Fun Run In Da Sun!


After many delays (leaving for my run and discovering my ipod was dead, last minute guest cleaning), I finally headed out for my run around 3pm! I was delayed so much I almost lost my motivation to go (and my hunger started to return!), so I had a quick salad and headed out.

The skys cleared and the temperature was a warm 10 degrees Celcius (yes I said WARM!). Perfect weather for a nice long hill run. My run wasn’t my best (I run better in the AM on an empty stomach) and I felt a bit full for running. Then, half way through my run I started to get blisters from this bandadge wrap I put on my foot. So I had to stop and take it off and throw it out! lol. Anyways, other than that I had a fabulous run- 5.5 miles according to Map My Run. The run included 2 big hill climbs. It took me about 55 mins (longer than usual, because I was delayed a bit with the stop). And then I walked up 24 flights of stairs (another 4-5 mins). I feel good! The sun always makes me feel so amazing. The weather the next several days is supposed to be sunny and 16-17 C! Which is practically unheard of this time of the year (Nov!!). I am a happy girl. :D


Sketchie, on the other hand, is having quite a lazy day!

I am going to shower and get some stuff done around the condo!

PS- I found the Ugg boots I want on Ebay for a fraction of the cost!!! Legit y/n??

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1 Hubby November 1, 2008

“Last minute guest cleaning” for the fake house? haha. Sketchie is so cute!!!!


2 Eliana >^..^ November 4, 2009

Do you recommend running on an empty stomach? Or is it better to eat something light before going for a run?

I am so in love with sketchie, he should come for a play date with my cats, dog, and the rest of the zoo. ;o)


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