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The End of 100-Calorie Packs?


Yesterday I came across an interesting article on 100-calorie packs! You may have also noticed the Tip of the Day mentioned it too. Kraft was the first company to pioneer the 100-calorie packs and they made an estimated 75 million off them in the first year alone. Even the Girl Scouts are banking in on […]


The Galloway Method: Do Walking Breaks Help?


For whatever reason, I always approached running with the mindset that walking equaled giving up. As soon as I could run continuously for x amount of miles, I decided there was no reason to stop and walk. This mindset didn’t start to change until I participated in my first two races. During the races, I […]


The Sleep Cycle: Do You Get Enough Undisturbed Sleep?


Good morning! 1 day until US Shipping! The Online Shopping Cart will be activated Thursday at 9am EST. I will be providing a link from OSG and Glo Bakery websites at 9am sharp. It’s funny because this week I have been swamped with Canadian orders! I guess the Canadians want to beat the US rush! […]


The Social Comparison Trap


I was speaking with a reader a while back and we were talking about bloggers and running. As you probably know, running is everywhere on the blogs and it seems like everyone is running out the door for their next 8 miler. She was telling me that she felt a tremendous amount of pressure to […]


The Social Comparison Trap: Part 2


Missed Part 1? Regardless of what everyone’s opinion was on the matter, I think it is clear that I touched on a subject that most of us feel quite passionate about. I enjoyed reading everyone’s comments and seeing what your take on the matter was. I think what actually happened was that the comments became […]


The Superwoman Syndrome: Dangers of Over-Training


Right before my pelvic injury, I was doing lots of cross training. My treadmill has a 2-mile Army Fitness Test where you run as fast as you can for 2 miles and then it gives you a score out of 100. Being competitive by nature, and also having past experience with short distance races, I […]


The Wedding Planner


Good morning! Well, I was right, I was working until about 10pm last night. But, I have great news– almost everyone has confirmed their donation for Shop 4 A Cause 2! I was actually blown away by how fast everyone made their donation and even emailed to tell me about it. A HUGE thank-you to […]


Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock.


I discovered my Lululemon yoga mat makes a great GREEN backdrop for a photo! Today I want to do a product review. I purchased these Ezekiel Whole Grain Tortillas last week as a reward for my early rising challenge. The challenge is still going well- I have been getting up between 6-6:20am, with a few […]


Too Much Of A Good Thing: Exercise Compulsion


A reader recently emailed me telling me about her problems with an exercise compulsion. She said that there are so many magazines and articles on how to get motivated to exercise, but not much on the topic of over-training. What happens when we get too much of a good thing? In our society, we are […]


Vegan Holiday Recipes + My Tips For Navigating the Holidays as a Vegan


While many of you in the US are putting the finishing touches on your Thanksgiving plans, many of us Canadians are already starting to think about our December menus. Here are some of my favourite vegan holiday recipes that could suit many holiday meals, or perhaps simply a comforting dinner on a cold night! See […]


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