comes that causes the loss of sleep.
~Chas. Austin Bates


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Lara December 5, 2008

I just finished “In Defense of Food,” and I think you’ll really like it! Some of it is common sense but a lot of it is really thought provoking.


Sarah December 4, 2008

I am impressed that you can run 3 miles on an incline of 7!

I almost bought the Black Book of Hollywood Beauty Secrets. Maybe now I’ll get it.


Katie December 4, 2008

I have that same Martha Stewart Weddings! Those were my favorite magazines by far, so beautiful!


Mara December 4, 2008

“In Defense of Food” is FASCINATING!!


VeggieGirl December 4, 2008

Most likely the difference in machine – you’ll get used to it!!

I own that “Confessions of a Beauty Editor” book too!! :-)

Enjoy your Thursday!!


Halie December 4, 2008

My favorite when I was planning my wedding was a Martha Stewart Weddings – so many great ideas!

Have a great day! I’m looking forward to the rest of the day’s posts!


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