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Easy Vegan Holiday Party Appetizers: Take 1


I first tried Candied Almonds at Thanksgiving. I was in love. I filed Candied Almonds away in my mental ‘must make before I die, but preferably sooner’ folder. With our 1st Annual Ugly Christmas Sweater Party coming up this Friday, I knew I had to make an appetizer game plan– it is already Wednesday and […]


Easy Vegan Holiday Party Snacks: Take 2


Homemade cinnamon stix, anyone? Crunch, munch, crunch. Crunch, MUNCH. This was my first time making cinnamon stix and was it ever EASY! Pumpkin Spice Stix Adapted from Dreena Burton’s ED&BV Ingredients: 4 high protein pitas 9 T Organic cane sugar (or more) 1 T Pumpkin pie spice (or more) Extra Virgin Olive Oil Fine grain […]


Easy Vegan Holiday Party Appetizers: Take 3


10 Ways To Know The Holidays Have You Going Off The Deep End: Take 2 1) You get into a fight with a 10 year old over the Last Nintendo Wii at Wal-Mart. You know kung-fu and you will use it. 2) You have a fanny pack filled with wrapping supplies: Tape, ribbon, and bows. […]


Our Ugly Christmas Sweater Party!


Our 1st Annual Ugly Christmas Sweater Party was a smashing success! Eric and I rocked out his and hers Dollarstore Christmas socks! ;) More on our outfits later… The last thing I made yesterday was SANGRIA! This bowl has a lot of history…it was my Father in Law’s mother’s bowl that was handed down to […]


Feeling Nutty


I finally got caught up last night! So excited about Serena and Nate!!! I didn’t think I was going to have time to watch last night because I was planning our FL trip for a couple hours and it got very late. I was drinking green tea all night in my new mug.   Surely […]


Hummus, A Food Group.

IMG_7497 (2)

Hello there. We finally picked up a few groceries and what is the first thing I do? Make homemade hummus!   As you may know, hummus is a food group for me. Other foods are just ways to get more hummus into my belly. I present to you the Hummus Crackwich.   I felt bad […]


Easy Vegan Garlic Scape Pesto


Good morning! I’m writing this post at 6am on a Saturday because I am just that excited to tell you about it! First, I need to get this off my chest… GARLIC SCAPES!!!!!!!!!!!!   “The garlic plant has more than one usable portion. While many people are aware of the many uses for the garlic […]


Homemade Coconut Butter


Good morning! :biggrin: We have another situation here. I love coconut butter. My favourite kind is the Artisana Raw Coconut Butter. It is smooth as silk and subtly sweet. However, heavenly bliss comes with a hefty price tag. Granted, it lasts me forever, but when Ashley told me that I could actually make my own […]


Vegetable Couscous + Cheeze Sauce


Hellloooooooooooo! [After some careful thought, I believe this is my favourite way to greet you, said of course in a Jerry Seinfeld voice]. :biggrin: Apparently, I need to wear a bib on days like today because I have done a whole lotta drooling. Wait, that is every day actually. One of my favourite discoveries as […]


Will Run For Pasta


Gooooooooood evening! [My second favourite way to greet you, said of course in a creepy Dracula type voice.]  I hope you are having a great Thursday so far! My day has been good. Lots of productivity! I got caught up on my orders and I am now in full swing for Oakville Organic Farmer’s Market […]


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