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When Healthy Eating Goes Too Far


Last week on the treadmill, I was reading the latest issue of Self Magazine. In this issue, Janelle Brown wrote a wonderful piece on the danger of detox diets called, ‘The Scary New Skinny’.   Brown wrote about the latest diet trends that have L.A. women jumping on board. Unlike socially unacceptable trends like starvation […]


Too Much Of A Good Thing: Exercise Compulsion


A reader recently emailed me telling me about her problems with an exercise compulsion. She said that there are so many magazines and articles on how to get motivated to exercise, but not much on the topic of over-training. What happens when we get too much of a good thing? In our society, we are […]


Exercise and Heat: How It Affects Us


More Green Monster stories have been updated over at Green Monster Movement! I received my latest issue of Runner’s World in the mail this week and I was instantly intrigued by an article featured on the cover, ‘Turning Up The Heat: How exactly does hot weather affect runners?’ Given that many of us are now […]


Women and Aging: New Pressures Each Day


After my Hot Topic post yesterday on Happy Weights, I received this email from J. I shared part 1 of her email last night, but I thought I would post the entire email this morning and have a discussion about some of the interesting points that she brought up: Love this post. I am 39 […]


Our Weight: When Is It ‘Happy’?


Welcome back everyone! I hope you had a lovely weekend, whether it was celebrating the 4th of July or just a couple days off work! :) Two quick things before I get into today’s hot topic:   1) Glo Bakery got a Face Lift!! I finally created a header and sidebar for Glo Bakery that […]


World’s Healthiest Countries: Where Does Yours Rank?


In 2008, published a list of the World’s Healthiest Countries. First, let’s take a look at how they did their judging. Behind The Numbers They looked at the latest available health and environmental statistics for every nation, from sources such as the World Health Organization, the World Bank and the UN. Due to incomplete […]


North America’s Healthiest Cities: Where do you rank?


Have you been wanting to try Glo Bakery goodies, but haven’t gotten around to it? Well, now is your chance!   GLO BAKERY is having a GLO-OUT!!!   Attention Canadians: SUNDAY + MONDAY only my ‘On The Glo II Bars’ are 25% off!!! Email [email protected] to inquire! ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Healthy cities. When you are in one, […]


Women and Cravings: A Study


Cravings. Those intense and hard to ignore desires for a specific food. If you are a woman, odds are you have cravings on a regular basis. In society, cravings for food come with negative connotations; many feel that cravings are something to avoid, be scared of, and deny at all costs. Sometimes cravings are a […]


Perceived Control Over Illness: Where Do You Stand?


Missed Part 1? My morning post was in no way intended to place blame on individuals for getting cancer. Obviously, many forms of disease are out of our hands and yes, healthy individuals get struck with cancer all the time! But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t preventative measures that we can take in our […]


How To Prevent Cancer: Part 1


Cancer. For many, the word alone is enough to evoke fear, unease, trepidation, and worry. More likely than not, the thought of cancer has crossed your mind many times and you have wondered to yourself if you might be the unlucky 1 in 3 that will get cancer before the age of 75. [image source] […]


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