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10 Ways To Beat Holiday Stress

stress_cartoon[1] copy

Happy Thanksgiving to my wonderful American readers!!!! Little known fact: Approximately 70% of my readers are from the US! So thank you to each and everyone of you. :D There once was a time when I too celebrated US Thanksgiving. I used to live in Florida, Georgia, and North Carolina when I was young! :) […]


How To Beat Anxiety


As I have talked about many times in the past, I have struggled with anxiety since I was a child and it surfaces during exciting moments in my life. As soon as I found out I was going to be on TV, I felt that anxiety creeping back. Because of my past with disordered eating, […]


How To Stay Healthy Over The Holidays


Good morning! Well last night was interesting to say the least!! Eric and I waited for my CTV News Interview to air at 6pm. We waited, and waited, and waited, and then it was over without my interview being aired. I guess they got their wires crossed with the air time. Around 10pm on Sunday, […]


What I Learned In 2009


Remember in this post when I told you what my 9 in 2009 were? Things I have never done but want to in ‘09: RACE! [my first half marathon (May 10th 2009), etc] Run 1,000 miles in 2009 Visit a new country (we are thinking Ireland this year) Start an online bakery Raise over $2,500 […]


Giving Back During The Holiday Season


Approximately every minute of every day, someone in Canada needs blood. Yup, I finally passed the hemoglobin test and was able to successfully donate blood today! :D :D :D :D Note: If you don’t like blood you may not like some of the pictures below. Just so you understand fully how much this means to […]


Don’t Worry, Be Happy


I was really hoping that my first day back to work post-Christmas was going to be fabulous, but unfortunately some bad news clouded over my sunny day! Hrmph!!!!!! After not hearing anything from CTV News about my interview (which was almost a month ago), I decided to email CTV again to see what was going […]


Binge Eating: Why You Shouldn’t Feel Ashamed


Thank you Glo Bar Lovers! Together we sold a whopping 1100 Glo Bars yesterday! As I mentioned 10% of my sales will be donated to Haiti Relief via The Humanitarian Coalition. That would be a donation of $212.00!!! However, I have received a few emails from you saying that you missed out and you would […]


I Quit.


Possibly the two most liberating (and scary) words that have ever come out of my mouth.   Today marks the 1 year anniversary of quitting my old job. One year ago today, I was not in a good place. I was unhappy, depressed, anxious, and fearful of what the future would hold. Despite these feelings, I […]


2 Minute Pumpkin Quinoa


Happy Friday! Wow this week has flown by! This morning I was so excited to try out my new Booty Camp Fitness DVD. I started with the Cardio Quickie which was 19 mins plus a 5 min warm up and 5 min cool down. Then I did the BOOTY BOOSTER afterwards. I didn’t know this, […]


Size Healthy Contest


Good’ay mates! Great hockey game last night. It is so nice to have some of my favourite Canadian players all on the same team! I received a great response to one of my answers in yesterday’s FAQ post. Someone asked me what size I am and I responded, ‘Size Healthy’ Since I recovered from disordered […]


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