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Summer Sunshine!


Boy, was the first day of summer ever a beauty!!!   Blissful scene around dinner time:   Eric firing up the grill!   2 veggie dogs for me and 1.5 burgers for Eric (plus the rest for his lunch tomorrow!): Eric was in heaven to be eating his meat…lol. My ‘hot dog buns’:   These […]


Baking: Inside and Outside + Our A/C Challenge!


Sketchie says, “I hate Mondays!”   He just LOVES lying in the sun! Sometimes I touch his fur and it is scorching hot!!! LOL It is amazing how great off days can be! Yesterday I took a rest day and this morning I was SO excited to go for a run! I was looking forward […]


Calorie Counting FAQ


Good evening! We are currently MELTING today- it is so hot out!!! I got my big order today done in the nick of time- with only 1 hour to spare! :) I had so much fun making these goodie bags!      I put a much needed fan in our office!!! Eric thinks that our […]


Back Eyed Peas: The Edible Kind


Finally SUMMER has arrived in Ontario!!! I’d like to thank mother nature for waking up and getting this show on the road! My gosh it is so hot out there today. Our thermometer reads 34C/93F out there! Still no A/C on though…! We are doing good with our no AC challenge! But man oh man […]


I Like It Green


Before my run today in 32C/90F hot sun!! Eric was like…’Are you sure you want to run in this heat?’ :) I wasn’t sure myself but I left with the plan of ‘feeling it out’ and seeing how my body was. I also took along some water. I REALLY want to get one of those […]


Muscle Repair and Intense Exercise: Part II


Missed Part 1? So we talked about what happens to our body during intense exercise as well as how nutrition can help offset the stress that is incurred to our bodies. [Source] Tonight, I am going to talk about repairing the muscle tissue following intense exercise. How To Rebuild Muscles After Intense Exercise [Source] When […]


Real Men Drink Green Monsters.


Mmmmm. If you click it, it gets even more delicious looking. We got the best fresh strawberries from the market last Saturday! Since Eric was ploughing through the quart at a good pace, so I knew I had to get in there and have some before they did a disappearing act. I am so glad […]


Flax ‘n Gl’oat Vegan Breakfast Power Muffins


Well, what was supposed to be a quick and easy order this morning turned into The Battle of The Muffins BAKE-OFF!!! You just never know what I’m going to do in that kitchen! I was doing up an order and part of the order called for my Flax ‘n Gl’oat Breakfast Power muffins. The only […]


Bad Weed


  Who says we don’t have a green thumb??? LOL :D Have you ever seen a bigger weed!? Last night Eric thought he’d scare our friend Mary…   Down to the woods it went! Someone challenged me to put up a sweaty post-workout pic of myself, seeing as I am now embracing my post-exercise appearance […]


Crazy About The Creamy Creamsicle


Eric did a hilarious post last night on the top 8 things that date our house– be sure to check it out! We were in hysterics going around the house taking pictures…we didn’t realize there were so many things to ‘fix-up’!!! Ok, maybe HE did… ;) We read over his post together last night and […]


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