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Glow With Coconut Oil


I keep discovering more and more ‘beauty’ uses for coconut oil! I now use coconut oil for the following: Nighttime eye moisturizer So luxurious and way cheaper than pricey eye creams on the market. Shave Oil An all natural way to replace that mystery gel/foam lurking in your shower- makes my legs really soft! Body […]


Kiss My Face Pure Olive Oil Soap


This is the second Project Natural Glow Product Review I am doing. You can find the last one here! I got this Kiss My Face Olive Oil Soap at my Loblaws grocery store in the natural food section. It cost me about $3.95 CAD for this very large block of soap. I figured that it […]


Project Natural Glow


Some of you may remember the Project Glow challenge I put together for Caitlin a while back. Well, I’m cooking up a similar challenge, but this time it has an all-natural twist. The questions I am asking are: Can I commit to switching to all natural cosmetics? Will using all natural products improve the appearance […]


Summer Sunshine!


Boy, was the first day of summer ever a beauty!!!   Blissful scene around dinner time:   Eric firing up the grill!   2 veggie dogs for me and 1.5 burgers for Eric (plus the rest for his lunch tomorrow!): Eric was in heaven to be eating his meat…lol. My ‘hot dog buns’:   These […]


My Letter To My Current Self


   Letter To My Past & Current Self: Dear Ange, Looking back over the years, I have realized how far you have grown. You have been through some really rocky times in your life, yet somehow you managed to keep the faith. There were days when you hit rock bottom and didn’t think that you […]


Flirty Fix-Ups


I discovered a new beauty product while visiting my family out West! Of course, my mom let me raid her beauty products and I got hooked on one in particular: Bumble and Bumble Colour Support High Shine Conditioner (for cool blondes): They have some for other hair shades of well (and other tones of blonde). […]


Hair Video #2


  My second hair video… I talk about the accent comments and show you another favourite and quick hair style!  Note: My apologies if the music is too loud. I realized this only after uploading it! My mother in Law took me to a wholesale lighting store today because she was going to buy me […]


Glow With Tea Tree Oil


I must apologize my dear readers. I have been hiding something from you this past week! This Australian Tea Tree Oil is AMAZING. I started using it last week to compliment my Project Glow Routine. I bought this last summer and never ended up using it for some reason (I think it got lost in […]


Maybelline Stiletto Lash Mascara GIVEAWAY!


Eric and I had such a fun day together. It felt really nice to share an activity. As I mentioned in my previous FAQ post, I have been trying to find ways to help Eric enjoy exercise again. So today I told him I would try mountain biking with him because I know that he […]


St Ives Rocks My World


I have been meaning to do a beauty product review on my favourite St Ives products for a while now. Not only are they my go-to products for exfoliation, they are high in my books because they do not test on animals. So yesterday when I was in Shoppers drugmart, I was delighted to find […]


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