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10-Miler Jitters


Wow how is it Thursday already!? Eric was so proud when he found out how in awe you all were that he could do the crow pose! lol. I sent him off to work with a big grin on his face. I can do the crow pose- but only for a few seconds. I now […]


2-Week BBBC Changes


  It is now day 16 of the Bikini Body Boot Camp. Times FLYS, eh? One of the biggest changes I have made to my regular routine is adding back in strength exercises as well as flexibility work. Both of those have been neglected in my fitness routine for some time. Due to my injury […]


3-Layer Banana Split Vegan Cupcakes


I love banana splits, don’t you? There is just something about them that reminds me of the lazy and hazy warm summer days. I’ll never forget the first banana split that my mom made for me. I remember eating it so slowly, never wanting it to end. I truly believed that the banana split was […]


50 Cent All Natural Homemade Energy Gel


You might recall that I purchased a Clif Shot for my 10 mile race last month. I brought it along with me ‘just in case’. I didn’t end up using it because I found that the Gatorade did me just fine in that race. I couldn’t really see myself buying these on a regular basis […]


6-Layer Bean and Lentil Protein Packed Casserole


I spent about half of the afternoon in the kitchen today cleaning, prepping, baking, packing, washing, and more cleaning! The good news is my order is ready to go. :) I made a batch of my Sweet and Spicy Zucchini Breakfast Muffins (a personal favourite of mine!) and my Absolutely No-Oil Pumpkin Apple Raisin Muffins. […]


A Bounty of Bars


I was a busy bee in the kitchen today! I created FIVE new On The Glo Bar recipes!!! In no particular order… ;) Coco Glo:   Chocolate Peppy-mint: Almond Raisin Glo: Orange Hazelnut: Coco Carob: Check em out here! To my sheer amazement, everyone of them turned out fabulous! I tell ya, some days the […]


A Race To The Finish


Oh boy have I been a busy girl this week!!! Check it out! On The Glo II Bars: Original:   And chocolate:   This morning I had a horribly failed attempt at a new vegan blueberry muffin recipe. :( They were HORRIBLE, nothing could save these poor suckers!   It occurred to me that I […]


A Tweeting Good Time


Good evening! I have had a rather productive afternoon in the kitchen and in the office! With the help of my Twitter friends, I had a Twitter Conference this afternoon, asking for some Glo Bakery Consultation. :) Many of you were helping me with the naming of my new bars. Twitter is FUN! It is […]


Bake, Invoice, Pack, Ship


Good afternoon beauties! I’ve been going non-stop today trying to get all of these orders complete and shipped out! It’s tough being a one woman business at times. I made a some Spirit and Zest Glo Bars… Zest (Orange hazelnut) I love zest. So fun. And Spirit (coconut carob) And then I experiment by making […]


Baked Doughnuts That Will Change Your World


Doughnuts are the new cupcake, did ya know? :) All of you can thank my sister Kristi for this post today because she is the one who had these amazing doughnut pans delivered to my doorstep for a birthday gift! :) I have been meaning to buy these pans for a long time so I […]


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