The Psychology of Running


Being a Social Psychology major in both my undergraduate and graduate university programs, my mind is often geared toward understanding the psychological underpinnings of the mind and body. I love research, I love statistics (so you should expect to see many a poll on this blog!), and I love understanding why we do what we do and how we can do it better.

We have all heard of the mind-body connection- how the power of our thoughts can influence how we actually feel physically. When I run, I get a taste of this connection.

For a while, I expected that I would need to walk every so often during my runs. I even had a few places on my route that I would stop each time to ‘catch my breath’. What I discovered (as well as Caitlin on See Bride Run), is that if you tell yourself you don’t actually need to walk, you can often ride it out. Running is a mental challenge more than anything. If we truly accomplished what we were capable of it would be astonishing. Often, our minds are our greatest hurdle to overcome.

So this morning I set out on a run before work. It was early, warm (10C/50F), and foggy. As I ran the fog lifted and the sun peaked through the mist. I decided before I set off on my 5.5 mile run that I would not stop and walk today. I have been conditioning my body with cardiovascular workouts for a while and I should have the stamina to do it just fine.

And guess what? I could do it. The toughest parts were at the top of the 2 big hills…I was gasping for breath, but I adjusted my pace to a slow jog while I recovered and I was fine. The run took me 50 minutes.

Afterward, I decided to skip the elevator ride and walked up a long 24 flights of stairs (5 mins). As you can see below, my building doesn’t have a floor 4, 13, 14, and 24 due to superstitions! I live in a highly Asian area and the number 4 is supposed to be bad luck, similar to the number 13 in our Western culture. I find it quite amusing. :)


This photo was taking when I left for work!

My blister popped on my run (sorry for the grossness!) and my whole run was quite painful as a result. I really need to make an appointment with a podiatrist and get some insoles made for my over-pronating feet!


Eric (my husband) has been doing amazing with eating healthy for the past several months. He exclaimed to me today,

‘Guess what, I weighed in at this morning?….171 pounds!’ (He’s 6’2″)

He showed me his pants and they are huge on him now! He is back to his highschool weight.

I jokingly said, ‘Well, you better not get skinnier than me!’

Then Eric said with a devislish grin, ‘I already AM! I’m a skinny BITCH.’

hahahahahaha….. :D Oh how I laughed.


Hope you take some time to smell the roses (err…Ikea fake flowers!?) :D


I am not a US Citizen but if I could vote in today’s election I SO WOULD! Get out there and have your say!

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1 Denise August 9, 2013

Your building sounds like it has so much character! I totally agree about the mental hurdles – I used to run quite a bit, but now I’m out of practice and feel like I need to stop all the time. I neec to remind myself that I can keep going!


2 Angela November 7, 2008

Hi John Thanks for your compliments on the blog! Congrats on losing the weight. It is a hard thing to do but so rewarding. Who would I have voted for if I was a US citizen? Obama…Hands down.


3 Brain Games November 6, 2008

Hi Angela,

I love reading your blog. I can see that you are very sporty. I share the same sentiment as with your husband. I also worked hard to lose weight and I fell like a child when I saw the result and that my old jeans fit me again. I read you are not American and wasn’t able to vote, so if you can, who would you vote. Just asking and curious. LOL



PS: I love yellow roses =)


4 Angela November 4, 2008

Jenn Sorry I missed this comment! I live in Canada so I buy most of my makeup products from either Shoppers Drug Mart or Sephora. I loooove Sephora!


5 Angela November 4, 2008

Leah haha- yes that Eric is quite the character isn’t he?!

Mariposa Glad you found the blog!! :) Welcome…I look forward to getting to know you!


6 Mariposa November 4, 2008

just found totally randomly! love it! thanks! (well- from eat-live-run..)


7 Leah November 4, 2008

lol @ Eric.. too funny. Good for him though. That is great. Your healthy habits have rubbed off on him!

To Jenn- like Ange I use Nivea lotions as well but I also love lotions from the Body Shop and use them quite often before bed! I love the scent and the smoothness they leave.


8 Jenn November 4, 2008

i forgot to ask:) where do you find the makeup products listed on the other page?


9 Lindsey November 4, 2008

I just found your blog and am loving it! Definitely bookmarking it and will be returning! :)


10 Jennifer November 4, 2008

Hi Angela!! I just started reading your blog – it’s very refreshing!! Can’t wait to read what you post next!! :)


11 Angela November 4, 2008

Hey Jenn This is the current moisturizer I use on my body daily. I love it because it is the only moisturizer that doesn’t make my skin feel sticky and it absorbs so fast!


12 Jenn November 4, 2008

angela, or anyone else. what is the best over-all body moisturizer? i currently use plain old palmer’s coco butter


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