Where I sweat


This morning when I got up I was a bit sore from my runs this week, so I decided to hit the gym. This is the gym in my condo building: It has: 3 ellipticals 3 treadmills 1 bike 2 weight benches free weights an exercise ball Two keys to preventing boredom in the gym: a good […]

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Is It Worth It? Let Me Work It


    I put my thing down, flip it and reverse it I’ve had music on the brain today! As promised, I am doing a fitness post tonight! I thought it would be fun to show you some of my favourite indoor resistance exercises (with a focus on abs as requested by Jenn :D). These are great […]


A Veggie Tale


Dinner tonight really hit the spot. I was craving veggies something fierce. I decided to make a big salad along with a Money’s Gardenburger: A great nutritional profile! Only 90 cals, 3 grams fat (all healthy fats), 5 grams fibre, 5 grams protein This was my first time trying this veggie burger. I bought it […]

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Time Is On My Side, Yes It Is


Tiiime….is on my side….yes it is! *sings* So a bit late, but as promised, I give you my tips and tricks on how I pinch minutes and save time during my morning routine! We all know how hectic and crazy mornings can be when we are trying to get off to work or school, so […]


A Monumental Affair


Well, I was up way too late last night watching the election coverage! I knew I would be tired this morning, but things as monumental as this don’t happen twice in a lifetime so I chose to watch. :) For those of you who didn’t see Obama’s speech you can view it here It was […]

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A Thumbprint Style


After a wonderful dinner of spaghetti, including a homemade sauce, I dove into the recipe collection to try and find a cookie to make my brother-in-law for his birthday! Eric told me his brother loves 1) Jam cookies and 2) Caramel I hadn’t made jam cookies- or thumbprints as some call them- in ages! So off […]


The Future Looks Sweet


So, it’s Tuesday after another long day of work and I am naturally thinking of the weekend ahead. :) and…The Future looks sweet! Let me explain.   1) I told Eric’s coworker if he purchased one or more items from a fund raising campaign at work, that I would bake him any cookies of his […]


The Psychology of Running


Being a Social Psychology major in both my undergraduate and graduate university programs, my mind is often geared toward understanding the psychological underpinnings of the mind and body. I love research, I love statistics (so you should expect to see many a poll on this blog!), and I love understanding why we do what we […]


Get glowing!


Good evening everyone! Beth asked me what products I use to get my skin glowing, so I thought I would do a post detailing the products I use on my skin, under my makeup! :D Here’s the loot: Starting with St Ives and going clockwise… $ = cheap $$ = Average $$$ = cha-ching 1) […]

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Lipstick is Recession Proof


I found this wonderful and thought-provoking quote on Lucy’s Blog from SELF.com. Lucy Danziger is the editor-in-chief of SELF Magazine. The short answer is: People are investing in themselves. Investing time, mostly, but they’re also establishing healthier habits. We can’t control the markets, the war, the economy in general or the outcome of the election tomorrow, but […]

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