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Winners of the Bikini Body Boot Camp!!

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Inspiring email of the day: If this reader email is not inspiring, I don’t know what is!!! “Angela, I know that we’ve never met, we probably never will…but thank you. I have been struggling with binge eating for about five months and tonight it hit me…I love myself! I bawled while washing dishes..on the floor…while […]


Use Your Good Towels!!!

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Happy Monday! :) So…first things first! What is going to happen with the BBBC? All week I am going to be revealing CLUES and TEASERS for you to try and piece together! Today’s Clues: Clue #1) Yes, another challenge is on the way!!! :D Clue #2) The new challenge is going to be called S.G.B.C. […]


Bad Weed


  Who says we don’t have a green thumb??? LOL :D Have you ever seen a bigger weed!? Last night Eric thought he’d scare our friend Mary…   Down to the woods it went! Someone challenged me to put up a sweaty post-workout pic of myself, seeing as I am now embracing my post-exercise appearance […]


On The Fly!


Wow, do you guys ever love a good sale!!! I spent about 9 hours doing all of my On The Glo bar orders today….man, I am pooped! ;) I treat my customers well. :D I’ve also been known to throw in a few free goodies into orders… Does anyone ever feel like this some days…lol… […]


Summer Glow Boot Camp!


Happy Canada Day to all my fellow Canadians!!!! Why I am proud to be Canadian: I am proud to be a Canadian because we are FRIENDLY people! It sounds cliché, but it is TRUE! I also love the beauty of our country and the diversity in climate that you find all over. Where else can […]


Book Buddy Giveaway Contest!


Mr. Sandman doesn’t like me lately! :( I STILL can’t sleep. I believe I had the worst sleep last night known to man!!! Maybe 3 hours? Since I was lying awake last night, I narrowed down my sleep troubles to a couple things: 1) Increase in caffeine (loose leaf Sencha Green Tea) 2) Not unwinding […]


SGBC Topic 1, Week 1: ‘Dear Body’

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Good evening Summer Glow Participants! I hope the challenge is treating you well so far! ;) We have over 265 people signed up for the boot camp- whoa baby!! :) That is so awesome. I am so glad that you guys are as excited about this as I am! Summer Glow Boot Camp: Topic 1, […]


Interval Train With Me!

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Hello Boot campers! :) This afternoon I decided against my run, since I went on a run yesterday. I keep reminding myself not to push it with running, even when I really want to go for a run. I reasoned with myself today- the weather is supposed to be nice today and tomorrow, so I […]


SGBC Topic 3, Week, 2: Goal Setting

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 Neal Brother’s is donating an amazing prize loot pack for one lucky winner! The winner will receive a mix of these delicious products (a total of approximately 8-10 products!): Raincoast Kicking Horse Coffee Various Neal Brothers Snacks All the Best Cheese Snacks La Fourmi Bionique Granola 4 chances to WIN! […]


SGBC Topic 4, Week 2: Exercise and Hydration


Good evening! I apologize for going AWOL on you today, but you see I was stuck in the kitchen all day baking up some Glo Bar sampler packs! Wow, do you guys ever love your sampler packs! :) You have kept me busy as a bee in there. I started my day off by shipping […]


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