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Baker On The Run


Hey guys! Hope you are having a great Tuesday. :) Thanks for all of your amazing comments about the Kris Carr interview this morning. I am so happy that you enjoyed it as much as I do. She is definitely one of my major inspirations to lead a healthy lifestyle. I have been cranking along […]


In The Groove


  Good afternoon! I just had the most energizing workout and lunch! :) My workout was the same intervals as yesterday, only today I didn’t get off the treadmill to do any resistance stuff. I decided I would do my squats tonight. My workout: Walk/run intervals (4.0-4.2 mph) incline 12% Duration: 50 mins. Max heart […]


FAQ 22 + Dance Like Nobody’s Watching


  FAQ Installment 22 179. Lara asks, “You look just as pretty this morning without the makeup and lashes! What’s YOUR #1 beauty trick?! :)” Thanks Lara! My #1 beauty trick? That is a tough question! This sounds cheesy, but it’s true- a smile! I love the saying ‘you are never fully dressed without a […]


April Showers…


Bring May Flowers?   Happy Friday! Only 1 more day til I get to see Leah! :) Last night I spent a few hours working on Glo Bakery stuff and I needed a break from the computer! I told myself I would only do 5 mins. on the treadmill, and that turned into 30! Last […]


Choco Peppy-Mint Glo Bar


Good afternoon! My attempt at making Chocolate Mint bars was a huge success. :) So minty and chocolaty! Nutritional Information (1 bar): 189 calories (kcal); 11g Total Fat; 25g Carbohydrates; 0mg Cholesterol; 4mg Sodium; 6g Fibre; 5g Protein. Check out my bar page– I have updated it with the new bars! I am so excited […]


Chocolate for Breakfast: Take 2


  Bears Beets Battlestar Galactica Can someone please find me that clip off You Tube and send it to me? I am DYING to watch it again! Oh, the look on Jim’s face. Thank you Valerie!!   I made a totally new combo of Glo Bar goodness this morning! I actually can’t believe that it […]


Cold Busting Foods


Good afternoon! I am happy to report the sun came out of hiding! Just in time for Leah’s arrival. :) I got a message from our friend who was supposed to pick me up today and she is sick. :( So she won’t be coming down. I decided that I am going to drive up […]


A Chocolate filled Giveaway Contest!


Umm excuse me, last time I checked it was SPRING!!!   Ew. Monday Madness, indeed! :( Hopefully it will melt as fast as it came!! Now onto bigger and better things…another contest! Chocolate and more chocolate. What could be better? Did anyone guess that 5 delicious Jocolat bars were part of the contest giveaway? Sneaky, […]


Post-Injury Exercise Plan (PIEP): Take 2


Good morning! For some reason I couldn’t sleep this morning! I was wide awake thinking about ideas for Oh She Glows fundraising contest (keep those ideas coming in!) and Glo Bakery. I was dreaming about what Glo bar I would make next. I have wanted to try out a raisin bar for a couple of […]


Dough Power


Good afternoon! I had a much more successful bread baking mission today as compared to yesterday. Oh, what? You say, I didn’t mention yesterday’s bread baking mission?? Hmm, that’s mighty odd. It must have slipped my mind… You see, it is always important to lock the dough hook before commencing. The end result was much […]


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