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Homemade Crack Down


Good morning! First up, a bit of OSG house keeping this morning: 1) Don’t forget to check out my wedding recap posts. The rehearsal, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4 are all up for your viewing pleasure. ;) 2) I also updated the Green Monster Movement website with new reader recipes. 3) […]


Brain Food


Yesterday marked another first for me in the food department. I tried the Lychee fruit! Covered by a leathery rind or pedicarp which is pink to strawberry-red in color and rough in texture. A greenish-yellow variety is not grown in California at present. Fruit shape is oval, heart-shaped or nearly round, 1 to 1-1/2 inches […]


To Buy Or Not To Buy Organic


First up- the winner of the Canadian Neal Brother’s Contest… I didn’t have many people comment on the GMM, so your chances of winning were MUCH higher than usual! ;) Congrats to Heather! Heather please email me your address and we will get this wonderful Neal Brother’s package sent to you! :) Thank you for […]


It’s Almost Time To Partee!


Good morning! Wow did yesterday ever fly by. I spent about 8 hours cleaning and prepping for the party today! It felt so good to get everything done ahead of time though. Now today all I have to do is throw the stuff into the oven/crockpot and I’m basically laughing! :) We had crazy rain […]


Glo Bakery Glo-Out!


Oh man I am slow going this morning! I don’t know why but lately my body doesn’t want to sleep longer than 7 hours- even though I am still quite tired when I wake up! This tends to happen to me in the summer. I guess because of the extra daylight my body needs less […]


Align Contest Giveaway Winners


Good evening! My day has been busy- I can’t believe it is 8:30pm! I still haven’t had a chance to bake and we haven’t even had dinner yet! Luckily Eric is BBQing for us tonight so that saves me some time. :) I hate when days go by too quickly! Let’s get to it, shall […]


All Over The Place


Do you ever have these days where you feel like you are being pulled in a million directions? That’s how today has been! I think I have gotten a lot accomplished, but I am not sure because it has been a blur, lol. My meeting this morning went fabulous! I always get myself so worked […]


Now I Am Whole


It was as if everything in my life up to this point was somehow meaningless when we drove up to Whole Foods!!!!!!!!! I was screaming at Eric, “WE’RE HERE!!!!!!!!!! OMG that looks just like all the pictures that I’ve seen on blogs!!!” lol We walked in the doors and I immediately saw all the samples […]


CSA vs. Grocery Bill vs. Garden


hahaha. Let’s just say Sketchie missed his main squeeze yesterday! He didn’t leave his lap all night! So cute :) Who’s cuter: Sketchie or Hubby? I can’t decide! Sorry for the late post this morning. I had an order to do today and I wanted to get it out of the way so I would […]


Birthday CSA


  On the way home from our journey this afternoon, we stopped to do a quick grocery order before my mom and stepdad arrive tomorrow. It’s not just a fake house, it’s a fake kitchen too! :)   Going clockwise from the Organic PC Romaine: Organic baby spinach (large) Free Run Boneless Chicken Breast (to […]


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