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Changing Up Exercise: How Often Do You Do It?


First up and most importantly: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO OSGMOM!!!!!!!! She is beautiful, caring, thoughtful, loving, funny, charming, and very generous. Despite our conflicts when I was a teenager, my mom and I have now grown into best friends. She supports me in whatever I do and she is my probably my biggest Oh She Glows […]


Comparisons With Real Women


Our conversation yesterday about our appetite was a really good one, wasn’t it? I enjoyed reading over 60 comments from all of you throughout the day. It is obviously a topic that affects us all. I was flooded with emails yesterday from many of you. Reading through the emails and comments actually brought tears to […]


Cross-Training: More Useful Than Once Thought?


On the treadmill today, I was reading my new Runner’s World and I came across a great article called, “The Rules: Revisited”.   Basically, Bob Cooper is telling us new updates on conventional running wisdom. It was great to read because I found that many of my own experiences and hunches, were actually some of […]


Do Couples Gain Weight and Lose Weight Together?


Hello :) Oh boy, was I dragging today! I felt like I was going in slow motion. Everything I did took twice as long as normal. Must have killed a few brain cells when I hit my head this morning. ;) For dinner tonight, I was craving veggies in a mad way. I wanted something […]


Do You Feel Pressure To Be Thin At Your Job?


Today’s lunch was bright and cheery- a tropical getaway if you will! :mrgreen: I had a yellow pepper with freshly ground pepper and black bean dip on the side. (Sorry, I just realized how unappetizing that bean dip looks- LOL). I continued my tater addiction with mashed potatoes! I made these a couple nights ago […]


Do Your Friends Keep Tabs On Your Weight?


Happy Olympics!  yawhooo! Sketchie had a long, hard week! ;) Amazing response to the Glo Bar coupons yesterday- I added more and those went too. I know many of you missed out on the coupon, so I added a few more this morning if you want another shot! Coupon code is VDAYGLOBAR and the cart […]


Does Life Get Easier As We Age?


Last week I met a lovely woman named Charlene. Charlene lives in a nearby town and was coming to pick up a box of Glo Bars that she purchased for family down in Texas. I was struck by Charlene’s enthusiasm and her generosity in helping spread the word about my business. One thing I have […]


Does Music Make You Workout Harder?


Good morning! I was so excited when my alarm went off this morning because that meant that I could run today! :) After a quick check of how I was feeling I deemed that it was a run day. Yippee. Before I left, I had half of a Glo Bar. This bar doesn’t even exist […]


Driving With A Handheld Device- BANNED!


Fall in Ontario is soooo beautiful! This is definitely my favourite time of the year! Dinner tonight was rather festive for both Fall and Halloween. Mervin made another appearance… Eric made a delicious Sweet + Sour Stir-fry for dinner. He knew I was super busy so he took the reins and made his specialty! It […]


Evolutionary Psychology 101: Exercise Is Key


Good evening! Check out some fun OSG and GMM things on the WWW: 1) Mmmm. Another Peanut Butter and Jam Glo Bites spotting! This time all the way in the Netherlands!! You can check it out here. 2) The Green Monster Movement website is updated with more green monster recipes. This time, featuring a delicious […]


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