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The Real Thing


I am one lucky girl. My doorbell rang this morning and I thought, who could that be??? A flower delivery!!!!! :D   I LOVE pink roses!!!! I mean, obviously!!! Now I have the real thing on my dining table! hehe.   I immediately called my mom and thanked them. :) What a great way to […]


Glow With Tea Tree Oil


I must apologize my dear readers. I have been hiding something from you this past week! This Australian Tea Tree Oil is AMAZING. I started using it last week to compliment my Project Glow Routine. I bought this last summer and never ended up using it for some reason (I think it got lost in […]


Just Call Me Cupcake


Did I ever have fun making my first batch of vegan cupcakes!!! Honestly, I have never been confident in the cupcake department. Mostly because I never knew how to decorate them. Vegan Cupcakes Take Over The World (or more briefly known as VCTOTW by my cupcake peeps) changed my life today. Yes, I am a […]


Raw Chocolate Chip Cookies


Oh yes. I simply could not wait to post about my most recent creation in the kitchen. I could probably live off of raw cookie dough if I had to. It is one of my most guilty pleasures. The only problem as we all know is that it is far from healthy. Could I really […]


Cookie Monster


You’re looking at her.   There’s supposed to be 9. And now there’s 3! Even a self-professed health nut needs to have a little fun now and then, right?? :) They were just. so . darn. good. Like really. addicting. sort of good. Note to self: Baking before dinner likely not a good idea. See […]


Boys ‘n Brew


See what the boys put me up to! Ok, ok. For the record I didn’t have my first beer until my order was finished! I don’t drink on the job. :) Unlike some people… My baking was a success today! Thank goodness. If I had another disaster like yesterday I would not have been a […]


Project Glow + Baking Flops


They had a special 2 for 1 deal on Green Monsters today! I told Eric I made him a special treat this morning, but he wasn’t buying it. Has anyone out there been successful in getting their boyfriend/husband to try green monsters? I have yet to hear about a man that has tried them! If […]


The Cake Experiment: Part 4


    I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it. Today was my fiirst day ever using fondant icing! And oh how fun it was. I channeled my inner Bakerella and Pioneer Woman, and dove right in: I used Wilton’s Fondant as well as a wonderful Wilton’s 12 pack gel icing colours:   Gloves […]


Fundraising Ideas Revealed


I was playing around with the logo again last night. I had put it aside the past several days because I just needed a break from it. I took all of your wonderful suggestions into account and tried out a couple of new things last night. 1) I tried a light, white brush stroke to […]


Healthier Peanut Butter Cups


I’m really sorry to do this to you on a Monday morning, but I just couldn’t help myself. Just look at these gooey wonders! Healthier Peanut Butter Cups: Take 1 It is now my quest to create a healthier peanut butter cup. We’ve all drooled over the Reese Cups before, but what about trying to […]


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