My Road To Health: Part IV


So where did we leave off…. :D My Road To Health: Part 1 My Road To Health: Part II My Road To Health: Part III My Road to Health: Part IV 3. Focus on the Big Picture For many years, I thought that to lose weight one had to focus on numbers. The Scale number. […]


The Controversy Over Vitamins

Good evening Oh She Glows healthy & fit hotties! I’ve had a good day. I am feeling better than I was yesterday. I was feeling well enough to hit the gym for a sweat session and it always gives me some pep to my step! lol. The workout: Treadmill 2 min. warm up incline 7, […]


The Waiting Game

‘Morning’ everyone! I say morning because it feels like morning to Eric and I right now- we were up until 5am last night! When I went to bed, my head started bothering me quite a bit, enough for us to go to the ER to get it checked out. As you may remember from last […]

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Wedded Bliss


Hey guys! :D Did everyone have a good Monday today? Mine is a blur!! Sorry for the late/lack of interesting posts today! Work was absolutely crazy today and filled with meetings, I even had meetings over lunch so I couldn’t do a post. The nerve! haha Eric and I just received all of our wedding […]


Coming Clean

That’s right, I am coming clean today. I present to you, the sad number of full push-ups that I can do: It ain’t pretty, but hey, it’s week 1. And I will improve! Oh yes, I will improve. How many full push-ups can you do? Come on, say a low number and make me feel […]

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A Fun Day In The New House


Hey everyone! I have good news- I was able to fix the gazillion posts on the homepage of the blog! So hopefully, the page will load much faster for you now. I am just going to keep my most recent post on page 1, so the loading is very fast for you. Any subsequent posts […]


When Gadgets Inspire


Top of the Morning to ya! :D I could not sleep in this morning…despite being up until after 1am, my body was wide awake at around 7:30am. How maddening! Oh well, I still layed in  bed until about 8:30am before I got up. :) I think I was too excited about using my new Polar […]

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The Results Are In


As promised, here is a quick recap of the Love It or Hate It poll!

My results first:

– Charlize (I picked it’s ‘so-so’…because while I think she looks amazing, I am not sure about the dress itself)

– Olivia’s dress- LOVE IT!

– Onions- LOVE IT!

– Candy Corn- LOVE IT (One of my obsessions from childhood!)

– Brussel Sprouts- Not sure (Ive only had them a couple times)

– Coffee- Hate it! I never ever drink coffee, tea all the way!

– Shrimp- not sure…Ive only had it once

– Face lifts- Hate it!

– Botox- I think it can look ok on some people if its not overdone…but I hate when its overdone looking. Plus who knows if it is truly safe long term??

– Anti Aging creams- I said ‘on the fence’ because I have yet to use a cream that has done wonders for my skin….I don’t think they come close to doing what they say they do on the package!

Want to find out everyone’s results? Read more

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When Training Goes Wrong


Luckily, I am not referring to cardiovascular or strength training here, but cat trick training! lol. So we taught Sketchie how to sit, and he mastered the ‘shake a paw’ in under a week. Now, we are trying to teach him how to ‘shake the other paw’…and well, let’s just say it isn’t going as […]

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Pumpkin Banana Bran & Oatmeal Muffins


Morning everyone! I hope you are having a super fabulous, healthy, & rocking start to your day! I had a lovely morning myself. I slept in until about 8:30am and had a big bowl of Nature’s Path Spelt Cereal to start my day. While that settled, I puttered around the condo and checked my email. […]


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