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National Post Reviews Glo Bakery


Remember about the special media-related review of Glo Bakery that I told you about last week? Well, I can finally tell you all about it! The witty and wonderfully written Karen Hawthorne from the National Post wrote me asking to review some of my Glo Bakery bars on the delightful Food + Drink blog called […]


Post-Injury Exercise Plan (PIEP): Take 2


Good morning! For some reason I couldn’t sleep this morning! I was wide awake thinking about ideas for Oh She Glows fundraising contest (keep those ideas coming in!) and Glo Bakery. I was dreaming about what Glo bar I would make next. I have wanted to try out a raisin bar for a couple of […]


Vive La Mexico!


  If there is one thing I remember vividly about our trip to Mayan Riviera, Mexico, it was the jingle they always had playing on the loud speakers around the resort. ‘VIVE LA MEH-ZI-COOOO’, it blared. Whenever I hear any form of Mexican music I am brought back to our wonderful vacation. It almost makes […]


One of Those Mornings


I’m not a happy camper this morning. I was just finished my blog entry for this morning and my computer froze and I lost the entire thing! I’m not even sure why Live Writer didn’t have a draft of it saved, but it is gone. :( Lost in the Internets somewhere, I guess, eh?? lol. […]


FAQ’s Installment 24


FAQ Installment 24: 201. Nadia asks, “I have a question for you – might be a silly one, but I’ve been wondering for a while now. How do you figure out how many calories you have burned using your heart rate monitor? I always just went with what the treadmill said, but now realize that […]


Eating, Experimenting, Tasting, Testing, Mixing, Rolling


Coming from someone who used to be called the ‘Professional Student’ by my family (PS), it may seem strange that I would have trouble doing what I used to do as a career. Studying. Actually it was research that I mostly did in school, but we will just pretend it was studying for now. Seven […]


Martini Madness


Well, the second batch of brownies turned out! Thank goodness or I think I would have lost my marbles. Could you believe it that I almost caught myself making another ingredient mistake? I guess I am just not in the habit of following recipes! I need to make it more of a habit now that […]


2-Week BBBC Changes


  It is now day 16 of the Bikini Body Boot Camp. Times FLYS, eh? One of the biggest changes I have made to my regular routine is adding back in strength exercises as well as flexibility work. Both of those have been neglected in my fitness routine for some time. Due to my injury […]


A Beautiful Easter Morning


I awoke to one of the most relaxing and beautiful scenes this morning. My In-Laws place is on the water and the view is just breathtaking. I woke up and felt instantly relaxed. It is no matter that I am the only person up right now. Everyone else can sleep while I enjoy this beautiful […]


Hoppy Easter Continues


I love Tulips. And Egg Trees. As far as I am concerned they should be staples in the house year round! Well it turned out that the weather was freezing outside today! Minus 3 Celcius this morning with a bitter wind. Brrrr. Beautiful sun though! Instead of some outdoor frigid exercise, I had a leisurely […]


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