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Hunger and Exercise: How Does It Affect You?


Good morning! I. was. tired. last. night. I was so tired I didn’t even have the energy to read my Marathon book! I didn’t nap, but I just rested my eyes for a bit. ;) I watched Nanny Diaries with Eric too. Anyone else LOVE that movie? It is one of my go-to chick flicks. […]


Hurricane Sandy Disaster Fundraiser! TODAY until Tues Nov 6th

hurricane sandy fundraiser 1-7606

Update: Nov 9th – I am so excited to let you know that we raised $10,073 for Hurricane Sandy relief. I am simply blown away. Thank you all for your generosity! I created a spreadsheet with your entries and we had a total of 591 people entered for the draw. All contest winners today were […]


I closed my eyes…

I closed my eyes and pictured my honeymoon. I felt the sweet, warm air of the Mediterranean. Eric and I were lying on the sundeck in lounge chairs of the cruise ship. She was beautiful, wasn’t she? I was listening to pop music on my ipod. I was at one with the world. There was no […]


I Like It Green


Before my run today in 32C/90F hot sun!! Eric was like…’Are you sure you want to run in this heat?’ :) I wasn’t sure myself but I left with the plan of ‘feeling it out’ and seeing how my body was. I also took along some water. I REALLY want to get one of those […]


I Love Dollarstore!


Hey there! Just look at everything I got for $14 dollars: Two Blue Check Placemats: 4 Ivory Stripe Placemats: All Together: 1 Square Plate + 1 Angled Bowl: 5 Cards: = $14 I was one Happy Customer!!! :) Do you shop at the dollarstore? What are your favourite things to buy there? Eric and I […]


I Quit.


Possibly the two most liberating (and scary) words that have ever come out of my mouth.   Today marks the 1 year anniversary of quitting my old job. One year ago today, I was not in a good place. I was unhappy, depressed, anxious, and fearful of what the future would hold. Despite these feelings, I […]


I’m In Love With A Steamer


Good morning! Wow I must say it was so nice not having to get up and do that commute this morning! :) Whohoo! Last night Eric and I were stripping wall paper. Eric actually did it all day while I cooked and did the food prep- we are quite the team I tell ya! We […]

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I’m Sixteen Again


Hello :) Remember last Saturday, when I had high hopes for my day off and the day ended up being kind of a dud? Well, today surely made up for it! The stars must have aligned perfectly in the sky, because my day was Perfect with a capitol P. After my amazing breakfast, I hit […]


I’ve Got The Power


Hello! Oh man, did my body throw a hissy fit when I went to bed last night. It was all kinds of confused and I was starring at the ceiling for a good 3 hours before I fell asleep, waking almost every hour or two. I am sure tonight will go much better; the first […]


Ice Cream Pan-wich


Helllooooooooo. Last night, Eric and I tested out the Farmer’s Market canopy tent…there were no water leaks after several hours of rain, so I am hoping that this is a good sign. One of my readers Michelle also said she used the same canopy tent for a market last summer and it worked like a […]


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