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My First Yoga Session


Morning beauties! Well, I tried my first yoga session last night (aka Eric didn’t go to Bride Wars :( but he said he will today or tomorrow). Ok, not technically my first. I tried a yoga class at the gym once or twice many years back. My friend Leah told me about this great FREE […]

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My Yoga Confession


  Good Morning everyone! I need to be quick this morning because my mother in Law is taking me shopping to a wholesaler to buy some bakery packaging! So I will get right into something that has been on my mind. My Yoga Confession As you may know I have been trying the free yoga […]


Crunch: Fat Burning Yoga


Good morning!   I hope everyone is having gorgeous weather like we are here! Spring is definitely right around the corner. It has been sunny and warmer here over the past couple weeks. My mood is so happy when it is sunny outside! I am going to see if Eric wants to go hiking with […]


Beauty Product Review + Crunchy Banana Coffee Cake


Hey there! I have had a really productive day despite my lack of sleep last night! I also caught up with phone calls with my mom and dad (both live on opposite ends of Canada!) and chatted with each of them for a good 45 mins. Hopefully tomorrow I will chat with my sis about […]


April Showers…


Bring May Flowers?   Happy Friday! Only 1 more day til I get to see Leah! :) Last night I spent a few hours working on Glo Bakery stuff and I needed a break from the computer! I told myself I would only do 5 mins. on the treadmill, and that turned into 30! Last […]


P90X Yoga: Something Blue, Something New


Ladies and gents, I have been rocking the yoga this week! Specifically, the P90X Yoga that I mentioned earlier this week. Eric borrowed this from a coworker and we have had it sitting around for ages now. I finally dug it up and gave it a whirl! If you’ve been following the blog for a […]


A Lululemon Inspired Halloween


What do 3 Lululemon obsessed fans decide to be for Halloween? Why yoga instructors of course! Left to right: Hatha Guru Legs (Alex from HGL), Omm Spiritual Goddess (moi- OSG), and Bending It Backwards (Krissy from BIB). We ooze with creativity don’t we? haha. Now this was some relaxing yoga. PS- I snagged this super […]


Yoga’s Sweet Embrace


BEHOLD…HOT YOGA… …on a budget! hahaha It works, seriously. Oh my muscles felt so warm and loose. Mmm. Costco heat lamps rule. We barely turn on the heat in the house (we keep the thermostat around 65F) and we just use the space heaters and it saves so much energy. The only thing that sucks […]


US Aurorae Yoga Mat Giveaway!


Happy DECEMBURRRRRR! And quite chilly this morning too. Well, November ended with a BANG! And December started with a BANG! Let me explain… Yesterday, I was on Craigslist looking for a Christmas gift for Eric. And guess what I came across? A beautiful couch- for a crazy good price. I immediately emailed the seller and […]


Lululemon Love


Bonjour! After an Epic fail of a hockey game (congrats to the US team!), Eric and I slinked off to do WMM2 with our tails between our legs. All was well until we began. My husband proceeded to morph into Richard Simmons. He was doing the most exaggerated poses I have ever seen, pretending he […]


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