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Weekly Health News

Well, it is a good thing I made energy bites for last night because we needed them to fuel our beer and chatting marathon on the couch! Last night  = Sitting on the couch > Kinect I am a strong believer in listening to your body and last night our bodies wanted beer, energy bites, […]


Veggie Power


Good morning! Eric and I are knee deep in transferring OSG to a new host today! After a lot of research we decided to go with a Virtual Private Server with Dreamhost. We are hoping that everything is finished by the end of today. Depending on how long it takes to sync the domain name […]


Tour of Mexico


HAPPY FRIDAY!!! I hope you are all having a great start to your Friday. :) I am just heading out soon to drive Eric to work and then do a couple errands in Toronto. It is SO mild here again today! All the snow is almost gone and I couldn’t be happier! Yesterday was gorgeous– […]


The Tuesday Happy Dance


I want to scream it at the top of my lungs… BIG NEWS! GLO BARS WILL OFFICIALLY BE SOLD IN A STORE!! :mrgreen: It was so much hard work to get here and I finally got my first order today for Glo Bars to be carried in a large health food store in Thornhill, Ontario. […]


The Three C’s Of Exercise


Happy Friday to YOU :) It was beautiful outside this morning and I decided my workout was now or never before the craziness of the day sets in. However, I only had about 15 minutes this morning because I had a bunch of shipments to prepare before the Fedex man arrived. I decided to maximize […]


The Girl Eats Weeds And Likes It: Take 2


Another morning, another cuppa Japanese Sencha Green Tea! Or should I say POT! I finally got around to trying out my Purslane weeds that I picked up from the Oakville Organic Farmer’s Market on Saturday! The thought of eating weeds excites me. Remember how crazy I was about Dandelion last summer? Good times. Fun Purslane […]


The 2009 Oscars: Best Dressed Celebrity Fashion


Good evening! The hummus saga went on all day. I wrestled with it, and banged it, and fought it, and nothing. In a desperate attempt, I even put it underneath the oven fan to dry and pull out the moisture. haha. It was a sight for sore eyes I tell you. I had to walk […]

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Sweet Potato Spelt Perogies


Good evening! We had a busy day today… Dropped Sketchie at the vet/picked him up ($155!!!!!!! For a urine analysis!) Bought cat food Organized/paid bills [phone, internet, water heater rental etc], changed phone plan Office stuff: Paid property taxes, faxed in warranty for car, discontinued tenant insurance Took car in to have transmission checked Transferred insurance […]

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Sunday Health Links


Hello! I created a new Before + After page that documents pictures of my road to health from high school all the way to 2010! I have been meaning to put this together for ages now. I hope you enjoy.   Here are some health stories I enjoyed over the past week. Eric and I […]


Sticky Finger Plant


Good morning! Well, I did not accomplish my goal of staying off the computer last night…I was working until 11:45pm last night. Oops. Tonight will be lots of fun though. I have a fun outing planned and I can’t wait to tell you about it! Don’t think you are a runner? Believing you can do […]


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