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The Superwoman Syndrome: Dangers of Over-Training


Right before my pelvic injury, I was doing lots of cross training. My treadmill has a 2-mile Army Fitness Test where you run as fast as you can for 2 miles and then it gives you a score out of 100. Being competitive by nature, and also having past experience with short distance races, I […]


The Galloway Method: Do Walking Breaks Help?


For whatever reason, I always approached running with the mindset that walking equaled giving up. As soon as I could run continuously for x amount of miles, I decided there was no reason to stop and walk. This mindset didn’t start to change until I participated in my first two races. During the races, I […]


My Running Journey: From 1 minute To 10 Miles


This email comes from Katrin: Hey Angela! I really adore your blog and read it every single day (even on vacation ;)) But I have a question on running. I never did running for exercising before (only yoga, pilates and dancing for cardio), but I would like to start with it now. I don’t really […]


My Journey To Health Story On Best Health


‘Ange, there’s no way in hell I would be able to keep up with all your posts!’                                                                                    ~My honest hubby Man, if your own husband doesn’t even read that’s a bad sign! What a great discussion we had going in yesterday’s hot topic post! Thank you for all of your input. I think I […]


1, 2, or 3 Times A Day? Blogging Frequency, Content, and Quality


Did any of you catch Zesty’s awesome presentation on Blogging 101 either at the summit or watching it online? You can check it out here if you missed it. I listened to about 4 sessions on Saturday afternoon while I worked. It was so fun! This afternoon I am going to talk a bit about […]


Running In A Carb-Depleted State: Good Training?


Today I will be talking about another ‘New Rule’ from the ‘The Rules: Revisited’ Runner’s World article that I featured the other day. Today’s topic: Carbs and training Old rule: Emphasize carbs when you’re marathon training, especially before and during long runs. New Rule: Do some long runs in a carb-depleted state In this part […]


Cross-Training: More Useful Than Once Thought?


On the treadmill today, I was reading my new Runner’s World and I came across a great article called, “The Rules: Revisited”.   Basically, Bob Cooper is telling us new updates on conventional running wisdom. It was great to read because I found that many of my own experiences and hunches, were actually some of […]


Project Natural Glow


Some of you may remember the Project Glow challenge I put together for Caitlin a while back. Well, I’m cooking up a similar challenge, but this time it has an all-natural twist. The questions I am asking are: Can I commit to switching to all natural cosmetics? Will using all natural products improve the appearance […]


Keeping Our Eye On The Prize: Video Post


Good evening! In an effort to save my poor, rickety fingers from exhaustion…I present to you a video for tonight’s post…or as some call it…’VLOGGING’! :D The topic of the video is on Keeping Our Eye On The Prize– How To Stay Motivated in times of trial! I talk about my exercise slump What I’ve […]


Post Race Blues


I think I have figured it out! I believe I am suffering from Post Race Blues. This past week has been nothing short of pulling teeth to get myself to workout. You’ve probably heard me moaning and complaining on twitter about trying to get myself motivated to workout! After my 10-mile race, I felt amazing…on […]


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