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Speed It Up!


That has been the theme of my week. Thankfully I am almost caught up on all my orders and will be able to get the rest out by tomorrow. It is going to be crazy not being in the bakery for 2 entire weeks! I feel like I am leaving my baby or something. I […]


Eat Volume Food


Hope your St. Patty’s Day is going great! Sadly, this was not green beer that fueled my workday today- it was a green monster– but I had to have it in a beer mug! I made this GM with kale…and I forgot how horrible my Kitchen Aid blender is with kale. It was soooooo chewy. […]


Have Fun With Your Health


Hello there! Thanks for the great discussion on HIIT. I loved reading about all of you who incorporate HIIT into your weekly exercise routine! Who knew there were so many of you?! Awesome. I am so excited to play around with the training. The possibilities are really endless. And let me tell you, I have […]


High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)


Good morning! Wow did I have a horrible sleep last night! My body did not want to go to sleep an extra hour early and I tossed and turned all night. My alarm was set for 6, but I didn’t get out of bed until 7:30…so I feel like I am running behind yet again […]


I’m Blogging In The Sun!


Happy Friday afternoon! :) Man, it is warm outside today! Almost 16C and SUNNY! The snow is going, going, almost gone. :D I have been waiting months for this. I heard on the news yesterday that the cold weather is supposed to be over now and it should be getting nicer and nicer from here […]


Art Imitating Life


Well, today didn’t get much better in terms of feeling like I accomplished something! I felt like I was spread out over a bunch of tasks, and at the end of the day I had not much to show for it. Ah well, hopefully tomorrow will flow better! Now that I am going to the […]


Feeling Good


Good morning! For whatever reason this morning, I was wide awake after only 6.5 hours of sleep! My tummy was growling and I was excited about everything I want to do today. It is such a 180 for me to wake up on a week day and feel excited about my day ahead. I really […]


She’s Baaaack


Good afternoon!! That’s right….she’s baaaaack!! :D I had my first workout today in exactly 7 weeks!!! I swear the endorphins are pumping through my veins. lol. My body doesn’t quite know what to do with itself! I signed up for 2 weeks at a local gym about 10 mins. away with the intent on using the […]


Hollywood Starlet


Good evening! Today flew by!! It always does when I am in ‘To Do List Mode’! I got a lot accomplished, but looking down at my list it doesn’t feel that way. I probably should have called my to-do list Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday To Do list because it is going to take me at least that long […]


Basking In The Sun + Crap Free Week Day 10


Good afternoon! Sketchie and I have been basking in the glorious sun all day today in the office! It is so warm and toasty in here, I love it! I have been going mock speed cranking through my to-do list, but the day is quickly flying by for me and I feel like I have […]


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