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How To Prepare For A Beginner Triathlon


Good morning! Yesterday evening, I got all packed up for the try-a-tri. There is so much to remember for a triathlon! Underneath my wetsuit, I decided to wear a yellow sports bra underneath my training swimsuit.   When I get out of the water and remove the wetsuit, I will be putting on my bike […]


Trisport Canada Milton Try-A-Tri Race Recap: Part 1


Hello! First, the good news: We are ALIVE. Second, thank you for your encouraging comments and tweets yesterday and today! Third…the recap…part 1…because you know I am too chatty for just 1 part! :whistle: Let’s just say I had a wee bit too much caffeine this morning! I turned into a crazy ninja before Eric’s […]


Trisport Canada Milton Try-A-Tri Race Recap: Part 2


Good morning! Sorry about leaving you hanging yesterday. I was moving at such a slow pace after the race…you don’t want to know how long it took me to write Part 1. Eric goes, ‘You are STILL typing?!’ You should have seen the look on his face when I told him I only got through […]


What I Ate After The Try-A-Tri


Good evening! Being in the bakery the day after a race always make for a looooong day. It felt like it was midnight by 1pm….never a good sign. My left bicep is very sore from yesterday- It was the arm I was lugging the huge garbage bag full of gear with! Moral of the story: […]


1,000 Words: Try-A-Tri Race Photos


  Clearly, not impressed after that swim. :lol: The bike leg was fun…     We finished strong by sprinting down the chute to the finish… We sprinted so fast we had to come to a screeching halt to avoid running into the people in front of us. :tongue:   Not the photo we were […]


Sometimes You Surprise Yourself


Hello there! I promised you my thoughts on our try-a-tri race and I finally was able to sit down and write this post. If I had written it yesterday, it would have gone something like this… Duhhhhhhh…… :blink: It took me several days to wrap my head around the open-water swim. It was like nothing […]


If I Were A Glo Bar


Almost ready to roll! Despite my lack of sleep and marathon baking day, I had a kick bootay Brick Workout on my lunch break. I could have easily skipped this workout like I skipped yesterday’s workout, but something told me that if I worked out today, I would reap the benefits all day long. When […]


Make Waves


Hello! Thank you for your suggestions on the essential spices to stock your kitchen with! I have added several to my list and I hope to buy a few quality spices to add some pizzazz! I also have been meaning to buy red pepper flakes for AGES now. I am happy to report that I […]


Upside Down Turned Right Side Up


That’s how my day went! I will save the story for a tell-all book when I am 90, crazy, and bored in a retirement home. :lol: You won’t know what hit you. Until then, I will tell you about my night…which trumped the DAY by a landslide! I made thick sweet potato chips… I have […]


Undercover Blogger


Good morning! Yesterday, I played the role of an Undercover Blogger as I spent all of my ‘blog time’ working behind the scenes answering emails and I did not have a chance to post. I am sure you all appreciate a break from my ramblings now and then! I know I do. I am about […]


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