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Food = Energy + Life


Howdy! This morning I started the day with a 60 minute total body power workout. But first I had one of my new Raw and Gluten-Free Glo Bars for energy… They are a secret for now…I am still testing them! :mrgreen: I’m so excited though!!!! It takes a long time to get a bar perfect […]


Feelin’ Good


Hello :) Thank you so much for leaving such wonderful comments for Becky today! You guys just warm my heart. There are so many inspiring stories that will help not only Becky, but many others as well. Becky emailed me and she said a huge THANK YOU for your support. I am very excited to […]


Tri-ing To Figure It Out


Good morning! Last night I got some exercise after all. :) Eric and I took our bikes out for a spin around the block. I am SORE though. Not from my groin muscle, but from sitting on the seat! I think I am going to need to invest in some padded bike shorts! Does anyone […]


Swim, Eat, Repeat


I can finally go swimming! I found this amazing store called Swim & Sports in Mississauga. It is basically a Triathlon superstore! They have everything from training & racing swimsuits, to biking and running gear! Everyone who works there is SUPER friendly and helpful (Hi Kate!). I was just blown away by the service I […]


Conquer Your Fears


Swimming laps is FUN! But first, the winner of the 4lb Amazing Grass giveaway! Congrats to CARLY!!! Carly said, “My turning point was when I got sick of being in a body I didn’t feel comfortable with. I didn’t want to be a the beach for another summer feeling the same crappy way. During the […]


Operation Hydrate


Hello! After another trip to Swim & Sports, Eric ended up getting the same goggles as me, except in men’s. The TYR Nest Pros are great fitting goggles! I got Finis ear plugs: We also found out that Swim & Sports rents wetsuits so we will probably rent a wetsuit from them for our Try-a-tri. […]


Textures, Lies, and Bike Rides


Hello there :) I hope you had a great start to your week. I am truckin’ along getting ready for the big launch of the variety packs and coupons tomorrow morning at 10am EST! It has been rush, rush, rush all day! Luckily my green monster gave me a huge boost of energy this morning […]


Grilled Cashew Butter and Blueberry Sandwich


I’m baaaaaaaaaaaack. My fingers had such a nice break yesterday! :) I hadn’t done a Wordless Wednesday since last September. I think it is a nice change every once and a while.  I also loved seeing how your comments changed when I just posted pictures as opposed to pictures and words. Many of you commented […]


Can’t Elope VOO


It has been hard to restrain myself from eating the other half of this cantaloupe since I sliced it open the other day. You see, once cantaloupes are sliced, they do not last long in this house. They are quite possibly the perfect fruit. It took every last ounce of strength in me not to […]


Happy 1.5 Years, Boo.


Saturday morning + May 1st = Awesome. Last night Eric and I got our swim on. The great thing about having a workout buddy is that when the other person wants to workout, you feel guilt-tripped motivated to go as well. I just took it easy with my laps and continued to practice bilateral breathing. […]


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