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Pressure In College


Good morning! Eric and I got sucked into The Marriage Ref again last night! I hope they never cancel the show. We may or may not have a crush on the host, Tom Papa. ;) His little grin is so cute! I was up around 5:30am and was off to work! I still have about […]


Project Natural Glow


Some of you may remember the Project Glow challenge I put together for Caitlin a while back. Well, I’m cooking up a similar challenge, but this time it has an all-natural twist. The questions I am asking are: Can I commit to switching to all natural cosmetics? Will using all natural products improve the appearance […]


Raw Food: Is It Always Better?


It is no surprise that Raw Foodism has taken the health field by storm over the past few years. With an increased focus on society’s over-processed, animal fat, and chemical laden diet, the Raw Food Movement seems like a suitable alternative for many. Raw Foodism is defined as “a lifestyle promoting the consumption of un-cooked, […]


Rest Days: What Exactly Do You Do?


Good morning! It isn’t always easy returning to school or work after the last long weekend of summer. So to cheer you all up, I am having a fun chia seed giveaway this morning! Read on to find out how to enter. :)   Rest Days: What Exactly Do You Do? Over the years, my […]


Running In A Carb-Depleted State: Good Training?


Today I will be talking about another ‘New Rule’ from the ‘The Rules: Revisited’ Runner’s World article that I featured the other day. Today’s topic: Carbs and training Old rule: Emphasize carbs when you’re marathon training, especially before and during long runs. New Rule: Do some long runs in a carb-depleted state In this part […]


Slow Down


Hello! My meeting with the director of the Harbourside Organic Farmer’s Market went well! I was pretty anxious about the meeting beforehand, like I always am before meetings. When will I learn that things are not as scary as I imagine them to be? Susan got a box of Glo Bars to sample and take […]


Sports, Exercise, and Our Body Image

IMG_6917 (2)

Good morning! I have an amazing video for you guys to watch this morning. Let’s just say if you are trying to find motivation to get excited about your workout today you just may find it here! Eric and I are considering doing that for our try-a-tri. :tongue: Onto break the fast. Apple Pie Parfait […]


The Benefits Of Green Tea


Saturday! How I love thee. :) I wasn’t always a huge green tea fan like I am today. When I first started drinking green tea, I thought it was bitter and not overly enjoyable. Green tea is an acquired taste much like wine; after time, you begin to appreciate the flavour and enjoy experimenting among […]


The Causes of Muscle Soreness


After running my first 10k race, I realized the wear and tear 10km of hills can put on the leg muscles! I knew that I had to be cognizant of my diet over the next several days so my body could heal itself fast. Did you know that intense workouts suppress immune system function? That […]


The Early Rising Challenge


It was COLD on our walk yesterday!! It was a bone chilling -13C/8.5F with a windchill of -23C! And boy was it windy. Here I am with my father in law whom I love so dearly! We put a brave face on… But not for long! Thanks to this huge collar on this Lululemon sweater […]


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