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A Fun Day In The New House


Hey everyone! I have good news- I was able to fix the gazillion posts on the homepage of the blog! So hopefully, the page will load much faster for you now. I am just going to keep my most recent post on page 1, so the loading is very fast for you. Any subsequent posts […]


The Controversy Over Vitamins

Good evening Oh She Glows healthy & fit hotties! I’ve had a good day. I am feeling better than I was yesterday. I was feeling well enough to hit the gym for a sweat session and it always gives me some pep to my step! lol. The workout: Treadmill 2 min. warm up incline 7, […]


All Boxed Up


We are all boxed up….well…not fully (I wish!)….but wow do I hate moving! So much work. As soon as we got home from work we started packing. We are bringing another car load to the new house tonight and tomorrow and probably won’t be home until late tonight. I can’t wait until this is over! […]

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More Wedding Photos and Friday Ramblings!


Happy Friday everyone! I hope you are all enjoying a nice Thanksgiving in the States! :D We took another full carload to the new house last night! It was fun moving things in and getting settled! We are starting to really get excited and it is finally sinking in that we are moving- for good- […]


The Running Beast: Landice Cardio Trainer


Alright, lets cut to the chase. After several days of anticipation, I present to you my new running beast in all its glory: It is a Landice Cardio Trainer! The brand is rated #1 treadmill for the past 7 years by Consumer Reports. It also is made out of Aircraft quality 6063-T6 Aluminum and has […]


Reads & Runs


Morning peeps! :D I woke up with excitement to run on The Running Beast this morning. :) I quickly got changed and headed downstairs (equipped with the Britney CD on my Ipod of course). I had a great 3 mile run: 3 mins warm-up, incline 7 3 mile run @ 5.6 mph, incline 7 cool […]

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A Big Bite


Morning everyone! Happy Friday once again :D My morning has been a whirlwind! I got up and drove Eric to the train this morning, thankfully I didn’t get stuck in traffic like last time. Although the round trip is still 35-40 mins total so it takes a big bite out of my morning! I have […]


Chocolate Chip Cookie Homemade Larabar Recipe


  The Larabar Experiment: Attemp #2 My second attempt at creating a homemade Larabar was even tastier than the first. I don’t know about you, but I love cookie dough. When I bake cookies, I’m not sure whether more of it goes in my mouth or on the baking sheet. :D So, I was naturally […]


The Long Stretch


Hey guys! Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend! It is quite busy around the house here today- Eric’s parents are moving all of their furniture out of the house tomorrow! The house is going to be soooo empty seeing as Eric and I only had enough furniture to fill our tiny 850 sq. […]


Too Intense Toosdays


Morning everyone! I had a great run today! Day two of my half-marathon training program. Today was my 3 mile tempo-run: 0.10 mile walking warm-up, incline 7, speed 3.5 3 mile Tempo run (0.5 miles at 5.5 mph, incline 7; 2 miles at 6.0 mph, incline 7; 0.5 miles at 5.5 mph, incline 7) 0.10 […]

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