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Fueling Before + After Exercise: Q&A


Hello, Happy Hump-day! This was me at midnight last night, finally done my day! Eric was also hard at work… He did the first coat of paint in my workout room!!!! :D Check out his blog this morning (around 9am) for the finished product! Also, you still have 1 day left to enter the amazing […]


SGBC: Topic 5, Week 2: Valerie Waters- Celebrity Trainer!

cindy_crawford_L_0_0_0x0_432x485 copy

Quick announcement- My Green Monster Movement website is now updated with your entries! ~~~~~~ Do you ever wonder who the trainer is behind the gorgeous bodies of Jennifer Garner, Jessica Biel, Cindy Crawford, and others? Today I present to you an exclusive interview with Valerie Waters– personal trainer to the stars in Hollywood! :) She […]


Whole Grain Oatmeal Pancakes: Zesty Style

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I just got finished doing the SGBC exercises for today…all I can say is WOW! What a great total body workout that was! :) I also did a heart-pumping 50 minute treadmill hill workout. It was great! The workout: Duration: 50 mins + 5 min cool down Distance: 3.70 miles 4.3 mph at incline 15% […]


The Other Wedding Dress!

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Good morning! I hope you are all off to a great start this weekend! Thanks for all of your votes in last night’s poll- how fun! :) Today, we are going to start off with Summer Glow Boot Camp! The wonderful Stacy is our fabulous guest poster, exercise-diva today! She has a great blog called […]


SGBC: Amazing Grass Giveaway + Motivation Issues

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Good morning Summer Glow Boot Campers! Can you believe it is already Week 3 of the SGBC? As you may have seen on the calendar, this week’s topic is all about ‘Getting Over The Hump’…aka motivation issues and how we can triumph over them! This morning, we have a post on motivation put together by […]


SGBC: Sprint To The Fridge

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     Have you been wanting to get your hands on some Amazing Grass??   Don’t forget to enter my Amazing Grass giveaway! This is the first set of 3 amazing prizes that will be given away the month of July. You won’t believe what the grand prize is, either!   Also, check out the […]


Where Do We Go From Here?

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Good morning! :D As you may know, this is the last week of the SGBC. The theme of this week is: ‘Where Do We Go From Here?’. To be honest with you, I wasn’t sure that I could write on this topic this week. As I mentioned in last night’s post, I have been really […]


Keeping Our Eye On The Prize: Video Post


Good evening! In an effort to save my poor, rickety fingers from exhaustion…I present to you a video for tonight’s post…or as some call it…’VLOGGING’! :D The topic of the video is on Keeping Our Eye On The Prize– How To Stay Motivated in times of trial! I talk about my exercise slump What I’ve […]


Top 3 Core Blasters


She’s Baaaaaaack! :D Guess who finally had a great workout today? [insert toothy grin here] All it took was simply telling myself this: ‘I decided I’m going to go have a kick-ass workout on the treadmill today!’ And something kind of clicked inside me. All I had to do was change how I perceived the […]


SGBC’s Closing Ceremonies + Amazing Grass Giveaway!

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Before we get to it, I’d like to wish Oh She Glows Happy 9 months of blogging!! Exactly 9 months ago today, this blog was born with a ‘boo’ on Halloween night. Can you believe I have written 761 posts!? No wonder my fingers hurt! :D It’s been a busy month!!! My own personal calendar… […]


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