Angela: 0, Jack Frost: 1


It hurts to type this right now. I had a horrible fall tonight!!! My first mistake was wearing high heels on a day that I knew there was going to be snow. My second mistake was running across the street in said heels, trying desperately to cross before an approaching car came. As I was […]

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To Know Or Not To Know


Good evening everyone! My goodness your comments are just heart-warming! I honestly get such a big, goofy grin on my face when I read your comments. The thing is- you are all helping me lead a healthier life because I have gained so much knowledge and so many ideas since I started this blog. It […]

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A Girl Can Dream


So we’ve made it past Moody Monday….and overcame the ‘How-many-days-til-Friday‘ Tuesday, now we sit gleeful and hopeful on this glorious hump-day! I had the best dream last night!!!!!! I dreamt that I won the lottery with 2 other people :D It was 60 million and we each got a cut of 20 mil!!! I must […]


My Road To Health: Part III

So where did we leave off…. :D My Road To Health: Part 1 My Road To Health: Part II 2. Get Excited About Your Sweat Yes, your sweat. It’s a good thing (unless you are standing in front of a crowd about to give a presentation, that is). What feels better than getting into the shower […]


Groovy Tuesday


Morning fabulous Oh She Glows readers! :D I hope you are having a groovy, happy, and healthy start to your day! I had a fun workout this morning despite my growing blister on my heel! Ugh, I am not sure what to do about this. I guess I will have to make another appointment with the podiatrist […]

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Question and Answer Session #4


Whew….Monday is almost over! It’s downhill from here, right? :D I had possibly the most delicious snack when I got home from work tonight: The perfect combination of the tarte crunch of the apple and the savory creaminess of the almond butter! The results of the Lulu contest ‘runner up’ vote are in: It looks like […]


Take It With A Grain Of Salt


Now for a new Feature on Oh She Glows, called the ‘OSG’s Misleading Product’ of the day: This one really makes me roll my eyes! A new product called ‘Skinny Water’: Apparently celebs like Kristen Bell and Nicollette Sheridan are endorsing this product. The product contains Green Tea EGCG, which is supposed to increase the […]


Monday Madness!


Happy Monday everyone! lol…I never say Happy Monday so I figured that I would try to start off the week on a more cheery note! My workout this morning was a great way to start the day! Although, I somehow clicked the wrong thing on my HRM and I restarted my workout when I switched […]

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Lululemon ‘Its In The Bag’ Contest Winner!


Hey guys! I hope everyone had a relaxing, healthy, and fun weekend! :D I must admit, it was really tough coming to a decision for the Lululemon contest! All of the 5 entries were great! Here is a quick recap of the contest: “My favourite, favourite fitness gear store is Lululemon! Lululemon gives away these […]


From Sun to Snow


Good afternoon everyone! I had a great workout this morning when I finally sauntered off to the gym. I was so excited to use my new HRM and sneakers! I am loving the soft chest strap feature of the Polar F7f. Here is the lo-down of my workout: 2 min. walking warm-up on treadmill for […]

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