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Undercover Blogger


Good morning! Yesterday, I played the role of an Undercover Blogger as I spent all of my ‘blog time’ working behind the scenes answering emails and I did not have a chance to post. I am sure you all appreciate a break from my ramblings now and then! I know I do. I am about […]


Upside Down Turned Right Side Up


That’s how my day went! I will save the story for a tell-all book when I am 90, crazy, and bored in a retirement home. :lol: You won’t know what hit you. Until then, I will tell you about my night…which trumped the DAY by a landslide! I made thick sweet potato chips… I have […]


What Dreams Are Made Of


Good morning! First let me just say that you all are GOOD LUCK…   Our mystery plant- which we were told is a Yucca Plant has BLOSSOMED before our eyes! When we got back from the market on Saturday it was in bloom. So gorgeous!! From this… To this… Scary no more!  :biggrin: I wonder […]


What I Ate After The Try-A-Tri


Good evening! Being in the bakery the day after a race always make for a looooong day. It felt like it was midnight by 1pm….never a good sign. My left bicep is very sore from yesterday- It was the arm I was lugging the huge garbage bag full of gear with! Moral of the story: […]


You’re Getting Verrrrrry Sleepy


Hola! Hope your day is going swimmingly. Speaking of which, I decided to go for a quick lunchtime swim for my workout today. I realized it had been a full week since my last swim. I have increased my running a lot in the past 2 weeks, due to the rain finally disappearing, so my […]


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