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Make Waves


Hello! Thank you for your suggestions on the essential spices to stock your kitchen with! I have added several to my list and I hope to buy a few quality spices to add some pizzazz! I also have been meaning to buy red pepper flakes for AGES now. I am happy to report that I […]


Off The Charts


  Apparently I had a good workout today? :) But first, delicious FUEL. You know, this is all still quite new to me. This whole fueling for a workout thing. Prior to 2008, I rarely paid attention to fueling properly for my workouts. I was hungry and I had no stamina. I often worked out […]


Operation Hydrate


Hello! After another trip to Swim & Sports, Eric ended up getting the same goggles as me, except in men’s. The TYR Nest Pros are great fitting goggles! I got Finis ear plugs: We also found out that Swim & Sports rents wetsuits so we will probably rent a wetsuit from them for our Try-a-tri. […]


Phat Fats


Good afternoon! Thanks for all your comments about Shop 4 A Cause 2! It is so nice to have such amazing support. This morning I baked my little heart out trying to get caught up on orders. I feel a bit frantic today with everything I need to get done. Yesterday put me out of […]


Pink Parade


Good morning! I am just taking a quick break from my 20+ shipments that need to go out by noon today…better type FAST! Last night, I set my alarm extra early because I knew I wanted to squeeze in another early morning workout before the heat got really intense. Yesterday’s run was supposed to be […]


Scary Trails


Happy Friday! Now that I am working at the Farmer’s Market, Fridays always leave me with a bit of panic because I know that the next two days will be tight to fit everything in. I was a busy little bee on Canada Day preparing for the market. The weather report is finally calling for […]


Slice The Air


Yesterday was a smokin’ 36C/96F and beach was packed! We went to Kelso beach once again to practice our open-water swim. Thankfully it was flooded with lifeguards! There were even lifeguards farther out where we did our practicing. I admit, I had butterflies in my stomach. I always have butterflies before open-water swims!!! The swims […]


Sometimes You Surprise Yourself


Hello there! I promised you my thoughts on our try-a-tri race and I finally was able to sit down and write this post. If I had written it yesterday, it would have gone something like this… Duhhhhhhh…… :blink: It took me several days to wrap my head around the open-water swim. It was like nothing […]


Strength I Didn’t Know I Had


Today’s run was probably one of the most memorable runs I have had in a long time, if not ever. Please be warned this is a verbose post! I don’t know what is going on, but my runs lately have been craaaaazy… On today’s run, this note became much more real… But I will get […]


Swim, Eat, Repeat


I can finally go swimming! I found this amazing store called Swim & Sports in Mississauga. It is basically a Triathlon superstore! They have everything from training & racing swimsuits, to biking and running gear! Everyone who works there is SUPER friendly and helpful (Hi Kate!). I was just blown away by the service I […]


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