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Lipstick is Recession Proof


I found this wonderful and thought-provoking quote on Lucy’s Blog from Lucy Danziger is the editor-in-chief of SELF Magazine. The short answer is: People are investing in themselves. Investing time, mostly, but they’re also establishing healthier habits. We can’t control the markets, the war, the economy in general or the outcome of the election tomorrow, but […]

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Love Your Skin Movement


I heard something on the radio yesterday that really made my skin boil. A very well known Canadian Tanning Salon company had an advertisement on the radio. [Source] It went a little something like this: "Feel confident in your skin and look great with [insert company name here]. Say goodbye to pale and pasty skin! […]


Luxurious Dairy-Free Hot Cocoa

I used to be really big on goal setting at the start of the year, but I haven’t really felt the urge this year. Maybe I will write some goals once I can sink my teeth into the year a bit more. Right now, I’m still wrapping my mind around everything that happened in 2013. […]


Make Your Dreams Come True…Yes, YOU!


Good evening! This post is coming straight from the heart!!! So I am just going to write everything I am feeling right now. Bear with me! ~~~~ Make Your Dreams Comes True…Yes, YOU! Today ranked up there in the top 5 moments of my life. I am so grateful for the support I have received […]


More on The August Challenge & Friday Links


The August Challenge is in full force! I hope you are well on your way to making August a fear-conquering month. I decided I need a way to keep myself accountable online throughout the month of August, so I created a page just for this challenge where I’ll be logging my daily feats. It’s going […]


My Fitness Bucket List

bike_bucket_black_large copy

[I had way too much fun with Photoshop yesterday.] Recently on Twitter, Fit Bottomed Girls posted a link to this article by Steve Ruiz on his compilation of a fitness bucket list. If you have seen the movie Bucket List with Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman, you know what I’m talking about. A bucket list […]


My Journey To Health Story On Best Health


‘Ange, there’s no way in hell I would be able to keep up with all your posts!’                                                                                    ~My honest hubby Man, if your own husband doesn’t even read that’s a bad sign! What a great discussion we had going in yesterday’s hot topic post! Thank you for all of your input. I think I […]


My Letter To My Current Self


   Letter To My Past & Current Self: Dear Ange, Looking back over the years, I have realized how far you have grown. You have been through some really rocky times in your life, yet somehow you managed to keep the faith. There were days when you hit rock bottom and didn’t think that you […]


My Most Frequently Asked Questions: Part 1


Hey guys! I hope you all had a lovely weekend. I am starting to compile my most frequently asked questions! These are the questions that I get every week. Today, I will start with one of my most popular questions. I could honestly write a book on this topic, but I will try to keep […]


My Road To Health: Part 1


There is clearly a huge interest in my road to a healthy lifestyle, so I thought it was only natural to give my readers what they are asking for! Tonight’s post will be a fairly broad introduction to myself and how I cam about striving for a healthy lifestyle. Parts 2 and subsequent parts will […]


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